Would it surprise you to hear that gallstones arise predominantly because of a lack of fat in the diet? After all, if you get an acute attack of gallstone pain, it will have been brought on following a fatty meal!

For 50+ years we have been indoctrinated with the propaganda that saturated fat is bad for the heart that it creates cholesterol, and that it will lead to atherosclerosis of the arteries.

Such misguided brainwashing is to quite an extent responsible for many of the metabolic illnesses that plague the modern world. Those responsible for this deliberate confusion have profited greatly. I refer to manufacturers of refined sugars and manufactured so-called foods, pharmaceuticals that provide drugs such as insulin, statins, heart drugs, etc., and not least all those researchers who have been willing to do trials that give the right results to confirm the bias in favour of the food manufacturers.

Liver stones

We naturally assume that all gallstones come from the gallbladder- not so! Some can come from the liver too.  Liver stones are formed in the biliary tubes of the liver, obstructing the creation of and flow of bile, which in time can severely affect the overall efficiency of the liver. These liver stones may or may not at some point drop into the gallbladder sac. The only way to clear these stones is by doing the Gallbladder flush, info at the end of this article.

Liver stonedrawing

Liver stones are rare but I have seen them come out of me and from one client many years back. I have looked online for liver stones. But there appears to be a great deal of confusion out there. All the so-called liver stones that had been ‘flushed out’ were mislabeled and are in fact gallbladder stones. Liver stones are very dark red/brown with a very sharp roundish edge, the body rising like a small mound, flattish at the base coming up to a small apex. It looks like a little plug. Very hard and shiny surface I have made a small drawing, which doesn’t do it justice.

 Functions of the liver can be compromised by unnatural structural distortions of the fascia that surrounds the liver, which in turn are the result of certain unresolved emotions such as a long-term sense of being a victim leading to occasional outbursts of reactive rage

The Liver Meridian connects with the organ

in Eastern healing modalities such as Acupuncture, we recognize that the meridians are intimately interconnected with the internal organs. The meridians are a description of fascia bundles that transverse the human body like railway lines, of which we have 26 major ones and a further 8 minor ones.

The internal organs are in turn affected by different emotions, both in the suppression of, or the internal over-revving of them. The liver is very much affected by emotions of spite, hate, malice and, at a mental level, envy and resentment.

 Proper gall stones can also form as a result of structural distortion in the fascia bundles traversing the gall bladder or its opposite the Stomach, in such a case it will be a combination of a mental programme of “I am worthless “ with a surface deadness of emotional expression.  Real anger has been so deeply buried that others may see them as weak-spirited.

For the Acupuncturists amongst you, please appreciate that no amount of needling or acupressure can take these suppressed emotions from anyone. To release a suppressed emotion, it must be experienced, and its location connected and sensed in one’s body.

Acupuncture points when correctly activated in the right sequence can help to alter the fascia structure back towards balance. But, this will be impossible as long as the suppressed emotion in question is held in the body in stasis.

Having said the above, let me point out that 95% of human illnesses are due to metabolic disorders and the majority of gallstones are the result of insufficient fat in the diet.

The Gallbladder

The gall bladder has a very specific function in the human body, namely to break fat down, It is one of 4 organs involved in this process. The pancreas releases pancreatic juice into the duodenum to neutralise the Stomach acids and help break the fat down (amongst numerous other functions.).

The spleen breaks red cells down and sends the ingredient to the liver, which creates bile acids and sends these down to the gallbladder sack where it is stored until fat comes down into the duodenum.  Between the Pancreatic juices and the bile, the fat is reduced to a small enough size to pass through the epithelial cells of the small intestines.

The pancreas and Gallbladder share the same exit into the duodenum

If there is a lack of fat in the diet, the bile will not be squeezed out and its contents sent to the duodenum.  Bile salts will in time crystallize and make gall bladder stones, which in time will aggregate into larger and larger stones.

