Meditation Inner Smile

Meditation to learn how to lovingly smile at ourselves

a truly smiling baby,
gaze into those eyes!

Hi, what makes this meditation really important is that it is foundational to all the other meditations to follow, for unless we can look at ourselves with soft forgiving eyes we don’t stand a chance at raising our consciousness.

Inner smile meditation (basic)

1. Sit comfortably near the edge of your chair with your feet flat on the floor. Keep your back straight, but not stiff, stay relaxed, hands resting either on thighs or lightly clasped, whatever seems the most comfortable.

2. Close your eyes & become aware of the soles of your feet, expand your awareness to the ground beneath you, and imagine that roots spread down and out from the soles of your feet connecting you to the whole Earth 

3.  Be aware of yourself sitting on the chair & the tongue gently pressed against the palate.  Create a source of smiling energy up to 3 feet in front of you. This can be an image of your smiling face, or someone or something you love & respect, or any memory of a time in which you felt deeply at peace, perhaps sensing the warm sunshine on your body, being by the ocean, or walking in a forest.

location of Internal organs

4.  Be aware of the midpoint on your forehead, just above and between your eyebrows, through which, you will draw this abundant smiling energy by spiralling it from the smiling source in front of you. Let your forehead relax, & allow your imagination full flow. [As the smiling energy accumulates at the mid-eyebrow, it will eventually overflow into your body.]

5.  Allow the smiling energy to flow down from the mid-eyebrow to your eyes, sense their relaxation, and as your eyes absorb this smiling energy you are aware of the corners of your lips, turning upwards in a sympathetic smiling response that relaxes your cheeks, nose, and other facial muscles. Let it flow down through your neck. You can roll your head slowly & gently from side to side as you do this.

6. As your smiling energy flows down towards the Heart, it meets the Thymus Gland just above it. Allow your Imagination full rein; see it glowing with an inner expanding healing light.

7. Sense this warm smiling energy spread from your Thymus gland into your Heart.

Draw more spiralling smiling energy from the source you created through the mid-eyebrow, & let it flow like a waterfall down into the Heart, and as you smile, (with your eyes and lips), generate the feeling of Joy & happiness.

To help activate the heart energy you can raise your palms & place one on top of the other over your heart centre.  Spend as much time here as you need to feel the heart relax.

positive feelings in the internal organs

8. Let the joy & happiness generated in the heart downwards to your Spleen/ pancreas.  Go back to the smiling energy & spiral it down/left to the Spleen/ Pancreas (within the left lower ribcage, extending from the solar plexus area, & under the Liver & directly below the left lung).

Smile to your Spleen & sense its shape under your left ribs. Imagine your Spleen filling up with bright yellow light. Get in touch with a feeling of fairness.

9Spiral the smiling energy upward to the Lungs.

As you smile into your lungs, feel courage & righteousness. Feel appreciation towards your lungs for breathing & helping to sustain your life.

10. Spiral the smiling energy down to your kidneys (these are in your back on either side of the spine, behind/below your lower ribs).

Smile at your kidneys; sense them in your body & with your mind imagine them filling up with bright blue light. Fill your Kidneys with a feeling of gentleness.

11. Spiral the smiling energy to your Liver [the liver is the largest organ in the body & it’s situated just below the right lung under the rib cage].

Smile at the Liver & sense its shape under your right ribs. Imagine it filling up with bright green light. Cultivate a feeling of kindness

12. Let the smiling energy go down to your sexual organs & pull them up & in slightly, as you smile at your sexual organs feel creative joy.

16. Go back to your Heart, connect with your eyes and lips as you smile & this time, move the smiling energy quickly to the Heart – feel Joy, to the Spleen-feel Fairness, to the Lungs – feel Courage, to the Kidneys-feel Gentleness,   and to the Liver – feel Kindness.

Now, imagine, sense and feel all the organs smiling back at YOU!

17. Imagine any person in your life that you feel stressed by, or to whom you harbour resentments, dislike, etc.,

   Keep your eyes soft as you bring them to your inner vision and focus on them with your whole body smile, work towards eliciting in yourself empathy, understanding, and kindness.

Inner Smile Meditation .pdf

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