To address the elephant in the room. Yes, magic is real, if by that we mean affecting the world around us for good or ill. We can imbue inanimate matter with a charge, we can affect/manipulate other people for good or ill from close up and up to considerable distances.  Transmuting matter is beyond our psychic abilities, and we certainly cannot manifest it, regardless of how many Indian gurus claim otherwise. Likewise, we cannot levitate, and we cannot evoke a devil entity to subjugate to our will. The laws of this 3-dimensional physical universe are inviolate. Different laws apply at the quantum level.

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  Unfortunately, the average human being is highly gullible and suggestible.  Twenty-odd years back, I had for a short time a girlfriend who thought highly of me because of my ability to affect a human body just by touching it in certain places (acupuncture points). One night very early in our relationship, in the middle of the night I went to the bathroom, and on my return, I navigated the dark room by shining a faint green light ahead of me.  She was awed by this light that she had assumed I had magically generated. I had to dissuade her, that it was only the screen light on my electronic watch.

Magic ‘tricks’ to bedazzle, manipulate and give weight to one’s standing have for a long time been a popular means of affecting the simple-minded. And yet, for the initiated few, an appreciation of real magic has existed for millennia. This minority, in touch with dreams, visions, intuition, and foresight, would often end up as shamans or priests. It is they who could interpret the omens and have glimpses of the immediate future. As well as enact sympathetic magic to attract the game the tribe at times desperately needed.

Popular myths and lore speak of two types of magic, Dark and White.

Dark magic is egocentric, about the quest for power and control of others as much as the elements of Nature and the Spirit world.  Whereas white magic is above the fray so to speak and focused on healing and helping others.

The Spirit World.

Let’s start with the assumption that there is a Maker of all Creation, who gives of Itself, let’s say-the breath of God into Creation. This breath is composed of an infinite and ever-flowing amount of ‘droplets’ each vibrating through the ‘Soul dimension ‘ gradually coalescing into larger droplets (Souls)as they exert their Will (God’s Will)  in the Creation of matter in this 3rd Dimension.

These droplets of God’s Love coalesce as they gain experience from their manifestation of, and interaction with, ‘Matter’ to eventually return as a solid concentration of vibrational experience back to that part of the Maker that is beyond Creation.

Whole of Creation

So This 3rd dimension with all in it could be described as a weak holographic version of the soul dimension and, the soul dimension as a weak holograph of God’s attributes. 

If God is all there is in or out of Creation, then Soul is also endowed with the power of creation by creating the building blocks of matter in the 3rd Dimension, as well as expressing God’s Will within it.

Here is a dilemma. Although the ego is a machine, it controls the power to imagine and the ability to generate emotions, which is a small powerhouse of sorts. We have a different powerhouse in us with which to create much more powerfully – in the heart, we call these energy feelings, and they are an expression of the Soul fragment within us.

What separates the 3rd Dimension from the Soul Dimension is its composition. In the 3D separate objects affect each other, and their movement through space we call Time – all matter is subject to it. What separates the Soul Dimension from the part of itself beyond Creation is Space, within which, like a weak copy of God, they are all ‘one’. I use the term 9th, 12th, and 17th Dimension for ease of reference in relation to us.

Honestly, I struggle to get my head around this concept for, to transverse space takes time.

 And yet there is no space to move through, for Soul Dimensional space is infinite, yet Soul vibration like an ocean fills it completely, for it is all ‘One Soul’ albeit with different vibrational gradients of quickening experience.   One way to make sense of this is to think of hot and cold water in an ocean, it’s all one, yet hot rises to the top and cold remain at the bottom. That hotness is the equivalent of experiential coalescing vibrations, as soul fragments engage with the 3rd Dimension to exert God’s Will.

Soul dimension can be separated into layers of experience, we might call them dimensions, and I do. For all life anywhere in the Universe(s) contains Soul fragments of the 9th dimension. Inanimate matter, on the other hand, depending on its complexity, can contain Soul fragments from the 1D upwards. Those that are in a process of integrating into a planetary soul are in the 12th dimension. And a planetary soul that is composed of 12-dimensional soul fragments is the 17th Dimension. There will be other layers to do with stars, galaxies, and universe(s).

 So this is what I mean when I speak of a degraded holographic version, separate yet one. And this applies to the Soul Dimension as much as to the 3rd dimension.

