Meditation Ethereal Hands

Develop Your kinaesthetic sensing abilities

The ethereal hands are an important prelude, for we will use this kinaesthetic way of sensing ourselves in the meditations to come.  practice, practice, practice!

Ethereal hands – Meditation prelude.

Kinaesthetic sensing with your Hands

1. Sit comfortably extend your palms, and have them facing each other in front of elbows bent and relaxed rather than rigid.

2. Separate your palms away from each other approx. 2-3 feet away and slowly wave your palms towards each other gently.

3. Sense for a bubble of resistance as you wave your palms towards each other, then move them a little away and repeat.

We are all surrounded by energy fields some weak some strong, the palms can sense this field. Sometimes this field is sensed stronger when the palms are further away rather than closer. Experiment.

4. Practice until you have the taste of the sensation in your palms.

5. With eyes closed, do a very quick inner smile, so that you may feel calm in yourself. Using your imagination only, lift your hands from their resting place, now repeat the previous exercises 2, and 3, but this time, without moving your physical hands. Using your imagination and kinaesthetic sensing, sense your ethereal hands as well as the bubble of energy between your ethereal hands.

kinaesthetically sensing a bubble of energy with our hands
Bubble of energy with hands

6. Being ethereal hands they are free to roam in any direction, not only will your hands sense energy fields, they emanate a field of their own. 

Imagine that you also have an ethereal body like your hands, stand behind where your body is, focusing on your ethereal hands.

7. Use your ethereal hands from behind your body, to sense and trace, one of the bubbles of energy surrounding your physical body. Allow your imagination the freedom to supply representational images. Play with, and move your ethereal hands all around your body.

connecting our 4th chakra hearts- feelings to  our  emotions in our 2nd chakra
hands bridge – from heat to emotions

8.  Bring your ethereal hands in front of your heart and your lower abdomen, play with them, and find a   comfortable distance from the body, notice whether you prefer the right or left palm for your heart or lower abdomen.

Feel and sense a loving flow of energy from your heart via ethereal hands to your lower abdomen.

9. Start to sensitize yourself to the different qualities between your ‘feeling’ in your heart and your ‘sensing’ in your lower abdomen.

When you are really comfortable with the previous meditations of body relaxation, inner smile, as well as etheric hands, and proper breathing …. 

What do I mean by really comfortable?  If you have never done any of the previous exercises before I would suggest a good 2 to 3 months of regular practice before moving on.  A strong foundation will pay dividends later on.

 If you are rushing because of ego greed of More! More!  Then ask yourself who do ‘I’ wish to be in charge?  Do you want to be a master or servant to your ego?

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