It is useful to note that the biliary tube and the pancreatic one come together into one tube as they approach the duodenum. This means that if you create little stones, and they jam up the exit then pancreatic juices with nowhere to go will affect the pancreas leading to inflammation and subsequent pancreatitis.

For the last 50-odd years, we have been told that saturated fat is bad for the heart and the blood vessels. Spurred on by a heart attack suffered by the then-president of America Dwight D. Eisenhower,  Nutritional scientists postulated that saturated fat, which had been a staple of the human diet for thousands of years was responsible for the build-up of plaque in the arteries.


This might be a good place to point out that carbohydrates in the form of flour have been around for a few thousand years, primarily with the Egyptians. A recent CT scanning of 152 mummies, around half of which were from Egypt, by a group of cardiologists found that one-third of them had atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), leading to heart attacks.

Egyptian mummy

These mummies had lived to their mid-40s, unlike the less affluent population who might have lived to mid ’30s. Their diet was mainly wheat/barley.

Carbohydrates were seldom the main course in most cultures. Fat and meat when possible were preferable.  However, after the President’s heart scare, a new business model emerged the Nutritionists had said fat is bad.  To make manufactured so-called foods palatable without the fat they increased the salt and carbohydrate content.  Of course, sugar is highly addictive.  So these manufacturers have been bending backwards to find that point between addiction and excess consumption. When science and industry collide.

The food lobby is rich and powerful, and they have the ears of politicians.  50 years later in the Western countries, we have an obesity epidemic, diabetes and heart problems galore, and apart from the Egyptians have never been so sick as a culture.

Far too many young people trying to stay thin (not giving up on the sugars!) go for low-fat this, that or the other. Without realising that we need the fat to make cholesterol which our bodies need for brain growth and maintenance, to maintain the insulating sheath around our nervous system and to create hormones not least for the benefit of the thyroid and a healthy reproductive system.

Presently, most governments, certainly in the West have taken on board the concept of the food pyramid which is based NOT on sound science or research, and heavily lobbied by the sugar / pharmaceutical industry are telling us what to eat because they are ‘the professionals’  WAKE UP.! Stop listening to your head (filled with their indoctrination) and listen to your body. Every animal/fish/ insect on this earth knows what foods they need to eat, it is programmed into every DNA.

Like magicians pulling the rabbit out of the hat. Food manufacturers had a clever idea.  Saturated fats are the baddy, right?  Let’s give them unsaturated fats which we can now label as “healthy fats” corn oil, canola oil, rape seed oil etc. It is a fraction of the cost of saturated fats and will still make manufactured rubbish taste better!

I won’t bore you but if you want to go down the rabbit hole and inform yourself, listen to this video by Dr. Paul Mason – ‘Are you smarter than a Doctor? What your doctor doesn’t know about nutrition

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Possible symptoms of a blocked gallbladder

Anyway, if you have gallstones, it is more than likely because you have not been eating sufficient fat regularly. Then, when you do, as the gallbladder squeezes the bile out it will push those little stones or if not fully formed gelatinous masses and if you are unlucky they will block the exit, giving rise to biliary colic.

If you have watched the above video you will realize that eating vegetable fat is NOT the answer to your possible fat dilemma.

Possible symptoms of stones blocking the Gallbladder

  • Sharp or dull pain from the blockage in the upper middle right of the abdomen could go on for some time.
  • Fever
  • Nausea and vomiting.
  • Jaundice (yellowing of skin and white of the eyes)

Avoid taking out the gall bladder if at all possible. -Why?  You have a gallbladder in the first place for a reason.

How to help yourself.

 It is possible to break the stones if large with ultrasound  – Fragmentation of human gallstones using ultrasound and electrohydraulic lithotripsy: experimental and clinical experience. I hate to say this but a 30-minute gall bladder operation Last I heard was £14,000 + It is a profitable business and quick workarounds are not encouraged, thank you very much! From conversations, I admit quite a few years back, they won’t just give you an ultrasound procedure you have to fight for one.

