It has taken me quite a while from my initial interest in sharing at the very least something of what I have learnt to this moment From Healer to Gestalt psychotherapist, to Acupuncturist to Kinesiologist. In this journey, I studied a great many other modalities to help people as well as myself to heal.

Some years back ~Charley (12th Dimensional soul) and I began collaborating. The aim being, in my own small way, to help mankind reach for the stars (metaphorically speaking). I hope to teach many of you to follow in my footsteps, for the quickest way to our hearts is to be sound of heart, mind and body.

My first workshop will be from Monday 13th to Sunday 19th November 2023 To be held at our home in Fife. And I am expecting 5 people to join this initial group.

I will share some of the core tools to help others such as muscle testing, auras, Chakras balancing and effective approaches to the use of Acupressure. More details here

There is to be a subsequent repeat of the workshop from Monday 15th to Sunday the 21st January 2024. I am hopeful that one of the Acupuncture Schools in the UK will offer me a location and advertising for their licensed Acupuncturists to hold the workshop at their premises.