7th. Chakra – I Connect

7th Chakra – Beyond Knowledge

In writing about the 7th chakra, I realized how little I really know and how it’s all been hearsay. So I am writing the following information directly from my Higher Self.

 The location of the 7th is above the head between 4″ and 9 “, in some people of very low soul development, this connection is there but totally closed, but for most people, the gateway is there and totally accessible.

What is there above the head is a pinpoint focus of connection with a higher dimension that is beyond time, but not beyond space.

I didn’t understand that, so I keep asking my Higher Self from different angles, finally, some clarity. It seems that it is other dimensional space rather than, ‘beyond space’.

For beyond space is the realm of the ‘Maker of All’, whereas our souls are beyond our human perception of Time, and yet, they are still within a ‘non-physical space’.

The 7th chakra is a pinpoint connection with our all-knowing’ Soul’, a sphere about 1″ in diameter several inches above our heads.

So the 7th chakra is associated with the phrase ‘I Know’ and the colour violet.  It has been associated with cosmic consciousness; to me, this meant an awareness of self within the context of the greater whole beyond us.

Another way to describe this chakra is as the ‘higher mind’, whereas the lower mind (3rd chakra), is filled with rules and information about this third dimension, the higher mind is to do with information that comes from beyond, shall we say inspired?

In a basic sense, we are brains, (and you would be forgiven for thinking that our brains are just in our craniums!) which have developed various ways of connecting with the world beyond itself.

We have the five senses that connect with different frequencies to give us a sense and interpretation of the outside world. Such as hearing and talking for sound vibrations, eyes for light frequencies, smell for odours and touch for the solidity of the external world.

Brain cut out

The brain inhabits the body, so it needs to know what’s going on within it, for this purpose it has the nervous system as well as the fascia network.  The nerves also allow us to pick up frequencies of heat and cold, both internally and externally.

The above are the basic skills, and even some of those are missing to some extent with some people.

We have the potential for a much greater experience of the world though. Our nervous system is also capable of discerning the magnetic fields that surround our bodies. It has a sensitivity that is beyond modern machines to emulate as yet.

The brain itself is capable of connecting with dimensions beyond the physical realm. The gateway is our imagination – the 6th chakra or third eye.   So it is possible for us to be aware of ourselves sitting at the table, say, whilst simultaneously being aware of ourselves in relation to the planets and beyond.

Or to be in connection with a loved one on the other side of the planet.  And/or once we have the ‘taste of self’ to extend that taste back in time as well as forward so that we experience ourselves as a moving point in relation to the journey of our lives from birth to death.

The elephant in the room does not exist in this 3-dimensional world of the senses. I am referring to the soul, and it is through the interface of our minds and our hearts that we attain the possibility of connecting with the ‘beyond’ and this is where the 7th chakra comes in.

What the 7th chakra provides amongst other things is an intuitive knowing that rings true, when we encounter spiritual concepts, that rigid lower-level souls will describe as ‘pseudo’ and which cannot be proven to those of ‘closed minds’. Unfortunately, higher-level souls can also get trapped and lost in the mire of ignorance and ego fear.

This is the struggle of the next 25 years and the purpose of my work, to wake up those who are asleep but who will not take much to awaken.

So the seventh chakra is a gateway to information and understanding of eternal truths by connecting beyond our egos to our souls. There are many eternal truths, and quite a few are peppered across the pages of this website.

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