End of Days – Ascension

the Rapture , Ascension to heaven
The Rapture, Ascension to Heaven

To understand Ascension, we need to appreciate the nature of reality and levels of consciousness. As fragments of the fragment of the ‘Maker of All’ we are endowed with the power to create our own individual as well as a collective reality.

We all do, most of us have no idea that we are constantly creating and co-creating reality on this Earth in relation to each other.

  Unfortunately, there are powers out there that via fear and indoctrination are cajoling us, in our collective ignorance, to co-create a reality where we will never grow up to our power and unique expression of self. Instead, we are creating a little hell where we are seduced and herded into a semi-somnambulistic state of sheep hood.

The importance of soul integration is, that below 20% (most of the population) are motivated by adverse emotional reactions, and a sense of victimhood and blame others, for their own perception of the reality they are unwittingly co-creating.

Increasing our percentage of soul integration is only possible by taking total responsibility for all our thoughts, actions, state of health and emotional states. This requires our being present by having all our three brains working in tandem so that we may connect with our hearts.

I appreciate it is hard to take 100% responsibility for our lives, and yet, it is so. In your semi-sleep state, you are allowing external forces, which frankly, are reflecting the darkness within you,  to co-create a reality that keeps you imprisoned and ignorant of whom you truly are.

So rant over, why am I sharing this with you? Because waking up is easy, painful, in so far as the pain is already inside you.

Freedom begins with laughing at your own self-criticism and judgements, as well as forgiveness of self as well as others.

With forgiveness and acceptance that the world around us is always a reflection of who and what we are, we alter our individual reality from a personal hell to a transition to purgatory and then heaven.

The problem for most people is that childhood traumas, that colour how we see and react in the world, are out of our awareness. There are plenty of information and exercises on this website to get you on your way.

So what has all this to do with our True Human friends?  Simple.  If in my life I create, and with others co-create a little heaven, there is just no way that someone that lives in a hell of their own making can get anywhere near my little heaven, and vice versa for they are mutually exclusive realities.

Our True Human friends live in a world of love and acceptance, it permeates their whole society. If you are filled with fear and negative emotions, you will self-exclude from their perception of reality.

We have 25 years to raise our collective percentage of soul integration to a minimum of 45% to ascend to the spaceships when they come for us and our children.

Let me share the salient points.

Our True Human friends from 7 different races all True Humans are already here with 167 mother ships each just about the width of Manchester, UK and about one mile in depth, each of which can hold 38.5 million human beings.

I have been told that you will know the truth of my statements in ten years’ time because the human population will have declined, presently world population is at 7.9 billion; in 5 years it will have stopped growing and in ten years it will be down to 7.1 billion, in twenty-five years it will be down to 6.3 billion, out of which only 4.3 billion will take up the offer of ascension.

Three mother ships crossing the moon
Three mother ships crossing the moon 1.

In 2045 12 of the mother ships will appear in our skies, each containing 640 shuttles with room for 25 passengers. These shuttles will operate 24/7 taking approx. 20 minutes to go up and down. These will be followed by 15 more mother ships, and so on, with the last ship departing about one month before by the middle of February 2046. Regretfully, leaving behind approx 2.3 billion that out of fear were unable to go.

Three mother ships flying across the moon
Three mother ships crossing the moon 2.

There are messengers that have grown up with a deeply religious bias and their perception of the Message whilst very close to the truth is tainted by their fervour. When our True Humans come, to, as they say, “save our bacon”, it’s not bible thumping or fear of death and religious fervour that leads to Ascension.

It is not – we are the chosen few because we imbibe the religious tomes like parrots.

Fear has no room for love and love has no room for fear.

There are other Messengers that speak and have spoken of the separation of dimensions and the moving towards a new Earth of a higher vibrational dimension. Again Close ! ‘But no cigar’.

And this has been the problem, we all interpret revelation according to our indoctrination, inner freedom and experience. One could argue the same about me and my communication with ~Charley.

All I can say is, that true regular communication with our Higher Selves is only possible when our percentage of soul integration is 80% or more. This means we are on solid ground because the seat of our consciousness is fully resting on a cushion of Love. Communication is possible between 45% and 80% but it is intermittent.

Plus, I am not a channel or a medium. My interactions are fully conscious and rely on my questioning the information as it is shared by ~Charley


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