Carnivore diet

Are we Meat eater Predators, or are we Herbivore prey?

I have spoken about this on other pages. At its most basic, the answer to the above question is: We are predators who have found a way around Nature in regard to the issue of regular meals by becoming farmers, altering the genetics of grasses and fruits to grow concentrated carbohydrates.

psoriasis of the hands
psoriasis on the fingers

And many of us have paid a price for this. Others have fared better by tolerating the poisons inherent within those plants that don’t want to be eaten.

Dalmatian resting/ hanging over the side of an armchair
Dalmatian, resting/ hanging over the side of an armchair

Just because we have all these wacky ideas about being vegan or vegetarian (I was one for over twenty years) does not change how our metabolism has been fined tuned by genetics. As the saying goes. “My Dalmatian dog Oscar cannot change his spots“.

Herbivores have enough stomachs to ferment grasses, bark etc., and to use bacteria to create, both protein and fat. Human beings used to be, like our cousins’ gorillas, who have different stomachs to also feed from leaves, bark and the odd insect. But – that was 500 million years back!

a healthy colon
A healthy Colon (carnivore)
A distorted and unhealthy colon
A distorted and unhealthy colon Vegetarian?

Today, we no longer have the stomach for it (pun intended) :). Our colon is a vestige of its formal self.

Our Large intestines are now almost paper thin and easily distorted. They are not meant to process roughage any more. Unlike cows who, with the help of bacteria, will break down the roughage on its final leg out of the body and create fats to be used as a source of calories.

solidified mucus from the colon
Solidified mucus from the colon

This photo is what happens when we eat the wrong foods and the Colon is forced to protect itself from the poisons travelling through it.

The Colon releases mucus, that over time thickens to become like a rubbery inner glove. Notice the shape of the colon it has been dislodged from!

The ever-growing indoctrination in our culture to have five pieces of fruit a day or “you have to eat your greens to be healthy” is overpowering.

The bottom line is that we grow up in a society where carbohydrates are the norm, and this has been sabotaged by large businesses to target the young, with all manner of poisonous sweet and highly addictive foodstuff, from breakfast cereals to the profusion of chocolates, cakes, biscuits etc.,

The Egyptians grew wheat and barley as a large part of their staple diet. We know from mummies that arteriosclerosis was rife in a large proportion of them and that they died in their thirties and forties.

We have altered our digestion to burn carbohydrates as a primary form of fuel instead of fat, many people can tolerate this way of eating, but so many more can’t, and suffer ill health as a result.

photo of belted Galloway bullock chewing the cud
Belted Galloway bullock

When I look at a typical herbivore such as a cow, I don’t see a body that consumes carbohydrates for fuel, I see an animal factory that creates and burns fat for energy.

Human beings are out on a limb. We are poisoning ourselves, creating pain and discomfort and limiting our life expectancy as well as good physical health.

So Why go on a Carnivore Diet?

Here is a possible list of reasons why you might contemplate a change of diet:

  • You have suddenly ballooned in weight, and you are becoming type 2 diabetic.
  • You have digestive issues
  • You experience psychological problems such as depression
  • You suffer from skin problems such as psoriasis, pus-filled spots, fungal infections
  • Your teeth are full of cavities and rotting from all that sugar, the dentist says “clean them 3 times a day” (probably a bit late in the day as far as teeth are concerned).
  • You have allergic reactions to certain plants like the nightshade family (and you may not even know it).
  • You have tags growing on your skin
  • Your skin is darkening in places, ‘not because of sunbathing’

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