Yes, we are being manipulated, but not by reptiles!

This seems to be a hot topic, that a number of people including David Icke,  religions and even channellers have alluded to.

I asked ‘Charley’ (my Higher Self) some time back for clarification on this subject, and it said not, yet I wasn’t ready, and I just assumed that it was trying to protect me from hidden forces. I now appreciate Charley was waiting for me to grow up a little more.

whispering demon
whispering demon

So, on the one hand, we have demon entities, of the catholic religion, however, most religions allude to some sort of dark power to represent the darkness that is apparent in human interactions. Now, in this new age, where we are willing to contemplate other life in the universe, we have reptilians and beings with a foot in other dimensions.

So once more I have asked Charley for elucidation. And this is what he says to me.

Alien Agenda

Charley~”There are dark forces in this universe, for in the realm of multidimensional matter there are always opposites. There are no Alien Reptilians oppressing the Earth.

There is one humanoid race in communication with very small and exclusive groups in 3 different governments, these humanoid are not of the same attainment either Spiritual or Technological as the ‘True Humans’ and their average level of consciousness is not above 45% of ego-soul integration”

As a little aside I have asked Charley as to the knowledge of this humanoid race with regards to the coming cataclysm.

Charley~ “Yes, these humanoids, know of the impending cataclysm, and no they are not sharing that information with the Earth groups.

Sal~ “Do any of the Earth groups know of the impending Cataclysm?”

Charley~”Some have an idea that something is coming, they don’t know when, they are aware of the level of destruction. This is why they hope to have a means of travel to Mars and the Moon”

Sal~” Will that happen?”

Charley~” They will reach the Moon, but they will not be able to protect themselves from the cosmic rays. Mars is a dead end”

Sal~”If alien entities are not oppressing us what is?”

Charley~”There are souls, these are low-level souls that have never incarnated into a human body or animal on this planet”.

Sal~Have they incarnated on other planets?

Charley~”Yes, one planet that has been destroyed in the past between Mars and Saturn and is now the asteroid belt. They were a low form of life, not even as high as the animal kingdom. They reproduced and experienced life in their sea.”

I have been struggling with Charley to pinpoint when the planet was destroyed, I couldn’t pin him down to a date. I was being inexact in my question. It turns out that part of the planet still exists! We call it the Moon.

The true source of our affliction on this Earth

location of Chakras
The Chakras

Charley~”These low-level souls have never reincarnated since. They have found a way to gain a foothold into this 3D dimension via human beings. Human ‘souls’ are tethered from their dimension with yours via the 4th chakra a small part of ‘Me’ has communication access via the 7th Chakra”.

Three of the chakras are nexus points where there are interdimensional exchanges. The 2nd Chakra has been ‘high jacked’ by these low-level souls who possess no awareness, for they have not coalesced enough experience to amalgamate into a ‘Greater Soul’.

The true function of the 2nd Chakra is to connect across time to previous and future incarnations, and release / balance emotions across lifetimes (like a safety valve on a pressure cooker), under the guidance of the ‘soul’ in the 4th chakra.

The majority of mankind is under their influence, they are not malignant in themselves. They simply have found a trough to feed from, and what they feed on is negative emotional discharges.

Unfortunately, their influence over the 2nd chakra for the past 3.1 million years  has made the evolution of ‘souls’ on this planet very slow.”

The Moon

So I ask. “Is this why we are affected by the moon?”

full moon over a hill

Charley~”The Moon is their focal point to this reality. The week up to the Full Moon strengthens their connection to the 2nd emotional ego chakra. With the New Moon their presence wanes. And the 3rd chakra – the mental aspect of the ego is more prominent.  Giving humanity an opportunity to experience how it shackles itself with dogma and rigid thinking.”

Sal~”Is there any way for us to fight this influence?”

Charley~”As you well appreciate now, the saying  ‘ what we resists persists‘ is apt. The only hope for humanity is to release their traumas and free themselves of this emotional regurgitational slavery.

Self-awareness, truthfulness with oneself, and Love for self and others is the only road out of this automatic fear-driven biological machine, impulses which are prodded on a regular basis by this low-level entities.”

Well I hope this clarifies the whole issue of the fear-driven madness that periodically takes over parts of the world.  Which, if you take close attention to,  invariably occurs coming up to the full moon.  As the saying goes  ‘Feeding frenzy’!!!  – Time to Wake up !!!

This was one of my earliest articles as I explored the impact and reality of the Critters on the human psyche. since then I have added some more info and podcasts as my understanding deepens:

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