Part 3 True Humans – Ascension

Shortly after the mother ship(s) arrival, Governments will get mobilized, whilst their electronic surveillance of the sky will not work in pinpointing the targets, the mother ships will never the less be quite visible in the sky.  For who can miss a 7 miles wide stationary spaceship at a height of about 75 miles?

  To begin with, the military and politicians in governments will attempt to make peaceful contact. Who is going to argue with one mother ship that is almost as wide as the whole of Manchester? 

The Military in the various countries will note the shuttle crafts coming and going, although they will be unable to track them, for the ‘trip from embarking to disembarking will take approx 20 min., the shuttles will take only 30sec. from ground to mother ship and vice versa, plus we are talking 640 shuttle craft departing / or arriving within every 10 minutes, making it very difficult for them to pinpoint, especially since locations will be far and wide.

It will take the governments of the world about 15 days to decide they are not happy with whatever is going on with the Alien presence.  They will have noted the disappearance of whole families without explanations, and they will fear the worst, for they will imagine slavery, food harvesting of humans, you name it.

The Aliens will ignore the Government representatives who will be attempting to take a measure of control in the situation by doing their best for face to face as well as electronic communication.

Their first act of violence after 20 days will be to target and attempt to shoot down the shuttles, they will succeed once, in the USA. After this event, all planes that rely on electronics will be grounded worldwide.

 Governments and those invested in power and control will not let go lightly of the reins,  for it is an unfortunate fact that most of those who seek power and control of others are driven by fear, anxieties and the need to rigidly control their world. Delusional people invariably think that they know best what is good for others.

An uncontrollable alien presence that begins to remove their supposedly unaware enslaved subjects won’t go down well. Their darkest fears of conquest and slavery will, in their minds, become a reality in the making, to be fought at all costs.

Curfew and the limiting of travel by day 22 of the Alien presence will be enforced. Most of those who had been previously called and accepted the offer are already in the mother ships; 244 million advanced souls worldwide will rescind their chance of physical salvation and stay where they are for the sake of those souls to be left behind.

On this same day, The Chinese government will dispatch a nuclear bomb from one of its satellites to the mother ship still above its skies. It will fail to detonate.  All fissile material worldwide and all ballistic missiles are rendered harmless.

Governments worldwide in their powerless rage will do their best to stoke fear of the aliens, and they will succeed with all those people who like them are still trapped in the lower levels of consciousness.

The process of uplifting will accelerate, with 15 mother craft replacing the initial 12. Those that have opened up to higher centres of love will be telepathically aware and informed of what is to come, and will be at the designated places, to be uplifted to safety, with each spaceship taking approximately 45 days to fill up and board all passengers.

Meanwhile, confusion and chaos will build up with those of lower consciousness. The shuttle crafts will attempt to uplift people in open spaces, the process will be quick with hardly enough time for any locals to express violence, and the few that succeed will find themselves falling asleep almost instantly.

The social and commercial cohesion will inevitably start to fall apart as larger and larger tranches of humanity are uplifted, law and order will no longer apply.  Alien food parcels will be strategically placed to feed those remaining. Inevitably, predator gangs will attempt to hoard all food supplies to gain power over those still behind.

The Alien beings are prepared to leave more supplies than they can hoard in as many diverse locations.

The last spaceship will leave about one month before the cataclysm occurs. Whilst they have come prepared to uplift the whole population, which by 2045 will have gone down to 6.3 billion (You who read this will know the truth of my words for after 5 years the world population will stop growing and within ten it will be obvious that the world population is getting smaller (this is a very difficult thing for me to write, I am pinning my colours to the wall so to speak, I am drawing a line in the sand,  and I have no choice but to trust the information coming from within, am I just deluding myself?)

  There is more info but I have to be discerning as to what I can write here.  Let’s just say that the reduction in world population will not be just because low sperm count but rather because of toxic things we put in our bodies leading in time to immune system failure.

 The Alien beings are fairly certain that only around 4.3 billion will take up their offer. A world with 2 billion will seem quite empty. A group of us, like many others around the world will keep the light burning to the last, in the mountains in southern Spain, we will as they say ‘go down with the ship’,  we shall not survive.

My wife is struggling with the thought of going down with the ship. Many Advanced Souls who chose to incarnate and help others did not wake up from their somnambulistic ego state to their true selves in time to go with the spaceships, for their level of consciousness was below 450 and they self exclude from fear. These souls, created karma in this life that they never managed to rectify. 

If they die in this ignorance they will be bound to this planet’s next cycle, their souls will be limited to reincarnating on this earth with the other 2 + billion lower level souls waiting on the sidelines, they would have to be born to low level souls and it would make it hard to wake up to themselves, and clear, past as well as new accumulating karma, leading to a considerable amount of time before they can ascend again.

I have just worked out the numbers, with 2 billion population left and 244 million of us that’s 12% of the population, there will be 25,000 or so advanced souls lost to us, we have a month to raise the vibrations of the planet enough to give them a chance, we will be able to help 7,700 of them worldwide to wake up in time and die consciously.

 You might well wonder at the apparent sacrifice of 244 million for just under 8000 souls and call us deluded. The body and the ego are fleeting and discarded at death. Our souls, on the other hand, are truly precious and their growth and evolution over millennia have been won way too slowly to discard their attainments so easily.

  Why am I sharing this information? With 25 years to go? Because we need to wake up! Of course, I won’t blame you for thinking that I am a charlatan, or self deluded and none of my scenarios will come to pass, for to take me seriously is to prioritize and begin/accelerate the process to wake up, raise your consciousness and be there for others to raise theirs. 

