Who has

Who hasn’t heard of Acupuncture?

To a Spiritual seeker, it can have an almost mystical aura of mystery, there are dozens of schools teaching their theoretical version in almost as many countries.

Otzi the iceman
Otzi the iceman knee tattoos

We know that the Acupuncture theory of the Meridians has existed for thousands of years, Otzy the iceman was discovered in the Alps, naturally mummified and reputed to be over 5 thousand years old. What is interesting about him is that he has tattoos over acupuncture points

Over the generations, people have experimented and developed treatment protocols, for there is no doubt that acupuncture points do have a tantalizing allure to ‘fix’ some symptoms. And students of acupuncture are forever trying to learn quick-fix methods for body problems.

In a sense, that makes their methods no different from Western medical skeletal-muscular models of dealing with dis-ease.

Pulse taking

Acupuncture in the modern age has become over-complicated. People will spend many, many years seeking Mastery of the art via pulse taking, tongue diagnosis, and looking at physical clues as well as the emotional states of the client. All the while hoping to accurately interpret the dis-ease and use suitable acupuncture point combinations to help the client.

They will spend inordinate amounts of time interpreting people’s colour, looks, and emotions,  as a means of gauging which points to affect. A side shoot of this has been Chinese herbs that use similar principles to help people.

Professional Electric Acupuncture Pen Laser Point Meridian ...
electrical stimulation of acupuncture points

Presently, a number of diverse groups have become interested in the use of Acupuncture points.  We now have medical Acupuncture, Dry needling Acupuncture by physiotherapists, Osteopaths, and even Masseurs who have got in on the act by using piezoelectric machines to affect the points.

What all these groups have in common is the use of the points for specific protocols ie. be it a frozen shoulder, or tennis elbow, as well as a number of other debilitating body conditions. And in the process, relegating the role of acupuncture to a simple form of intervention on a simplistic machine, the human musculoskeletal body.

Yet nothing is further from the truth, the human body is a hugely complex mechanism. Just because Western science is reductionist and devoid of depth, and has seduced us into the mindset that it can fix a human being with a drug, does not make it so. And those therapists from other disciplines prodding Acupuncture points with the same intention of ‘fixing’, will achieve similar results.

What are these Acupuncture points?

Heart Meridians and its Acupuncture points

At its simplest, they are pools or eddies of electrical energy that naturally collect along the fascia that runs along the whole of the body.

When we are a few cells in the womb the very first structures to develop are the fascia, twelve for the right and twelve for the left side of the body, plus one for the front and one for the back.  Along and inside these fascia, (could think of them as strings of sausages from the feet/ arms to the head)  bones, muscles, nerves internal organs, hormonal glands and skin envelope will grow.

Our brains require information to navigate the world. We acknowledge the role of the nervous system as a conduit for the senses. (Heat, cold, taste, sound, vision). We are not generally aware that our fascia is also a conduit for information, separate from the nervous system, and links directly with the brain.


Fascia when in a state of health is soft, moist, and pliable. It facilitates the transmission of electrical impulses along its length and surfaces. This is where the acupuncture points come in, for they exist where the fascia meets with the underlying tissues such as muscles or ligaments.

In the process, the fascia relays the message directly to the brain, as to the body’s spatial balance in relation to the muscles and bones.

You will have noticed that our posture reflects our conscious and unconscious emotional states, as well as our rigidity or flexibility of thought.

The rigidity of thought and repressed emotions will affect our muscles, hence our skeleton, and in time our internal organs and hormonal glands.

Long-term rigidity will constrict and crimp the fascia, which in turn will distort our structure from our heads to our toes. If this suppression goes on for too long,  the crimped fascia will lose moisture and fluids, creating problems of its own, by impeding the flow of electricity through that section, even though the initial emotion or critical thought may be long gone.

So in its purest sense, the practice of acupuncture is, to smooth the progress of the electrical flow along the various sausage-like bundles of fascia. In turn, this allows the brain to adjust the various muscle/ligament groups to balance each other structurally, and in the process (as a by-product), facilitate emotional and mental flexibility.

Acupuncturists have traditionally used needles and the burning of moxa ( similar to madwort) to create heat.

Red later and magnet treatment on an acupuncture point on the hand
using magnet and red laser on Acu. pt.

Science has allowed us to move from such middle age practices, towards a far superior and effective method like magnets and Red laser and now Acupressure.

The dilemma then arises, how do we know which (fascia Strand) – Meridian, is distorted? Can we tell if the meridian has blocks along its length, or is it just sluggish in its flow? And even if there are blocks along the meridian, which ones and in which order?

Is acupuncture the one-stop shop to help people with?

If the above wasn’t complicated enough.

What if the foods we eat have created problems which cannot be resolved by interfering with the body’s fascia with Acupuncture?

 What if previous accidents/operations have damaged or traumatized the fascia?

What if there are existential dilemmas interfering with the chakras across all twelve levels?

I posit that we cannot treat everyone’s symptoms with the same acupuncture points protocol. It will work with some, but not many others.

What’s more, if the problem is to do with the rigidity of emotions or thoughts, they need to be resolved before we facilitate the freeing of the fascia along the relevant meridians.

Apologies for the lengthy article, I am addressing myself now primarily to acupuncturists. Although other modalities may also benefit.

We live in troubling times and one in which there is a quickening of Spirit, the awakening of human consciousness and awareness of the ‘soul’ is now starting to take centre stage. We need Acupuncturists as well as other alternative modalities to come on board to help people to wake up and raise their levels of consciousness.

If you practice as an Alternative Practitioner, by the very nature of your affecting another human being who has placed their trust in you; You are either part of the problem or part of the solution.

Sorry there is no middle ground. Realize that ego can only treat ego. Recognize, that we do not know enough, our knowledge comes from other egos across the centuries, we need help – a different sort of help, not one found in learning protocols to ease symptoms.

Applied Kinesiology has a number of extremely effective tools all around the concept of muscle testing.  Muscle testing is how we take ego out of the equation, for there is Innate Intelligence within each of us that knows everything, 

With Applied Kinesiology we can use:

  • Acupuncture
  • Cranial -Sacral techniques,
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  • Work with Trauma, and mental conflicts
  • constrained / weak muscles
  • Energy fields such as aura and Chakra, clear energy blocks from past injuries to the body
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  • When proficient, we can diagnose for Homeopathic remedies, Tissues salt imbalances, or Bach flower remedies
  • We can also help to diagnose for food imbalances and vitamin minerals deficiency or excess.

The above is what it takes to be an effective Alternative Practitioner. All made relatively easy by learning the basic tools of AK , and raising your own level of consciousness to become an effective vehicle, for the Intelligence within each of us to share what the client needs at any given moment in time.

Are you an alternative practitioner and curious to learn my approach to working with clients using Muscle Testing? I have an upcoming workshop in Nov ’23 for Kinesiology and Acupressure.

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