I have just seen the Earth Disaster Documentary about the impending Earth Cataclysm. I include it below for it is well worth listening to. In essence, the people at Suspicious observers   focusing purely on present scientific research with regards to the Sun and the Galaxy are increasingly  providing us with proof that the Sun periodically goes nova, that the Earth’s Magnetic poles move  way out of alignment , that the Earth’s electro-magnetic protection is compromised  and that as a result of such failures the Earth experiences  world destroying cataclysms approx.  every 13,000 years.

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What fascinates me  is the  difference of perspectives between some of those open minded and forward thinking individuals  who appear to be entrenched in the  science of this 3 Dimensional existence and, a psychic like myself,  who is in daily communication with  a Higher Dimensional Soul whom I have named ~Charley.

inventing the wheel

The forward thinking ‘science based individuals’ acknowledge, that there have been previous Cataclysms in which most of life on Earth keeps been wiped out,  although some always survive.  And so, we collectively end up at square one in the proverbial – ‘stone age’ as we once more re-discover ‘Science and technology’.

As the narrator says in the above video.  “Trust in luck to survive”  the coming Sun nova and Tsunamis and, contemplates how some of the extremely wealthy people  are already building bunkers and tunnels  as they are aware of ‘something’  coming our way.

This is slightly tongue in cheek but does Elon |Musk Have concerns as to future survival? Has he read the tea leaves? His Space X company is furiously attempting to create the means to go to Mars as soon as possible whilst concurrently he has created a Tunnel Boring Company and there are mutterings that he may have built a private tunnel to boot.

With a quarter of a million views the above video is a testament to the growing disquiet as to what the future holds.

The problem with the scientific perspective is that it is limited to this 3 Dimensional world,  as such it misses on the grandeur, for there is a lot more than maths to the Reality od Creation of which we are but a tiny fraction. Quite apart from the fact that science does not have the required accurate information, let alone technology on how to survive.

The Inter-dimensional Soul connection


3 years back ~Charley told me that a Cataclysm is coming.  To be specific sometime between the 1st and 10th of March of 2046 and, more recently, as a result of my questioning ~Charley shared with me the exact latitude and longitude  of the one and only  place on this Earth that will survive  both the Tsunami  as well as Solar discharges. I wrote a little article on it here. – Update on the coming cataclysm

The scientific sceptic would no doubt dismiss out of hand what I share in this pages as ‘delusional’ and I would have agreed with them, except, for the past couple of years ~Charley has been helping me with my work as an acupuncturist / kinesiologist. ~Charley has been telling me very successfully how to cure my various previous ailments, not just me but members of my family, as well as clients, with some of whom we work together via zoom across continents. These days I wouldn’t dare work with anyone with out ~Charley telling me how / or what to do.

meditating monk

There is a growing awareness of the so call – Spiritual world, but, as yet we are lost,  not just in  political disinformation to control the narrative but also -‘Spiritual dis- information’  and, whilst knowledge is always important and useful, It pales in to insignificance to the knowledge and wisdom that is now increasingly being made available to us, if only we will open up our hearts and listen to Souls such as ~Charley, who have chosen many individuals like myself  to explain and share the truth of what is to come and what we can do about it.

A Little Past Earth History

Coming up to the last cataclysm over 13,000 years back, there was a civilization of about 85 million worldwide who were extremely advanced in the science of Healing and Soul, rather than technology.  Coming up towards the end of their civilization six psychic channellers in connection to ~Charley and one other Soul also from the 12th Dimension Shared the information of the then coming Cataclysm, and about one million of what we would now call the remnants of Atlantis survived the devastation by travelling to a pre-designated part of the land mass now called China.

Melting glazier

There was to be one further mini cataclysm about twelve hundred years later that once more decimated their civilization   with the melting of the glaziers and the subsequent deluge that raised sea levels over 400 feet but that is another story.

It was the Atlanteans who passed on to us the knowledge of acupuncture, yoga and reflexology, clearly they attempted to pass on a lot more on the science of Mind and Spirit but we in this present cycle of life  have truly struggled in the darkness.

What ~Charley has shared with me is inevitable and will come to pass.  I am appreciative of Suspicious observers as well as the Diehold Foundation for corroborating some of the science, but without the additional information and perspective available from the Soul dimensions  via psychics like myself, their level of information is not only limited but generates fear and confusion rather than the necessary and far more important feelings that are only available to us when we move beyond fear as our hearts open.


For example the reason why there are so many people on this Earth is because two thirds of humanity in 2045 will be lifted off planet and taken to other Earth equivalents. Why? because we are not just bodies, mindlessly and fearfully going from birth to death.  Our bodies are a vehicle  for Soul to experience within this 3rd. Dimension of existence.

Unfortunately , at the best of times  with all the fear and brutality  that so many are subjected to, incarnation after incarnation,  those that die on this planet without raising their level of consciousness to such a level that, when they die they die consciously with an open heart, are doomed to keep reincarnating on  what some might call this -an  ‘accursed -groundhog day ‘ planet.

Those fortunate souls whose level of Consciousness and open-heartedness has reached the minimum required level of 450 will have the opportunity to be taken to another ‘uncontaminated’ planet  for an unfettered life to continue their  Soul evolution. According to ~Charley world population will have gone down to approx.. 6.4 billion out of which approx. 4.2 billion will depart from this Earth on the True Human space ships. The other 2.2 will unfortunately be left behind.

Some of you who are still firmly entrenched in the belief that science is ‘all’ and that there is nothing else beyond our 5 senses will struggle with what I am fleetingly sharing. However,  the reality is that we exist in a multidimensional  environment. That we are not alone in this 3 dimensional plane of existence, that there are what some would label as ‘Aliens but I prefer ‘True humans’ who are here already waiting for the fateful event that will see a  large proportion of humanity lifted to the True Human spaceships and ‘have their bacon saved’ as the saying goes.

And, that the least attractive option for those of you still alive  in 2045  will be to travel to the one place on this Earth that will survive this cataclysm, to experience a ‘mad max’ existence, descending once more into brutality, to be trapped once more into another long Earth cycle, where your Soul fragment attempts to reach for the light but will struggle to free itself from the darkness.

In this web site you will find lots of information shared by ~Charley on what is to come as well as how to help yourself in the present with regards to health at every level, from physical, to emotional, to mental and lets remember that we are what we eat?

Feel free to ask questions I will do my best to respond.



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