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What is a Healthy Diet?

Let’s face it, we wouldn’t know what healthy eating means any more if it bit us in the backside.

The Vegans maintain healthy eating is giving up on anything that moves independently of the wind, even eggs.

The fruitarians say that fruits are the only way that nature intended for us to be healthy.

The vegetarians like the previous two maintain that they won’t eat anything that was alive, so they have all these, meat substitutes instead.

The carnivores maintain that we are meant to eat what most closely resembles our own make-up and have been feeding on for longer than recorded history.

The government says to eat 5 pieces of fruit and greens a day, and you will be OK.

The heart association has for 50 + years been saying that saturated fats clog the arteries and are bad for our hearts and health.

The big supermarkets have shelves filled with tins and dry replicas of what could be called food, except it, is all manufactured and kept in pristine condition via the use of chemical preservatives,

The health shops are more than half filled with sugar, chocolates, de-shelled nuts going rancid and a few vegetables in one small corner, but that’s OK because it’s all organic.

Every group claims access to the ‘truth’ and some of them will try to impose their belief on to others.

Rotund statue

I would like to unpack this confusing variety of belief systems by approaching the subject from a position of common sense.

I will start with the supermarkets that provide a wondrous, colourful variety of long-lasting food/eatable items.  We have been here as a species for thousands? a million years or more? Where were the supermarkets 150yrs ago?

It is fair to say that a packet of crisps, a box of breakfast cereals, an ice cream or a pizza are not natural as far as nature is concerned. Do they do any harm to our bodies? Some would argue that the chemicals involved, and the vegetable fats, do indeed damage the body.

Here is another truth, since the mid-1970 there has been an escalating epidemic of increasingly obese people, I was one of those, and within a pace of 2 years I ballooned from 14 stone to 18 stone.

My diet was not all that different, but suddenly I was on my way to type 2 diabetes.  So what was the problem?

There is emerging research that so-called vegetable oils – which are NOT vegetable oils at all, rather they are seed oils – such as rape seed, canola, etc, are the most deadly poisons to human health this century and probably from before, and that is even before using them for cooking!

Once heated up these oils change their chemical structure into carcinogenic, DNA-altering, diabetic-producing poisons.

And why are these oils in practically every manufactured food? Because in the seventies we were told by the medical establishment without double-blind or peer review experiments that the fats we had been eating ‘forever’ i.e. saturated fats were bad for us.

A new industry grew out of this myth, which then claimed they were the healthy fats to eat, and so margarine was born, and now a lot of countries’ economies and farming practices are totally dependent on maintaining this dangerous myth.

research on mice with different types of oils

Here is a snippet of research done with rats/mice and various oils,  the graph is self-explanatory

What is really killing humans?

And below you can listen to the whole lecture, I strongly suggest you watch it.

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Dr Chris Knobbe – ‘Diseases of Civilization: Are Seed Oil Excesses the Unifying Mechanism

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