2nd. Chakra -emotional I Sense

The Emotional Body – I Sense

2nd Chakra energy field

The Emotional body refers to the 2nd ascending chakra, which has a related mantra of ‘I sense’. And it has a colour association with Orange

The location of the second chakra in the lower abdomen suggests its purpose for sex and procreation, for which one also needs relationships.

The 2nd chakra location also implies a certain amount of instinctive freedom, i.e. to move with one’s body as one engages with the surrounding environment and relationships.

Unfortunately, due to emotional suppression that initially occurs for most of us whilst still young, as well as, because of self-censuring and criticism (3rd chakra) we can stumble over ourselves, and interfere with the process of instinctive and natural movement.

I will also take this moment to highlight one of the difficulties in our culture, which is that we mostly speak different languages. And I don’t mean English or French, I mean as to the meaning of words themselves.

Fear and related emotions
Love and related feelings
Fear and related emotions Love and related feelings

In this article, I wish to highlight the importance of the meanings between ‘I feel’ = 4th chakra – heart -feeling and ‘I sense’ 2nd chakra – sensing – emotions which we habitually interchange in our conversations.

Emotions are meant to be transient, self-serving, for the benefit of our ego survival, emotions are all ‘about us’, healthy and necessary if transient, will make us ill when suppressed.

Feelings are beyond the ego, where we connect with the world beyond ourselves, survival is not relevant, and we have nothing to fear, for we are one with the world beyond our skin.

As you can see from the above, feelings and emotions are not interchangeable for they describe different ways of being in the world, i.e.:

2nd Chakra – ego-fear based – alone

4th Chakra – Love-based centric or beyond ego-loving – expansive and connected. 

You will find a much fuller explanation in my book ‘The Feeling Heart’

Let me share with you an essential meditation where we start the process of feeling good about ourselves. Click on the link below.

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