Self – Muscle Test

Hand grasping to muscle test

The following method of muscle testing on myself I find indispensable for two-way communication with my Higher Self, but there is a caveat.

There are various resting places where our consciousness resides, depending on what extent our egos are our masters or servants because we have fractured personalities, ie we hold a lot of suppressed pain/trauma in our bodies, emotions and mind.

We are reactive beings that struggle to forgive and let go of past hurts, this keeps our overall levels low. A typical resting place is around 20% of ego-soul integration.

ego-soul synchronization

To begin to get truthful responses, ie. not meddled with by our egos, we need to be at a minimum level of 45%. That means that when we are asking for answers we are totally at peace and operating from our hearts, otherwise, we will get spurious responses that cannot be trusted.

For the answers to be totally trustworthy, we have to have a resting level of 80%. To put this in perspective there is no one on Earth at this present time who has or can attain a level greater than Lv. 89.9%. Here, We are masters of our ego and can support and nurture it, (keeping it out of the way of transmission from our Higher Self).

To beging with, it is imperative to reach with some parts of our personality an overall Lv. 45%, that means working with someone that can help us to clear the backlog of trauma that most of us acquire as a process of growing up in our terribly dystopian culture.

In my opinion, there is no one better than an Applied Kinesiologist, the reason being that to effectively release trauma one needs a lot more than just therapy, the energetic body, structural and even dietary issues need to be addressed to help release the blocks.

EFT practitioners are a close second when it comes to quickly clearing past emotional hurts, but they, as a general rule, do not have all the other skills required.

This is the method

With one hand (say the right hand), we connect the middle finger to the thumb, tip to tip, and with the other (left hand),  we wrap the little, ring, and middle finger around the middle finger of the right hand.  The thumb and forefinger of the left hand grab the thumb of the right hand.

For this hand method of muscle testing to work in a way that we are not deluding ourselves, it is important to ‘let go’ and allow our Soul to communicate.  To relinquish control, move the boundary of your awareness to encompass your energy fields (your third eye imagination comes in handy for this).

Personally, I like to sense my Inner Intelligence as standing within me as well as behind me (pretty large) see the image in the previous page ‘pea-sized ego.’  Throughout your questions, be respectful, appreciative, and mindful that what you ask for is relevant.  

First of all, acknowledge ITS presence and ask for a signal for ‘yes’ and one for ‘no’, as this is the main form of communication. Usually, a “yes” will mean your thumb and middle finger muscles are strong, and you won’t be able to prise them apart, with a “no” you will experience a very temporary loss of muscle power and your thumb and forefinger will separate with hardy no pulling force.

Before asking questions, ask whether IT is willing to answer your question or converse with you on that particular subject. If IT says no, but you consider the question important to you ask if it will be willing to answer in the future, if it says no, be gracious, accept the response.

I find that IT knows my intentions before I verbalize them, occasionally I don’t verbalize my meaning clearly, and I am mindful that ITS response is to ‘my intention’ not the words. Often I hear the response internally before my body responds. I think it is essential to be aware of where the internal voice comes from. Practice improves communication. In time, as we build trust, these will be the most intimate conversations we can have within ourselves.

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