Meditation – Death

Death my constant companion

Our physical bodies are programmed for death.  WE ALL die

When we move through life fearing death, we don’t truly live. Our fear is the biological ego death, the death of our personality, an instinctive reaction that will follow us to the last moment.

Whether we have a soul that will survive the death of our biological ego or not, no one on this earth can give you conclusive proof. 

Once all your chakras are open, via the 7th you will know for yourself.  Be that as it may, to move into Love is to move beyond fear.

To grow up is to accept our limitations. And the greatest limitation to a human body is death. To live we have to die.

To cultivate an acceptance of our death as well as our loved ones is not morose, it is indispensable.




Meditation – on death

The candle is blown out

Sitting somewhere comfortably, give yourself 20 minutes of contemplation.

  • Go through a body relaxation
  • Do a quick smile to your internal organs
  • With your imagination, see yourself dead. How will others react to your demise? What is left unfinished? Regrets?
  • Contemplate the emotions of your loss of your close friends and family. What has been left unsaid? Emotions? Feelings? Express yourself.
  • Be mindful of your body, and experience your emotions fully, wherever they may be located, invariably this will be along the chakras.
  • Contemplate your life lived up to the present moment without judgment.

 Accept your failings, and empathise with your weaknesses for you are just human, – doing your best according to your level of understanding at any given moment in time.

.mp3 mediation on death (to come)

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