Do we have a soul?

Our Soul Connection

Do we have a Soul? Truthfully, nobody really knows, for we mainly live in a world dominated by biological fear.

Split personalities

This biological fear mechanism we call ego. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having an ego as long as it is the servant to one’s deeper nature, unfortunately for most of us, for a very large proportion of our lives ego is the master.

When the ego is the master we don’t experience the world first-hand, in fact, all our perceptions are sanitized and managed, and we exist in a small part inside ourselves, mentally fractured into numberless personalities.

Each fragment of our personality takes over the running of our bodies depending on which emotion or which controlling mental script has been triggered and has the upper hand at any given moment in time. We react to the world from moment to moment.

Help!!??!! Don’t breathe, play dead!

So the Question of do we have a Soul, and perhaps where is it? Maybe too much for a semi-somnambulistic ego-driven being. Except, that being driven by the fear of death, do we survive it? Is one of those questions that won’t go away.

 I am fortunate to have a direct connection with an within me who kindly answers a lot of my simple questions. So what I am about to share comes straight from the ‘horse’s mouth’ so to speak.

When I ask, “do I have a Soul?”  The question comes from my fear-driven ego, hoping for a pass to immortality.  The reply is, “You don’t have a Soul”.

What I AM is a timeless Soul with a pinpoint link to this biological body, in this 3-dimensional reality, where a small part of my essence resides. This small part of my essence has forgotten its link and relationship to me as a means of experiencing time and the conflicts inherent in the world of time.

relative size of ego to Soul

“Just because this small (in a physical sense) part of me is disconnected from the Greater ‘Me’, does not mean I am unconnected from ‘it’.”

“So, as an ego, you have no soul you don’t truly exist you are merely an automatic reactive program. And when the body dies, so will you.

The challenge within you is to wake up and begin to manifest your true purpose whilst in this body, and to remember that YOU are a fragment of a greater Soul. For you are a fragment, of a fragment, of the ‘Maker of All“.

“As a fragment of a fragment of ‘The Maker of All’ you have ‘HIS’ attributes, such as the power of creating your perception of reality as well as expressing its one and only energy – LOVE for love is the glue that binds all the fragments via all the ‘spaces’ of, and in creations, to the ‘ONE'”.

 When we feel this love, the question of, do we have a soul? It is superfluous, for I AM.

Well, I hope that clarifies the issue. 

So the real question might be. How can I remember who I truly am, and how can I connect with and express, dispassionate love for all the aspects of myself out in the world, that I presently experience as separate and individual parts?

And this is where it gets tricky, for what you are used to thinking of as ‘you’ is not real. It is a biological program that is blocking access to the real you.

Regardless, there is a way out, first, you need to experience that you are in a self-imposed prison, composed of mental bars in the shape of self-criticism, blaming others for your life circumstances.  Emotional bars of self dislike even hate, victimhood, envy, rage etc., Physical bars of pain, whereby you remove your awareness from your physical body.


The door to the cage is composed of childhood traumas as well as the created ripples from past lives up to the present. In this cage, you believe the lie that this is who you are, and then unwittingly you manifest reality to reflect your own internal little hell where your consciousness is kept low and numbed.

The doorway to your true self, your soul or spirit (the word is interchangeable) is the 4th chakra world of feeling, not the 2nd chakra world of the emotions as in sensing or the 3rd chakra of mental knowledge, and the straight Jacket of rules and regulations.

What I call my life, with family, neighbours, acquaintances, work, home, my immediate surroundings, the country I live in, and the world.  All of this is a manifestation of my and our soul fragment’s power to create.  Look around you at the state of the world, at your local community at yourself, not just out there but inside you, at your thoughts your emotions, your body. So, how are you doing?

There is a way out of this nightmarish merry-go-round of fearful little egos constantly creating mayhem in their reactive fear and greed. It is as simple as a change of perspective, and for many of you just as hard.

distorted fear closed door

There is one door blocking our way out it is called fear, we justify this with, blame, rage, victimization, despair, grief etc., and behind this is our desperate need to be loved by others because the ego cannot nourish itself with self-love, for in ego there is no self.

To go through that door we need to experience forgiveness, for our perception of self and others, we need appreciation, and understanding that all our perceived grievances are toward us, for that, is all that there is in the whole world, ‘US’.

When all the words are said and done, we come down to this, ‘US’ is a feeling that begins in our hearts, and it can be a painful pain, to begin with, but it is a healing pain. For when all there is, is ‘US’, then Love of self is all there is.

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