Monday13th to Sunday19th of November 2023

Location: Blebo Stables, Blebo, Cupar, Fife Scotland

In this 7 days course,

You will be taught

The basics of Muscle testing

About the body’s basic energy body fields

Such as the Aura, Tibetan figure 8 and the Chakras

And the effective use of Acupressure  as a modality of treatment

With plenty of time for practice and absorption under supervision.

The minimum requirement is that you be a therapist or coming towards the end of your training as one, so that you may be able to apply muscle testing in your particular field. Knowledge of the acupuncture meridians and the (at a minimum) rough location of the acupuncture points would be extremely advantageous for this workshop too, as I will be sharing a method for effective Acupuncture/ Acupressure diagnostic Treatments. Watch the video below, and you will understand why rough is all that is required.

Acupuncture has been used for thousands of years to help people with symptoms. Our collective vibration is about to speed up, and we need a new type of therapist who does not focus on the symptom, but rather the cause behind it.

I use muscle testing to identify an effective treatment with acupressure,
as well as identifying the location of points and whether the body wants or rejects any further treatment on a specific Acupuncture point.

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5 Element Acupuncture as initially taught by J.R. Wolsley understood that healing is not about symptoms, and practitioners relied on external clues on which to base treatment. 

The use of Muscle testing allows us to connect with the soul fragment that accompanies each of us on our life’s journey, bypasses our egos and asks for accurate information on which to base our treatments.    There are a number of methods that you will be taught, for they will be used to diagnose at every stage.

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The Aura, Tibetan 8, and Chakras are essential building blocks if we want to help anyone to heal. It is fair to say that unless they are in a state of balance, any therapeutic treatments of whatever modality will be based on quicksand.

Here is one older video. I have since moved on and improved my interactions with clients, the core remains the same.

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The aura is taken for granted around our bodies, however, as a result of traumas, shocks even drugs it can be almost non-existent in varying parts of the body you will be taught how to identify and repair.

When we have accidents which are not fully experienced, tissue trauma can create energetic blocks that will interfere with any future healing endeavours. You will be taught how to identify and clear such blocks.

Clearing Blockages in the Chakras is an essential part of healing, It is fair to say that not much progress can ensue without re-establishing the flow. In this workshop, you will be taught how to find out if there are any Chakra blockages and how to help clients to release them.

As in 5 Element Acupuncture, less can be more. You will be taught how to effectively find Acupuncture points that the client needs balancing and how to effectively tonify / sedate / moxibustion with acupressure.

It is not my intent to spook anyone, and yet it has to be said. To work with muscle testing with another human being or even oneself is to engage with a Higher Intelligence, Some kinesiologists will say that they work with the body’s intelligence. Others with their Higher self. At the end of the day, you will be left with no doubt that there is more to a human being than just a mechanical vehicle.

The cost for this 7 days Workshop is £495

Because It will take place at my home there will be limited space to a maximum of 10 people.

To book a place you must send me a deposit of £200 refundable up to one month before the workshop with the remainder/ full amount at least one month prior to the event.

There will be an extra charge for accommodation if you chose to stay in a self-contained part of my home with its own kitchen and lounge of £50 a night if you share a bedroom or £65 for your own room. You are responsible for your own meals. We can help with transport for shopping.

To discuss this further please make first contact via Telegram click here or if you are unsure about Telegram send me a message in the contact form to include a phone number Please.


  1. Sal I share with you the text I wrote ….
    To use as a review….

    Every time I have a zoom session with Sal, Sal attunes with Charlie to see what is needed… on which layer…

    It’s amazing but also almost undescribable how it works… but believe me it DOES!!

    It really is SPOT ON…

    Step by step, layer by layer, able to release stored emotional trauma. From this and/ or previous lifetimes…

    What is presented to be ‘worked’ with during, our session , which layer (emotional, physical, nutritional, energetic)
    Is ALWAYS what is needed at that moment….

    Not only feeling the relief, but so much more in my body afterwards…. I can hardly describe it,
    for I feel it’s not even possible to explain how it works.

    For example when touching the specific body parts (meridian points) to which Sal guides me towards, which are blocked and needed to be released …. or
    My stored emotional blockages (and therefore my repeating patterns, )Sal is ALWAYS so spot on. …

    Sharing my experience here but I really would recommend, if you resonate with this way of profound healing, to grab the opportunity to experience it yourself.

    Much love 💕


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