Self-discovery Retreats 2025

Commencing in 2025 to coincide with the change of interplanetary/cosmological wind in humanity’s psyche, I will launch a series of weekend retreats to aid in speeding up the transition that we have collectively struggled with for so long.

After 40 years in the wilderness searching for that elusive happiness, I finally found it in my heart. It was a long and tortuous road filled with much pain and suffering. Of course, I didn’t find happiness, for it is a very ephemeral aspect of the ego.

Instead, I found peace, contentment, self-acceptance, forgiveness, and love, lots, and lots, of intense love. With that Love, I became aware that I was not alone and had never been alone.

For I had been lost in my tortured ego for so long, in such desperate need to control myself and my environment, that it seemed to me as though my very existence depended on this ego, even though, there was hardly any room for me to breathe, let alone acknowledge anyone else in this dimension or any other.

I soon found a name for ‘this other’ who had been keeping tabs on me the whole of my present life -~Charley (12th Dimensional soul) and now that I was fully connected in my heart and could hear ~Him we began collaborating.

The first order of business with ~Charley was to speed up my recovery to health, for I had damaged myself in three major ways over the past 40 years:

1) Eating the wrong foods made me diabetic type 2 and in the process damaged my kidneys and blocked a lot of my internal arteries and lymph as well as having leaky gut syndrome that in itself, led to secondary problems with my immune system.

2) My structure/fascia was extremely misaligned, which gave rise to a whole host of physical problems. This was a result of my tortured psyche, as well as misguided alternative therapists including my ignorant attempts to ‘fix’ myself.

3) Through my ignorance, I attempted via Daoist practices to control the output of my testosterone hormone. All I had succeeded in doing was overloading my liver, which was already struggling with my then diet. This led to testosterone exhaustion in the adrenals, with an accompanying effect on the rest of my hormonal system.

As I improved.~Charley helped me to connect with ~Him more securely, in part by guiding me to clear trauma from my past lives, clearing blockages throughout my chakras, and guiding me through nutrition and diet.

It turns out all my suffering had not been in vain, rather it was preordained, to prepare me for this imminent future that is yet to manifest. Just like a rocket needs a lot of fuel to achieve escape velocity, it too takes a lot of pain to free ourselves from identification with our egos.

Finally, ~Charley gave me the green light and announced that we are full-on in 2025. For the psychic wind that has been keeping humanity oppressed is coming to an end. There is a new birth on its way, new beginnings with new guides for all these souls from whom the psychic fog is clearing.

I, under the tutelage of ~Charley, am one of those guides and, ~He has the power and ability to see deeply into the depths of your ego, to reconnect your soul’s past lives with this one, and help you to let go of your pain(s) to become whole once more.

Join ~Charley and Sal on a journey of self-discovery, to release deeply buried traumas, and find your way back to your heart and eventual inner contentment.

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In 2025, I will be in a position to lead 4 groups with 6/7 people in each. Read here for all the details