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Most of us have ‘absorbed beliefs’ as to what is good or bad to eat for our health. This story is complicated by all the vested interests of major institutions and manufacturers with large market share.

 In these pages, I am hoping to encourage you to place your ‘acquired ideas’ to one side and to dispassionately look at what our bodies actually need, then base our decisions as to what to eat on that.

When we look around at our culture and societies, we take for granted the illness that abounds. Without realizing it, we have accepted the sickness within our society as normal.

Large man-eating, huge burger

We have learned to stop listening to our instinctive need for what is ‘good for us’ to the point that we can no longer tell that all the addictive poisons we have come to accept as ‘easy food’ are slowly making us ill, robbing us of essential ingredients dulling our senses, blocking our arteries and filling us with pain as we slowly but surely move towards our premature deaths.

Herbivore animals in a meadow field with plenty of plants and herbs will instinctively self-medicate according to need.  Pregnant women will get a craving for a particular food because there is an ingredient that they are missing for a healthy pregnancy.

The poisonous manufactured – so-called foods – that we eat today, not only are they addictive, but they also block up our instinctive body wisdom to be attracted to what our bodies need to heal.

Herbivores are able to produce about 10,000 milligrams of Vit C in their livers daily. Humans lost that ability some time back. This was a source of confusion for me for quite a while.

Gradually it dawned on me. Plants don’t like to be eaten, any more than any other form of life, and they are stuck in one place. We all have defence mechanism(s) for self-protection, plants use chemicals, and they are rather good at it. Not surprisingly, they have had billions of years to perfect their methods.

Herbivores had to find a way around this dilemma, and one of them was to create Vit C in themselves to minimize the plant poisons. Which begs the question of why did we (humans) lose our previous ability to create Vit C in our livers?

Results of wrong diet? solidified phlegm out of the large intestines

What if the answer is related to our becoming carnivores millions of years past?

The modern diet is problematic and makes us very ill as a culture. In our collective arrogance and to some extent need, due to our growing population as well as vested interests, we have lost connection with what our bodies need, and rely on dead substances like pizzas, ice cream, biscuits, crisps, chocolate bars etc., to sustain us.

I have already written about Essential Vitamins in another part of this website.

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