Are we really alone?

The True Humans

Anyone that truly believes that we are is not thinking clearly, for it is inevitable that life exists out there and at the end of this piece of writing I will share proof.

Before then, let me share that I also am one of those that communicate with something much larger than our fear-driven little egos. This is what drove me to write a book on the subject. As a result, I have a story to tell, which is similar to many told before and yet it is in some ways substantially different.

 What I am about to share comes from what I call the ‘Intelligence within, my Higher Self, Soul, call it what you will. I am not a medium or a channeller.

In my moments when I put my ego to one side, and I am in a place of love and calmness, I have conversations with my Higher Self, I call him ‘Charley’, but he is not a disembodied being, separate from the Greater I AM or an external Guide. My love bridges the space between dimensions, and he has waited my lifetime for me to be open to his instructions.

Charley has told me many things about humanity’s past, present, and the near future I have been entrusted with a mission, it is not a unique mission, for there are meant to be 2120 of us scattered across the world and of different ages.

We could be called prophets, in so far as we have a prophetic message to deliver to the world, as well as being instigators to help raise our collective levels of consciousness to a place within us that is beyond fear.

‘There is no way to sugar coat the information, so I will jump in at the deep end.

In March 2046, there will indeed be an Earth Catastrophe. However, we really are not alone and help is waiting. But to understand why there are Aliens out there waiting to help us, we need to go back to the beginning of human civilization.

True Human Beings from the planet Mars came to the Earth 550 million years ago in search of Gold and a magnesium isotope.

They decided to create a workforce by splicing their DNA with some type of ape, to raise their intellect enough to take orders. We are the descendant of such Genetic splicing with the True Humans.   

Contrary to present beliefs that the big bang occurred 13 billion years ago. The universe we are in has been here for at least 60,000 trillion years, which, as far as we are concerned – is forever.

76 billion years back in another galaxy, what would become The True Human DNA was itself spliced from another much ancient race now far gone.

Approx. 45 billion yes back these True Humans came and settled in this galaxy, which, not only has it been around for 55 billion years, itself was spliced with another galaxy around 43 to 44 billion years ago.

This True Human Race of which we are second cousins presently inhabits 1,877 planets all well within a maximum distance of around 3,500 light-years of each other.

In other words, the aliens or True Humans are here to help us because we are family.

When I say they are here, I literally mean here, now.

As of March 2021, there are 167 mother ship crafts dispersed between the back of the moon surface of Venus, the surface of Jupiter, on Jupiter moon, on a Saturn moon, and behind Saturn.

Seven True Human Races have come together (not for the first time) to aid us at this critical time in our history.

The furthest one away from us 2,714 light years away has come with the largest flotilla so to speak, of 156 mother ships. Each ship is 7 miles in diameter and one mile deep.  Each ship will hold up to 51 million beings, with 12.5 million reserved for the crew and family.

  The journey from their home world is 14.6 light years, and they have been here already for the past 15 years waiting for the event in early 2046.

The return journey – start to finish for these beings with an average life span of 462 years, back to their home world will be about 100 earth years. The average travelling speed was 0.49 of a light year per day, with a theoretical maximum of 0.75 of a light year per day.

Although, let me say that we are talking about highly enlightened beings who come with love in their hearts. And, even though they will come with enough ships to uplift the whole of the human earth race, they are saddened by the fact that many people (a couple of billion) will self-exclude because of fear and low levels of soul integration.

This is the true purpose of my writing the books as well as this website. To provide tools to help raise the overall soul integration of humanity.

For it is an unfortunate fact that we all create our individual as well as a collective consciousness, and those that live in fear (low levels of soul integration) will find themselves unable to uplift to the spaceships when the time comes.

To finish, here is a video of 3 of the mother ships captured by a telescope with a camera, at a time when only a sliver of the moon was lit.  I worked out via the diameter of the crater, in relation to the diameter of the moon, and the length of the mother ships.

They are indeed 7 miles wide, verifying the information given to me by Charley and knowing the distance they travelled in those few seconds I was able to calculate their (leisurely) speed, 20,000 miles per hour.

3 True Human Mother ships
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