5th Chakra – I Speak

5th. Chakra The Throat

5th Chakra Incoming Energy

The Throat Chakra colour BLUE– ‘I Speak’ is about communicating ‘your truth’, this requires confidence. However, with an open Heart speaking is easy, for there is no guile.

There are a couple of key elements to this 5th chakra.

1. Truthfulness- the path of growth and personal integrity requires us to be 100% truthful with ourselves. Nothing less is possible.

With others perhaps 99% truthfulness, for there are times when to spare pain for others we might be that tad less sincere.

2. The power of the word.

There is a saying, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me”.

That is such a bluff! When we are at the mercy of ego, words most definitely wound! 

You may be fortunate to be the Master of your ego  – even then, words will still hurt the emotional body.

  We may detach ourselves, put the barbs in context and soothe our ego and let the emotion flow through us rather than react to the words, we may also remind ourselves that the external negative comment is a reflection of a small critical aspect of ourselves that we still have to come to terms with.

I call the above -‘ damage limitation’ for it is the price we pay for having an open Heart.

Words have a lot of power.

We use them to ‘name’ objects and people in our collective perception of reality. We use negative words to belittle ourselves and others, and we use positive words to alter reality favourably to us.

Furthermore, we use words unthinkingly of the effect they have on us and others, and we can use words to help us move beyond our semi-somnambulistic states.

Practical tips:

When speaking with others, never put yourself first. If you do, make it a point to notice how you speak, it will help you to be that little bit more awake. For example, avoid saying  ‘Me’ and Charley went to the shops. Put your ‘ego’ to the back, and let the other take the limelight.

Never “talk to others” that is so demeaning. How about if from this day forward we  “speak with others?” so much more respectful?

If you have young children in your world, ask them for permission to kiss or hug them, rather than telling them to come and kiss you or hug you. Respect their ‘space’ and empower their capacity for choice.

“I am right behind you”  does not convey the same message as “I am by your side”

People, children are not ‘things’ to be owned, be careful of such language i.e. “You are the best thing in my life”. Or “isn’t she the cutest thing”.

Never accuse another person of making you ‘feel something’ grow up, take responsibility for your own emotions and feelings.

Always speak positively about yourself and about others, for with words we create our perception of reality.

If you wish to find your ‘voice’  try singing, find an empty space where you can shout or scream. Go to a fun fare to practice your scream of terror or delight, it doesn’t matter which, as you hop on the various rides. Let the sound come all the way from your lower abdomen and scream with abandonment. 

Without being crude when you ‘make share love’  never again go out with a ‘whimper’, at the moment of orgasm, let it rip, allow a deep instinctive all-encompassing loud sound to rise from your core – express your being!

Concerned about the neighbours? Don’t hold back! Put a sock in it 🙂

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