6th. Chakra – I See

6. The Third Eye – Inner Vision

The 6th chakra on the forehead is associated with the colour Indigo and the expression ‘I See‘.

6th Chakra Auras

 I reckon that a majority of people in most cultures have heard of the third eye. But in my opinion, there is a lot of confusion as to what it really means.  So here I hope to share clarity on the subject.

We all have a subconscious that cannot ordinarily connect with, however, it is the repository for all experiences be they emotional, mental or physical.

The subconscious is that part of ourselves that we seldom connect with in our waking hours, but comes to the fore in our sleep as we experience dreams.

Many of us have daydreamed, especially when young. It is a hallmark of our culture that daydreaming is discouraged.

Daydreaming in what we would call ‘primitive cultures’ was prized as the mark of a ‘Seer’ or Shaman.

The essential ingredient of a daydream is that it is spontaneous, as unbidden images or videos superimpose on our inner sight, they will often describe an action or even still to come. These come straight out of our subconscious and may either be ‘prophetic’ i.e. a message of something yet to come, or an expression of suppressed negative emotions or some internal longing or other.

Also, the images, although taken from our daily life, may not be immediately recognizable or make sense, for the language of the subconscious is not ordinary waking experiences.

To understand the subconscious, always follow the emotion or feeling conveyed by images in dreams

Because human beings have a lot of trauma and negative suppressed emotions as part of growing up, spontaneous images surfacing out of the subconscious are NOT welcome, if fact they are often ‘blocked out’.

When people have so-called ‘nightmares’, they invariably have a traumatic suppressed emotional knot that the subconscious is attempting to unravel, this is most obvious with children’s nightmares.

Human beings exist in a spectrum from very creative (alive humorous/spontaneous) – to totally rigid and machine-like following a script on behaviour (zombie-like and lacking humour/imagination).

To open one’s third eye is to allow consciously and without censoring the stream of spontaneous images that arise out of the subconscious.

This is the place where we should ALL be at, unfortunately, to get here we have to release our trauma and free ourselves of the beliefs that limit us.

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