What I need to Know to eat carnivore

Eating Carnivore

munching caterpillar
munching caterpillar

You have been hearing most of your life that eating vegetables is good for you.  After all they look great, tasty colourful, unfortunately, eating vegetables is a two-edged sword. For Vegetables, like everything else in life -do not want to be eaten, and they can’t run away from the slugs or insects that would munch on them.

It really should be no surprise to anyone ;  having been around for 1 + billion years plant life does not want to be eaten, and they have found ways to discourage, or kill off parts of the insect world that saw them as tasty morsels.  In life everything feeds on something else, the trick to survival is to be able to counteract the defences of what you need / want to eat.

chamomile flowers
chamomile flowers

Plants are chemical factories, that is why we have learnt to use herbs as medicine. 

Human beings have grown to tolerate consumption of plants to some extent, but not all, and certainly not to the exclusion of meat.


You may be here reading this because your body is suffering with aliments that are due to plant ingestion. The two main ones being Lectins and oxalates.

tomatoes on the vine
Tomatoes on the vine

A word of caution.                                                           

To stop eating Lectins   – proteins found in seeds, on the seed itself as well as on the skin surrounding the flesh, is  always a great step forward for many people with leaky gut syndromeHowever, there are no half measures.

 When we eat a lot of carbohydrates from fruits and vegetables, and we also ingest the lectins proteins in them, they often bind together as we digest them, although which form of carbohydrates binds with which lectins is presently unknown. The result is they nullify each other to a some extent.

By reducing the carbs you must also reduce the lectins otherwise they will, without having been made previously inert, play havoc with your immune system. A lot of lectins are broken up in the cooking process with high heat, although not all.

It is not just lectins in vegetables; fish, chicken eggs, they all contain lectin proteins ,you may well find yourself reacting to them too.


The other insidious poison, even worse than lectins, are oxalates. We live in a world where we can eat the same vegetables all year around, that means we never get any respite from the poisons in the plant kingdom.

oxalate crystals
oxalate crystals

Quite a percentage of people especially Vegans and Vegetarians are overloaded with oxalic acid, the body can’t get rid of it fast enough, so it stores it pretty much everywhere in the body, in the muscles, tissues, organs, brain, hormonal glands you name it, it’s there. Their shapes can be like shards of glass, or like sand paper. Their damage is slow, insidious and takes years to manifest.

If you decide that you are ready for a 180-degree turn with your diet, think carefully, are you presently suffering from symptoms of Oxalic acid overload?

These could be:

Leaky gut syndromeGritty eyes
Fungal toe infectionsKidney stones
inflammation in the joints
often called arthritic joints
vagina is painfulurinary pain
bruise very easily on the skin,skin feels like needles underneath
potential Oxalate symptoms

If any of the above symptoms apply to you and there are a lot more than the ones I have described above, then it may not be a good idea to drop the oxalate completely. For your body may well think “Great, no more poison coming in, I can start unloading the crystals stored in my tissues and organs!”

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There are no hard and fast rules. Our knowledge is sketchy, more research is needed. To reduce your intake of oxalate to nothing could easily take more than one year. There are researchers who suggest it can take up to 10 years for the body to totally free itself of the oxalic acid. The body generates a little oxalic acid itself, but it can deal with that.

I have clients who have had no problem with the transition to date I suppose it depends on how overloaded your diet was to begin with.

Oxalate dumping

On the premise that you may decide to go on a carnivore diet because of body damage, you need to be aware of ‘Oxalate dumping’.

This is a potentially lethal condition where your body decides to release stores of oxalate from your internal organs, muscles fat, etc, into the blood stream and potentially overloading the Kidneys.

If you have previously been consuming large amounts of oxalates such as spinach, almonds, smoothies and others, please download this pdf. of relative amounts of oxalates in food.

If this applies to you, be aware of the importance to reduce your consumption of oxalates slowly. Say about 10% per week over previous week. A good rule of thumb is to reduce intake to 50 mg. per day as soon as possible.

You will need to add Calcium citrate to your diet to bind with the soluble oxalate in the blood stream to safely take out of the body.

Alternatively bone broth in a pressure cooker for many hours when the bone structure goes soft, you can then drink a cup a day, will also work to give you calcium. (instructions will follow on the next page).

You will need to supplement with Vitamins and minerals Such as Vit C, Magnesium Citrate, vitamin E, Selenium. And loads of Zinc.

Enough with the pep talk, give me the meat!

You have decided that you will take the plunge this is what you need to do meat wise, experiment with servings. Do you have two meals a day, three? Will one fatty steak per meal do?

Eat as much as will satiate you, that means you must eat protein and fat, there are a lot of vitamins in fat. Once a week you may want to eat liver, bullock liver is one of the tastiest but not to every one’s taste. I find lamb’s liver to be more bitter, but some people prefer that to bullock.

  You will also need to drink bone broth at least a cup a day ideally, if you ingest all the above, most of the nutrients and vitamins will be catered for, but not quite, and there are caveats.

In principle if you live in a healthy environment with no poisons in your location from the industrial age, and you eat all the organ meats, as well as fat and muscle from the bullock, you would not need supplements, but unfortunately that is likely to be impossible for a variety of reasons.

There are deficiencies in the ground in most places, iodine, selenium, are likely to be missing, Vit D3 in the autumn / winter for northern and southern latitudes. In theory, you would consume enough vitamin C with your muscle/ liver to meet your needs.  This is unlikely to be true  for a number of reasons.

You may have decided to go on to carnivore because of present internal damage caused by long term ingestion of plants and seeds, leading to leaky gut syndrome; until such time as this is repaired, and bear in mind that every time you stray from the path of lectin free eating, you will add to the damage. It could take many months or years to repair your guts.

You will need to supplement with Vit C as well as zinc. How much ? Please refer to my page on essential Vitamins

Many complain of muscle cramps when they are starting. There are numerous reasons for this, salt deficiency is one, how much to take? Recommended amount is approx. 6 grams. Not drinking enough water is another, magnesium can also be a cause, in which case you might try capsules with magnesium citrate. Or for those of you have become type 2 diabetics you may still need a very small amount of carbs a day, How much? Half a teaspoon of honey in hot water would be more than sufficient.

I apologize if the above instructions are a bit vague, but we are all different in terms of health, illness as well as what goes into our mouths.

Lastly, If you go carnivore, you will be changing your body chemistry (for the better). Our bodies are very adaptable and built for survival. We are designed to burn fat as a fuel, and for a number of organs and hormonal activities. Yes, we can burn carbohydrates, but there is a price to pay in doing so, not least of which is its poisonous and addictive nature.

The initial changeover can be rough for some people and can last a few weeks, it has been labelled the ‘keto flue’, and you may feel energy-less and with a brain fog that may make it at times hard to focus, persevere, and not only will you lose weight, your digestion will improve, and you will feel healthier than before

A good detail summary of Keto Flue
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Her approach in the video is not carnivore, it is more focuses on large amounts of fat intake and does not take into account the damage done by oxalates. I would dismiss her suggestions of spinach and avocados as staples, as they are very high in oxalates. However, her description of Keto flue is good.

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