Emotional Overview

Exercise for when emotionally overwhelmed

The following exercise I have found very liberating over the years. For example, there have been times when I would listen to music, read a book, or watch a film and I would be touched, so deeply that I would cry intensely and have no idea why.

At such times I would then connect with the location in my body where I was sensing this pain/obstruction, I would then increase the intensity of the emotion whilst giving the pain a colour, texture, etc., (see below).

I would ask myself, what does this emotion remind me of? When have I felt like this before?  Invariably, there will be a suppressed childhood event.

The way to help the emotion flow through our bodies, is by connecting the emotion to the part of our body where the obstruction is, we do this by sensing( whilst in the emotion), a pressure that will arise within a chakra in our bodies;

we then want to give this pressure a:

 Shape (i.e… round, sharp, angled, etc.)

A substance (i.e. light, heavy, solid, etc.)

 A texture (i.e… smooth, rough)

A colour – bright, dull

Meanwhile, we are still experiencing the emotion with the whole of our bodies.

At this point, it may be useful to ask ourselves.  “When have I experienced an emotion like this before?”

Trust, and allow your subconscious to bring to the fore previous times when this emotion has overwhelmed you.

 Often we will find that when we have reached a crescendo of intensity in whatever emotion we are experiencing, we ask ourselves.” what lies beneath this emotion?” 

And if like a gentle swimmer, we stop moving, and allow ourselves to sink beneath the water of our consciousness, we will encounter another emotion beneath, at which point we repeat the locating of the new emotion within our body.

The idea is to discharge the emotion completely, to a natural conclusion when you will feel spent and at peace.

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