Dark and White Magic

We think of Black magic conjurers as those that would exert their will to control ’dark, supernatural forces’ for their own egocentric inadequacies. This is a myth, the ego has no independent ‘Will’ for the ego is a reactive machine whose only genetic mandate is survival.

Ego =Fear, some humans will and do attempt to control others and their surroundings, yet their underlying motivation is fear and their need to be safe and survive. However, there is a hidden force in human affairs that I have called the critters. And others the archons, the Jinn, and the devil and, for those egocentric beings whose level of Soul integration is very, very low, may well be possessed by them.

Dark Magician

A black magician may be described as one who, through ritual or tantra, experiences the intensity of one, or a number of emotions, whilst focusing on an image of their intended result. For we all, as fragments (however indirect) of the “One” have the power to create.

So if we all have the power to create, why can’t I do magic? You might well ask. Perhaps you are doing magic but don’t know it!

Here is the dilemma. The average human ego machine is composed of many programs that dictate how to be and engage in the world. In other words, we have fractured personalities. How many times do we hear of a new year resolution which is forgotten within a month? Or promise ourselves to eat less, drink less, we will start exercising, or that we won’t get cross with others etc.,        

A successful black magician is one who has one overriding personality that wants something so terribly badly that it occupies a very large part of their ego resources. They will, through ritual and exercise, develop the focus to generate a clear image as well as powerful emotions. Sexual energy is one of the most powerful ones, the other is hate, and the top one is focused fear by which to control others.

Ripples cancelling each other out

The average human by being so contradictory within itself has competing wants. Think of raindrops on a still lake with lots of interconnected ripples, mostly cancelling each other out.     

A black Magician’s focussed will and over-revved emotions will throw one or two large rocks into the lake. The ripples will be far stronger with less chance of cancelling each other out.

Of course, for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction

We are all interconnected!  Our emotions are a source of vibrational energy, giving power to our desires when we imagine them clearly. Which, when generated within us, affects those near us, or those we can imagine, however far away they may be.  Have you ever thought of someone for them to ring you soon after? Have you walked down the road and focused on a person in front, for them to turn and look?

Many of you reading this will have become familiar with the law of attraction. A part of magic that is as old as the trees, our forebears would use sympathetic magic as a means of attracting the game they wished/ needed to hunt.  And no doubt you have been telling yourselves “I am a millionaire” as a daily mantra :).  The problem here is that to be successful, you need to co-opt many of the hidden programs within your ego that may have competing scripts to define you, and which are likely to sabotage that part of you that wishes for a specific change.

So a Dark magician is one who thinks he/she chooses but in reality is compelled to alter external reality with a desire for mastery and control, as a result of their internal programming and possibly external influences.

White magicians are the ones who alter/ align their internal programming to release their fears, come to terms with their weaknesses, and manage to connect with their internal source of abundance.

Power of love versus fear

A white magician has a different type of engine for power. Whereas the black magician relies on their fear-based emotions, the White one relies on the positive feelings that emanate from the heart with all the power of the Sun. Those of us that work with the Light have no interest in control, and we are very careful as to the thoughts that we allow to be rampant in our psyche. For we are aware of the potential for harm when our fearful emotions are allowed to be in control!

Both the black and white magicians start on the same path, of unifying their various internal competing programs into one very large program that manages to align body, emotions, and mind into an envisioned goal. As a result of this journey, they both develop the capacity for intense emotional experience and the ability to strongly imagine.

What separates the two ultimately is that with the Dark Magician, The ego-centric program has not released all the core suppressed emotions to which we are ALL enthralled.  They are still controlled by their mind’s programming to avoid certain emotions. They are unaware and consider themselves enlightened, the taste of power /control/adulation from others is very alluring. There are, and have been, a great many gurus and teachers that would fall under this category. Their shadow self is powerfully in control and their behaviour is egocentric and self-serving, for what is missing is their heart.

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The White magician on the other hand reaches a point of awareness that their power is the power of a machine which is focused on self-preservation, for when in ego no one else truly exists. Yet the heart is now open and with it comes the feeling of awareness that there is something so much greater, not just in us but within all of us. And so, we submit to its “WILL”.

The White magician does not need to spout mantras to be rich in the outer world or to control oneself or others. For it is within itself a fountain of abundance, it is a spring that will never dry. And so its purpose is to be a tool for a higher power.

