Meditation – Acceptance

Meditation on Acceptance of Self & Others

Acceptance of ourselves and those around us
  • With your mind’s eye, see in front of you a person/ family member with whom you are in conflict. What do they look like? How are they dressed?
  • Imagine a golden or silver ring surrounding you, defining your boundary. Imagine a golden or silver ring surrounding the person.
  • Note where the rings are in relation to each other. Do they touch? Do they overlap? How comfortable or uncomfortable are you relative to the distance of the rings? Do you need to push them away from each other?  Or want to draw them nearer? If so, what happens?
  • Remind yourself that our experience of the world is a reflection of our internal subconscious dynamics.
  • What is it about this person that reminds you of yourself? Perhaps they behave in a way that you find unacceptable, perhaps this is a quality you are determined not to be like?
  • Will you put yourself in this person’s shoes and look/experience their grievance from their perspective? Do they see themselves as victims? Do they come from a place of fear? What is stopping them from opening their hearts?
  • Can you forgive their grievances towards you without condoning their behaviour?
  • If you can reach this place, look beyond their ego, to that deeper part within them, and say. “Without condoning your behaviour, I completely and utterly forgive you from the bottom of my heart”.
  • Ask yourself; is what I have just said true? Can I truly smile at them with acceptance?

  • Look at the rings around each of you, where are they? Do you feel comfortable with their distance from each other? If not, what happens when you move them to what would be an acceptable distance to you?

You may need to repeat this many times until you truly realize that their behaviour is something that is within you. And, until you feel that you have let go of blame and victimhood towards the person, and can smile and see the world from their perspective.

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