Home remedyGallbladder and liver flush recipe

In the first instance, this is what I would recommend before going for more serious procedures. If you have been eating very little fat for some time this is worth doing anyway. But just to be safe I recommend that you get hold of some Valium, unfortunately, some years back it was given when someone was going through an emotionally trying time, and many people were turned into addicts, now it is given extremely sparingly and you would need to make your case to your friendly doctor.

The chances are you have gained some knowledge and think the Gallbladder flush is a good idea, but you don’t know what might happen. alternatively, you have eaten a fatty meal and suffered pain because the gallstone has blocked the exit.

It helps to understand that the stones if you have them may individually not be big enough to block the exit but if you are unlucky and they all run out at the same time the little gallstones will block the exit. the valium is an amazing muscle relaxant and will help if you go into muscle spasm when the exit is blocked.

Here are the options if you do have gallstones then it is a ticking bomb waiting to happen. You could be in a third-world country and you have some fatty food. and you come down with biliary colic. with no resources at hand, you end up having the operation there and then.

Or you force the hand of Fate and choose your moment. You do the flush, if it all goes through you check your stools in the morning to see what has come out. If there is a bit of action then you will want to repeat the flush a few weeks later. If you are unlucky, take the valium, depending on the intensity You might need to call an ambulance and go to the hospital but at least it is on your terms.

I had one client over 20 years back who was studying to be a Western doctor of medicine. Her mother had had the Gallbladder out and she did the flush as she was well aware she wanted to hang on to her gallbladder! unfortunately, she was in extreme pain and had to go to hospital. she refused to have it taken out and with the help of valium and fortitude, she repeated the gallbladder flush at least 3 times despite the pain and flushed all the stones out of her system.

Gall bladder and liver flush recipe

You will need:

*20 organic apples or 5 pints of organic apple juice

*1/4 pint (half a cup) of organic cold-pressed olive oil – make sure it is under a year old and has not been previously opened. Olive oil like most seed oils goes rancid quickly when exposed to oxygen in the air – not so good for the body.

* 1/4 pint -4-6 lemons 

*Epsom salts 1 heaped teaspoon

* One sieve wide brim- (optional)

1. Each day for 5 days, have either 4 apples or a pint of pure apple juice throughout the day. (This will help soften stones).

2. On the 6th day have breakfast and lunch and if you must a small snack of some easily digestible vegetable or salad no later than 5 pm. On this last meal eat No protein because it stays for quite a while to be digested in the stomach. Avoid eating any fat if you can, for the bile salts accumulating and waiting to get out, will have that much more expelling force when you finally do have the olive oil.

3. by 7 pm.  Have the 1 heaped teaspoon of Epsom salts, in a glass with water 2/3rds full (to help with stools next morning).

4. At 9 pm have in a glass, one-quarter pint of olive oil and one-quarter pint of freshly squeezed lemon juice, both in equal measure.  Stir as much as you need to blend because you will now drink it without thinking/deliberating about it!  For if you do, you might as they say, ‘lose your bottle!’ And off to bed.

The Liver and Gall bladder organs are at their most active between the hours of 11 pm and 3 am. – Ideally, you want to be fast asleep at this time.

GallBladder stones

5. In the morning, use the sieve, if you have one, to pass the stools then rinse them off. If you find small brownish (from the liver) and or grey/greenish stones (gallbladder), then consider doing the flush again within a couple of weeks. If you only find the gelatinous type of balls, there is not such a rush to repeat the exercise, these will have accumulated in the gall bladder.

Caveat- If you are unlucky, you may feel nauseous in the night and wake up, best to keep a bucket by the bedside.

I shouldn’t have to say this you are all adults I offer the above information as is, you act on it at your own risk, and I take no responsibility for your actions based on the information provided above. If at all concerned contact your health provider.

.pdf instructions of Liver and gall bladder flush.

I would also recommend if you haven’t seen it yet how to breathe properly – this will be useful to support yourself and relax your abdominal area.


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