A little while back, in an article about magic, I wrote that the only defence we needed was love. And this is true as far as emanations from those that would deliberately discharge negative emotions towards us. Out of their inability to own their own internal pain.

But I have just been reminded of another angle with regard to psychic protection.

When I was in my early forties, I trained in a Taoist massage practice called Chi Ney Tsang. Whose focus was abdominal massage.

Skin Weal

In one of my early lessons, the teacher had asked us to pair up. As we started to practice with each other, a loud shout from one of the participants pierced the room.  He had come up in weals on his right forearm from having touched the abdomen of his partner for this exercise.

The teacher surmised that both of them were terribly imbalanced, and the touching transferred negative emotional energy physically from one to the other.  He then said that I was relatively clean and should take over. (I used to practise daily to clear myself). I had no problem, but then maybe it was because this other lad got the brunt of the discharge!

There is no doubt in my mind that we can all generate bioelectric discharges. Or be the locus for psychic emanations that will flow outwards to all around us.

Anyhow, the reason why I am putting thought to paper is that the other day I was the recipient of emotional energy and I should have known better, but then we all have off days. I had seen two clients on the same day with whom past life regression was called for.

When I work like this I am fully open and extremely empathetic, as I extend my feelings to capture the nuances, images, and information from ~Charley. Invariably, I am right there in the past whilst I share the gory details of their past incarnation’s traumatic experiences and how they died. 

My mistake with both clients was that I indulged in the experience of the emotions within myself. Before ~Charley was a fixture in my life, I would extend my awareness to the lower abdomen and connect with the emotional dimension within the client in the shape of their inner child. When emotions arose within me, I correctly surmised that these were not my emotions, and I would energetically send them back from my lower abdomen to theirs, to encourage them to own these out-of-awareness emotions, which they invariably did.

Sharing with my first client how touched I was by the horrific trauma of her past lifetime. She asked. “How do you deal with the emotions?” To which I replied, “it is no problem, I will process them later if necessary”. She was telling me I had a problem, but in my conceit of I know best, I dismissed her concerns.

My second client, in the afternoon, also had a traumatic experience in a past incarnation. Again I was moved and affected. Yet thought nothing of it.

Stomach, pyloric Sphincter

I woke up at 3 am. With a pain in my stomach, there was hardly anything to vomit, although my stomach was heaving and the muscular spasm of my sphincter muscle excruciating. I automatically twisted to my left and was pleasantly surprised by the noise as the vertebrae in part responsible for pinching the nerve went back into place. But the muscular ache remained for a day, and I was floored, as I slept fitfully throughout the next day.

“What is going on?” I asked myself in a moment of lucidity. I realized that was foolish, after all, what do I know? So I talked with ~Charley.

He told me a number of things. Hence, my reason for writing this little article. My mind tried to protect me from these uncomfortable emotions by depositing the tension in the small involuntary muscles that aligned the spine. (something that has happened a few times in my younger days).

1. yes, I had unsuspectingly taken on board emotions that were not mine, and It would have been best Had I returned them to the sender at the time.

This is a bit of mental-emotional gymnastics where I acknowledge the emotion, and wrap it up energetically (bringing my kinaesthetic sense into action). I put it squarely in their lower abdomen, and I wordlessly yet psychically alert them that this emotion is theirs. And in my imagination, I see them processing /experiencing this emotion as it flows out of me like a small river back to the sender

Touch Tree with left palm for recent ingested emotion

2. When we take on board emotions that belong to someone else, touch a wall, any wall for at least one minute with the left palm only. Any tree from 6 months old onwards would be preferable but not practicable for many. You could touch a wooden table as long as it is resting on soil or tiles. Metal doesn’t work.

Touch the tree with the right palm if it’s been more than 6 hours, as the mind will now be involved

However, if the emotion has been hanging around for a while as was the case with me and tensions have arisen, then the mind has become involved in the process, and you need to do the technique with the right palm only

Focus on your lower abdomen and in my case because of the delay also my solar plexus, and generate an energetic sensation of flow that rises towards the right hand. Then see it being absorbed by the wall or tree, going deep into the earth. Maintain the flow for at least one to two minutes.

For many years in my youth, I worked in weekly Gestalt psychotherapy with a lovely psychotherapist who was pretty ill a lot of the time.  I was often surprised at his level of empathy as I shared parts of my story, as many a time tears would stream from his eyes. I never gave a thought to his physical ailments, yet now in hindsight, I do wonder about the extent to which he made himself ill.             

If you work with others, you need to be vigilant, recognise when emotions are not yours and return them to sender for them to process. To be successful in this endeavour it is helpful to be aware of/ sense your bioelectrical field and kinaesthetic ability to project and for this, I have provided a number of meditations.   

Having started this article, Joshua and I did a podcast on this very same subject!. “Well I am not wasting the article” I thought. So Here is part 1 and will upload part 2 in a couple of days  


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And part 2

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