Of course you could always wait ten years to read about world population before you seriously start to work on yourself.

In our ignorance and as a result of our past traumas as well as karma, for the books always have to balance, we have inherited, and been affected, in such a way that we end up emotionally and mentally damaged. 

Our hearts closed within ourselves and towards others. Our children will feel hurt as we were, and so the sickness that has cursed our Species on this planet gets transferred across the generations, for by the time we heal ourselves, (assuming we do), the damage (infection) has already been transferred.

All we can hope for is that our children will learn to heal themselves too. Ultimately, we can only take responsibility for ourselves, it is up to us individually to own up to our self-dislike and self-criticism, to experience the whole gamut of emotions consciously, learn to forgive and love ourselves, and in the process experience a new sense of inner freedom..

 Let this, be the new virus, let us, be the new carriers of a new infection, one that spreads across the boundaries of our individual realities, one where our love, appreciation and acceptance of other’s self-imposed chains of pain, is more powerful than our fears.

Children are by nature suggestible sponges, the most valuable gift we can impart apart from loving them is to give them room to think for themselves. (Increasingly these days, to question is to be considered a rebel) and don’t be surprised when you succeed, and they revolt and turn 180 degrees away from everything you have experienced and believe in. We all need to grow up into our own individual self not a copy of someone else.

In case you haven’t noticed the forces of ignorance and fear are determined to indoctrinate the next generation and keep them subdued and sleep. Love does not fight ignorance and fear, for what we resist persists.

This is a call to arms of a different kind, for every one of us that awaken we make it possible for 128 in our psychic orbit of just over 2000 people to move closer to love, forgiveness, and acceptance.

 The good news about what I am sharing is that it doesn’t matter if you think me a crackpot. I ask nothing of you.  I am coming up to my seventies and I am already wealthy (physically, mentally, emotionally, and Spiritually). What I am sharing in this books /website is good solid self help to raise your level of consciousness and awareness.

To be a happier more fulfilled person, to give you tools by which to raise your kids with loving-kindness.  We still need to be firm, for boundaries are essential.

 Teach your children to experience fear as a servant rather than a master.  If what I have been told does not come to pass you still win, and possibly me too, for I already live with an acceptance of my death and all those close to me. I’d love to live to a hundred or more and experience my grandchildren growing up.

 If you take me seriously, and live your next 25 years in fear and panic, and teach your children to be fearful of what is to come, then you need to go back to page one, for you would have missed the whole point of my story.

A little more on these True Humans

To wrap up my Tale, let me end with an appreciation for the dedication of these, to us Alien races that are here to make sure that we as a Species and collection of evolving Souls survive.

Long ago and far away they learnt the value of emergency life boats for when stars do a little wobbly, become unstable, and create a ‘Groundhog Day’ with evolving civilizations, whereby they end up at square one having to relearn everything once more.

The emergency life boats now have the shape of mother ships each of which is 7 miles wide and just less than one mile deep with a living non biological and feeling mind whose body is the whole ship. I think you will agree this is no mean engineering feat. 

The present Ship design has been in operation for approx. just over 1 billion years  and within the last 300 million  they have increased their scale to cope with larger population volumes. With a life expectancy for the sentient ships of approximately 15 million years. It took these races approx 90 years to assemble/ give birth to each spaceship; the newest spaceship is 39,000 years old.

They have recently been used 3 times in the past 6 catastrophes on this earth. The other 3 the overall level of consciousness was not high enough. There were some enlightened beings at the time but the cataclysms were not all encompassing and they were guided to the best parts on the Earth to guarantee survival.

As well as planets waiting to be inhabited there are many others with humanoids already settled there. Those uplifted will have a choice, to return with the animals after the Cataclysm has settled down, just over two and a half years later, or to start elsewhere.

 We have been taught that we are ‘it’, that the universe revolves around us and for most people this has seemed right, for that is our ego experience in the world. Time to start looking at the universe from beyond our ego wall, wake up!

At the bottom are a set of pictures that I have extrapolated from a video I found late last year ’20 it was taken by… in Canada when looking at the moon with a good telescope. The video is available here. It shows three mother ships gradually come from the edge of the lit moon, travelling at around 20,000 mph.  They gradually traverse the light section and disappear into the dark face of the moon.

After I had been told the size of the Mother ships by my inner Inner Intelligence I got curious seeking confirmation. I worked out the size of the crater the ships fly over then used that measurement to find out the size of the craft on the video. …7 miles wide! their speed ? a leisurely 20,000 miles per hour.

True Human mother ships flying across the Moon

This last chapter I have been much loathed to write for who likes to be called delusional?  My dilemma is that pretty much everything that I have been told with regards to other people as well as myself as to health/ illness diagnosis, and how to help people back towards health has been accurate.

  When I was told of the cataclysm to come and our True Human Alien Beings waiting to help, I tested the information in conjunction with the ‘Intelligence within’ in some others, and this time the information was even more specific, that the cataclysm would start in March of 2046 and the planetary disruption would last until nearly 2049 before the surface of the earth would once more be liveable in again.  So what do I do? Do I only accept the information that is palatable and disregards the rest?

 I may or may not be deluding myself. In a way it doesn’t matter. The raising of our consciousness and altering our individual as well as collective perception of reality to a more loving one is paramount regardless, and it is my hope, that you will find the pages on the chakras in this web site as well as my two Self-help books to come useful.