Meditation on all Chakras

Meditation on all the Chakras

Auras of all seven Chakra

1. Sitting upright, legs and arms uncrossed.

2. Imagine above your head a large diffused ball of white light, appearing about 5 feet up, coalescing and concentrating into a brilliant white beam about 4-6 inches in diameter, that descends through the centre of your body, downwards towards your 1st. Root chakra – the area of the coccyx and perineum.

We are going to fill the energy bubble surrounding our bodies with its many layers the way we would fill a large carafe, i.e. we pour from the top (white light) and we fill up from the bottom.

Your ethereal hands are in front and back of your real body at the level of your 1st. Root chakra. Perineum and coccyx.

From the earth beneath us, a watery bubble of earth energy flows upwards like a fountain and they meet at the rook Chakra. 

The white light, blending with the earth’s bubbling energy, turns red, and like a pool of water, fills and expands into your aura from beneath your feet up to the perineum.

Use your ethereal hands to sense/imagine the filling up with the colour red, and guide the flow with your ethereal hands to fill all the expanding layers of the root chakra.

Are there any gaps; is there a section that does not fill up? Take note for now. 

As you fill up, say and repeat a few times “I have” how does the word resonate with you, do you feel weak, strong or neutral? When full:

3. Move up to the 2nd chakra at the level of the lower abdomen and sacral area.  Say I “sense” as you fill up with orange, use your ethereal hands to guide the expanding layer of orange.

4. 3rd Chakra, say “I can”     as you fill up with Yellow

5. 4th Chakra, say “I Love”   as you fill up with Green

6. 5th Chakra, say “I Speak” as you fill up with Blue

7. 6th Chakra, say “I See”      as you fill up with Indigo

8. 7th Chakra, say “I Know” as you fill up with Violet

Our hearts are the Midpoint; it’s a bit like a cauldron where the lower vibrational energies reach a boiling point, and the only way to continue rising is by transforming from liquid to steam.

 Once you have filled up from the 1st to 7th chakras.  Have a sense of the complete bubble of energy that encases you. 

From your Heart through your etheric hands, reach out and explore the different layers for either stuck emotional energy or little/big gaps in the layers of the energy fields. 

If you get emotionally overwhelmed at any point, allow the emotion to take hold of you and cry if your body needs to, however, don’t get lost in the emotion, maintain a little detachment and sense in which chakra your emotion is blocked.

See the previous exercise for when overwhelmed with emotion.

Chakra meditation download .pdf

Audio of Chakra meditaton .mp3 (still to come)

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