Someone asked me for a particular meditation the other day and I couldn’t find it on the website, I realized I needed to create a page where all the meditations which are on Youtube can be easily found so below is all the meditations to date and as I create new ones they will be added here on this page

Body, heart meditation and relaxation No.1

A short audio to help those of you interested in connecting with and integrating with your body. This is an exercise that can be practised throughout the day and with practice will make it easier to be more present and in your body rather than the thoughts in your head. At the bottom of this article, there is a .pdf transcript of the exercise..

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Body, heart meditation emotions N0.2

In the previous meditation, I shared an exercise to improve connection with the body and to relax tension, I also sneaked in connecting with our hearts to experience feelings. In this meditation exercise, we do more of the same but add a layer to engage with the seat of emotions in the lower abdomen. Most of us have not been trained, rather we have been dissuaded from experiencing emotional intensity. To reverse this is central to emotional growth.

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Meditational exercise No.3 The Physical – how to relieve pain and tensions

As a result of the conflict between our minds and our emotions, our bodies suffer. We grow up disassociating our awareness from our physical bodies and tension accumulates and, in time, illness ensues. This meditational exercise will show you how to help yourself to release body pains and tensions before they become chronic. Diligent practice brings its own rewards.

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Meditation No. 4 Love

This following meditational exercise is designed to connect you with your true self and aid you to move out of your head so that you may connect directly with others, as well as your environment. I suggest reading the accompanying article and script of the meditation, as it contains extra information.…

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Meditation No.5 Heart – Soul meditation + Inner Smile

This meditation is divided into two parts. 1st part, 14 min. is focussed on connecting with our bodies and the feeling of Self. One can stop here and repeat for days or weeks, and when comfortable one can add part two, which focuses on our internal organs smiling and appreciating them. This is also 14 min. long. I would suggest these meditations are more suited for those with some experience of sitting quietly.

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Meditation N0.6 Together as One, with Love – meditation

This is a world meditation which once you have the hang of it can be attached at the end of any of the other meditations, and/or could be practiced for a few minutes at any time of the day. Good whilst walking in Nature, there is also an accompanying article here:

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