Liver-Gall bladder flush

Recipe for How to flush Stones from your liver / gall bladder

Liver and Gall Bladder organs

Firstly allow me to explain, for we may have heard that we have a problem with the gall bladder, we may even have been told we need to have the gall bladder removed via keyhole surgery and want to flush the gall stones out.

We may have read somewhere that it is a good idea to detox the gall bladder, all valid reasons, but, there is another very important reason for doing a liver and gallbladder cleanse.

People are seldom aware of the liver and its role in creating liver stones. Long-term emotional stress may distort the fascia surrounding the liver, with the result that crystals form in the sluggish movement of bile in the biliary tubes of the liver.

Some of these bile stones may descend to the gall bladder and gradually grow, many others will remain in the liver. When we eat lots of sugar, ice cream cakes, alcohol, etc., we can easily develop fatty liver disease. All of this will increase the likelihood of liver stones growing in, and getting stuck in the liver itself.

Hence, the importance of sieving one’s stool at the end of the flushing out, and looking at the shape of the gall bladder stones. The ones that have been forced out from the biliary tubes in the liver will look dark brownish with a hint of yellow about them in colour. They will have sharp edges with a flattish base and a conical body they will look a bit like a plug.

When you see those it means that you need to redo the flushing a few times, as well as need to change your diet, and or seek the help of (in my opinion), an Alternative Healer that uses the Tools of Applied kinesiology.

Liver and Gall bladder Recipe

The following is a set of instructions that I came across over 30 years back (no idea where from), and have recommended to clients over the years with great success, and they have in the past proudly brought their expelled stones to show me.

  I also have done the flush and successfully removed many stones that were lodged within my liver in the past, for I suffered from non-alcoholic liver disease as a result of the wrong diet.

For best results, do lots of proper breathing, (I shared how to do this exercise on the previous page), to start the process of moving stagnation in the abdomen. Call me biased, but I cannot often reiterate enough the need to find a competent Alternative Healer in your area, he /she would be useful to help with overall balancing as well.

You will need:

*20 organic apples or 5 pints of organic apple juice

*1/4 pint (half a cup) of organic cold-pressed olive oil – make sure it is under a year old and has not been previously opened. Olive oil like most seed oils goes rancid quickly when exposed to oxygen in the air – not so good for the body.

* 1/4 pint -4-6 lemons 

*Epsom salts 1 heaped teaspoon

* One sieve wide brim- (optional)

1. Each day for 5 days, have either 4 apples or a pint of pure apple juice throughout the day. (This will help soften stones).

2. On the 6th day have breakfast and lunch and if you must a small snack of some easily digestible vegetable or salad no later than 5 pm. on this last meal eat No protein because it stays for quite a while to be digested in the stomach. Avoid eating any fat if you can, for the bile salts accumulating and waiting to get out, will have that much more expelling force when you finally do have the olive oil.

3. by 7 pm.  Have the 1 heaped teaspoon of Epsom salts, in a glass with water 2/3rds full (to help with stools next morning).

4. 9 pm have in a glass, one-quarter pint of olive oil and one-quarter pint of freshly squeezed lemon juice, both in equal measure.  Stir as much as you need to blend because you will now drink it without thinking/deliberating about it!  For if you do, you might as they say, ‘lose your bottle!’ And off to bed.

The Liver and Gall bladder organs are at their most active between the hours of 11 pm and 3 am. – Ideally, you want to be fast asleep at this time.

Liver Gall Bladder stones

5. In the morning use the sieve, if you have one, to pass the stools then rinse them off. If you find small brownish or grey stones (from the liver), then consider doing the flush again within a couple of weeks. If you only find the gelatinous type of balls, there is not such a rush to repeat the exercise, these will have accumulated in the gall bladder.

Caveat- If you are unlucky, you may feel nauseous in the night and wake up, best to keep a bucket by the bedside.

Weigh your options – to flush or not to flush.

If your gallbladder is getting overloaded with stones, they may block the exit when you eat fats as part of your regular meals. You will know this to be the case because you may have problems digesting fats, and may be overcome with nausea or pain/discomfort, in such an instance you need to weigh your options very carefully.

Your choices are simple, do you risk it? If so, there is a chance that the stones trying to get out will behave like people in rush hour coming out of a tube door i.e. individually they are small, but collectively, they push and shove trying to get out, and may succeed in temporarily blocking the exit. In such a situation, the pain will ensue.

There are two options here, one is to have a muscle relaxant at hand, not impossible, but not that easy to get these days, as doctors are reticent to hand them out, they are addictive, and there is a black market for them. Valium (diazepam) will do the job of muscle relaxation.

The other is to have a phone and emergency number handy in case you need to be rushed to a hospital.

Let me be brutal, if you are going to end up in the hospital for an emergency gallbladder removal, then this could happen when you least expect it anyway, as a result of a fatty meal.

You could be at home, or you could be in a third-world country with poor hospital expertise.  If / when you do the gallbladder flush – you are weighing the pros and cons and making a choice.

.pdf of Liver and gall bladder flush to expel stones.

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