Cataclysm knocking at our door

Earth History and Cataclysm

Thanks to YouTube, we now have access to information and pictures from all over the world. This is something quite unprecedented.  Most of the Western Christian world has until recently from childhood been taught of the story of Adam and Eve in Genesis, and we were told that God created the World in 7 days, and then we had The first couple, all of this is supposed to have happened 6000 years back or so.

Of course, this timeline has been quickly debunked, although creationists still abound.  Gradually the envelope of the Origin of our Species is being pushed back to 10, 20 some are making the case for possibly 200 thousand years.

However, the one constant that until recently historians had drawn in the sand was, that about 13 thousand years back, before the last ice age began to recede, any humans out there were all savages.

We had the writing of Plato alluding to the myth of Atlantis, but apart from the few, it was generally dismissed. This is an interesting video talking about Richat Structure in Africa Which is a probable location for Plato’s Atlantis. Personally, I am not so sure.

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We sort of know of a world destructive catastrophe, and the obliteration of most life on Earth, but that was 600 million years back. Now we worry and have telescopes tracking all manner of asteroids in case one of them hits us and creates another life extinction event.

Whenever any archaeologist over the past 150 years or so had come up with conflicting evidence to the accepted narrative they were silenced and erased. So what has changed?  Well, if we look at social media not much! Conform or sayonara!

Human footprint over 200million years back

But intriguing information has been seeping through the cracks; one is that human beings have been around this earth for a lot longer.

The following footprint was discovered by Jerry MacDonald a palaeontologist in 1987 in New Mexico. This human footprint is embedded in Permian strata, which according to scholars date from 290 to 248 million years.

Trilobite under sandal over 300 million years back!

Here is another of what is reputed to be a young child with sandals, the bottom of the right shoe has a trilobite (marine invertebrates that existed between 300-600 million years) stuck under the sole towards the heel.

This was discovered by Amateur fossil-hunter William J. Meister who first noted the shale-embedded footprint impression in 1968 at Antelope Springs.

The Earth is reputed to be 4.5 billion years old. There was already plenty of life on the Earth half a billion years back, so why not humans?

What is intriguing are the sandals this child was wearing sometime between 300 and 600 million years ago. The question then would be, if we have managed to go from savage to modern technology in a mere 10,000 years. what has been going on during all the millions of years we have been running around before now?

For that matter, as a species, we can procreate from a small number to nearly 8 billion people in 10,000 years.  Then something must have happened in all those millions of years to keep culling the growing population(s) and continuing to turn the clock back from high technology back to the Stone Age.

The Science heralding the coming Cataclysm

We are now pretty clear thanks to the efforts of a number of people not least of all Graham Hancock that there was at least one extinction event Catastrophe just less than 13,000 years back.

Followed by the melting of Glaciers about 1,200 years later. These were at least 1 mile high if not more and had covered almost half the planet. This event was described in the bible as the great deluge. As a result, the oceans and sea waters rose just over 400 feet and in the process sank most of the preceding civilization that we have called Atlantis.

There is now tantalizing footage of some of these cities underwater. There is also megalithic proof all over the world with similarities in structure and building methods that suggests that once upon a time all the continents shared one accessible culture for travel as well as ideas.

So thanks to various scientific efforts done with geology, magnetic rock alignment and ice core samples, a picture is starting to unfold that world-shattering cataclysms are more regular than any of us would have guessed.

There are at least 2 in the last 150,000 years that we are clear on, one 70,000 years back and the last one 13,000 years ago. I have heard people in the past give lectures asserting that there have been at least 6 cataclysms in the same time period.

The assumption has been that it is an unlucky asteroid strike.  However, there is new information arising that asteroids are the least of our problems. That in fact, it is our Sun that is the real culprit as much as our benefactor, for all the mayhem that occurs with what appears to be such regularity.

Thanks to the efforts of Douglas Vogt, of Diehold foundation who like a dog with a bone has relentlessly focused on the question of our Sun going nova, and how often. It is now increasingly likely that the Sun creates havoc on the Earth with unerring regularity every 13,000 years.

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What is unappreciated by the main Science so far is that we live in an electric universe- electricity is the unifying theory that explains all.

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The electric universe does a good job of explaining that the particles emanating from the sun not only can they be dangerous to life but are also the source of the Earth’s magnetic field which in turn allows the earth to rotate.

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Watch suspicious observers for sun information as well as movements of the magnetic north on the Earth, which for a while has been travelling from the North Pole towards Russia.

The implications of all this when we put it together is that approx every 13,000 years there is a period of quiet in the Sun’s activity this lead to reduced electric current to the earth which stops the electromagnetic field temporarily, in turn, the Earth stops spinning, but the momentum of the oceans continue and these become tsunamis almost 1 mile high drowning those on land. If that weren’t enough, the Sun restarts its activity with a deadly Nova splurge on the half of the planet that is facing the sun.

Suspicious Observers is focused on science and is cataloguing the increasingly huge number of scientists now looking at the galaxy and noticing the shifts affecting other stars coming our way as well as changes to our Earth heralding what is yet to come. Watch this next very informative video from them.

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Mystics, seers, channellers, who do we believe?

For the past 50 years or so, there has been an increase in the number of predictions announcing a cataclysm. So far they have all been wrong. So the question is, are these entire people getting real messages, but their interpretation is off base? And/or, is our racial memory of previous catastrophes always there in the background waiting to surface?

One thing is for sure, one can only cry wolf so many times before we stop listening.

Right now we have Christians who are and have been waiting for the Rapture, for the day of Judgement that as far as they are concerned is in the offing just around the corner.

There are a lot of Spiritual groups who have been listening to channellers who claim that they are speaking for Star Beings, predicting  Ascension for those enlightened enough to move up to a new level of consciousness, moving away from 3 Dimensional Earth to a 4 or even 5 Dimensional Earth.

To add spice to the pot there has been an increase in awareness, that Aliens are popping all over the place, and with the level of disinformation around it is getting harder and harder to discern truth from fantasy.

So, have a read on my next topic you really don’t want to miss this one!

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