People ask, how do I defend myself from dark energies? How do I protect myself?

In my late twenties, I had an epiphany whilst doing an active meditation. I would go through a cave down into the Earth via a tunnel that would open into a lush grass field, with the sun shinning, a brook to one side, and opposite a forest, thick, dark, and foreboding with a gated fenced in front.  Over a number of meditations, I built up the courage to explore the forest and gradually go deeper and deeper into the Stygian darkness of this forest with its closely knitted tree trunks and impenetrable canopy.

After my third attempt at penetrating ever deeper into the forest. I encountered a monster that threatened to destroy me. I opened my eyes with my heart palpitating. After some reflection, I decided to go back and meet this challenge with a sword strapped to my back.

Soul Pearl

Once more the monster appeared, and I hacked at it, chopping off limbs only for them to grow like a hydra into new monsters when they fell to earth, pretty soon I was overwhelmed by dozens of them. There came a moment when with the realization of my futility I threw the sword down and with my hands up I surrendered to the inevitable.  The monsters devoured me, and from my mangled body, a light blue sphere arose in whose brilliance all melted away.  My soul had shown itself to me and left me with a complete and utter conviction. That physical death could not destroy the pearl for which I was a vehicle.

For the next few weeks, I was filled with vivid dreams in which I was doing all manner of extreme sports. Such as jumping out of aeroplanes without a parachute, falling out of the sky unharmed, diving deep into the ocean without running out of air. The result was always the same, the recognition that there was something within me that could not be killed.

The black magician takes because inside it is an empty husk, it will never have enough since it is disassociated from Soul. The white magician by being connected to a Higher Power is in a state of abundance and contented in self. He/she doesn’t need to ask for things, for whatever it needs in pursuit of its destiny and experience automatically manifests its way.

We are all black magicians when we indulge our negativity. I focus on hate, envy, or any other destructive emotion towards another human being, and they will reel under the impact, to the degree of the intensity/duration of the emotion and capacity to visualize the object of one’s darkness.  For emotions are vibrations that pulsate out of our second chakras and when aligned with our images can be devastating on another human being when such an onslaught is maintained for any length of time.

Since the most internally fractured are the weakest in power, so those who strive for the Light of Consciousness can be the most destructive due to their training and need to be the most vigilant.

So how does a would-be White magician respond? 

“What we resist persists”  There is no vibrational energy more powerful than acceptance, Love, and appreciation. If you are the subject of negativity by others. Focus on the negativity inside you, for the outer world is always a reflection of your inner world.   We begin with self-love and acceptance of all our ego weaknesses, then we can focus on the other, and recognize their negativity for the fearfulness inside them.  And we shower them with our understanding, that they are machines lost without a driver. So get out of their way! Yet, stay in your heart.

In Conclusion

So finally I come to the point of this article, you can’t fail to notice the present state of people’s interactions in this world. The rapaciousness, control, greediness, avarice manipulation of the herd mentality by the relative few via the unsuspecting and indoctrinated many. We exist in a time of chaos and there are powerful forces at work on both sides of the fence!

Before I spoke of raindrops, creating ripple that nullifies each other. What I failed to mention is, that amidst all those weak nullifying ripples some will harmonise into one or more large expanding ripples, and there is dark magic at play here. Humanity is very much manipulated through fear. The unsuspecting masses are unwittingly, via indoctrination, social media, news, and Holywood, seconded into generating emotions and visions of a collective soulless and mechanistic society.

The time has come for a cohesive group,  whose top priority is ‘Let thy will be done.’ This is a group of people who in their daily lives will offer moments here and there on a regular basis to be in their hearts, who realize that what is happening in the world is a reflection of our internal struggles within our egos. As we connect with love for our weaknesses, so are we able to appreciate the weaknesses in others.

Remember do not let others manipulate you into divisions, of race, country, wealth status, education, health, religion, fear, anger or hate. Instead, see them for what they are – ego machines with low levels of soul integration lost in fear.

The vibration of love is 21,000 thousand times more powerful and all-encompassing than fear. This is the true power of the White Magician. We have the capacity to create a more wholesome society, and it doesn’t take that many, and I am convinced that we will. We just need to connect with our hearts, shine like the Sun and trust our vision of a world fuelled by kindness.


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