Is there life after death?

soul leaving body

As I have mentioned before, most people have a ‘ belief in life beyond physical death, perhaps quite irrationally? After all, do we really have any proof of a soul surviving death?

 Western science would say no, although they are doing all manner of experiments, not double blind ones of course, what could 2 blind people tell us about sight?.

The concept of Time and Space is often bandied about, and Time referred to as the 4th dimension by many, whereas in reality, Time is no more than the movement   from A to B within the 3 dimensions of reality.

As human beings we exist in a 3 dimensional world of physicality, and hence Time

One concept most people who believe in a soul accept, is that ‘soul’, if it exists is not limited to this 3rd dimension. ie, it has no concrete substance at least not one we can measure. If so, it is beyond Time.

If we do have a soul who is in charge?

There is a phrase not often heard but nevertheless part of our vocabulary “That  Person has no soul”.  This phrase implies that there is a quality  of humanness missing within that individual.

  So assuming you are part of the crowd who do have a soul, let me ask this question.  “Who is in the driving seat as you move through life? When you look in a mirror and perhaps gaze into your own eyes what /who do you see?

Can you honestly observe, sense, feel, say “I am soul gazing back???”

And this gives rise to the observation of ego, that egocentric semi somnambulistic fear of death driven mechanical part of our physical nature in whose grip over 91% of mankind is, as of this moment, firmly enslaved by.

If we do have a soul, where is it in the 91% of Mankind who are enthralled to their egos? Well, not in the driving seat!

So here is a dilemma, lets assume the soul is real and yet by its very nature survives death, for by definition is exists beyond this dimension. So whilst we are alive is the soul here with us in this dimension of concrete solidity??

A ‘something’ that is beyond Time cannot have a ‘body’ (physical dimension). 

OK, I am full of questions short on answers, time to ask ~Charley for information.

 In some ways my questions are sort of rhetorical,  for I already have experiential perception of who and what I am, as in my Journey of discovery I have been endowed with an unusual gift – a two way communication with ~Charley – who is my teacher, guide,  and of whom I am a part of, as a fragment of a fragment of his Soul.  

I am fortunate to have a direct connection with him as long as ‘I’ as ‘ego’ play second fiddle.

~Charley says “From your perspective, what you call a soul is in reality a fragment of a fragment   many, many layers below the ‘Maker of ALL’.   Imagine the ‘Maker of ALL’ radiating an intense white light in every direction of his creation, as the light spreads it encounters coalescing dimensional levels”

colour gradient

Charley’s statement gave rise to this image for me.

Imagine a very hot day with the air very still off a very deep bottomed sea in the Caribbean. The intense white/yellow light of the sun penetrates through the clear blue/green water and you can see very deeply, and yet, were you to swim downwards, the light would gradually darken as you descended towards the depths.

~Charley accepts my analogy of a gradual diminishing of the intensity (love/creative energy) of the ‘Maker’s of ALL’ Illumination.

Sub-atomic particle

~Charley says “Our souls did not magically appear. For just as our souls are a fragment of a fragment so there are many, many fragments of a fragment of soul below our soul all the the way down past the atomic level where by  the Will of the ‘Maker of ALL’ barely has the light to cajole the smallest vibrations within the physical to interact and grow.”


~Charley goes on to say “The ever increasing complexity of matter in turn aids the coalescing of soul fragments. Soul is in ALL in matter, whether animate or inanimate.

The ultimate aim of these fragments of soul is to experience consciously the duality that is only possible at every level of vibrational complexity within the 3 dimensional universes”

I ask “The will?”

~Charley ” Yes, in a sense, each fragment of a soul  is part of the ‘Will’ of the ‘Maker of ALL’ for only His Will and Radiance is truly real.  As human beings you have the possibility for your fragment of a soul  to be conscious and by an act of will choose your perception of  experience.

You are collectively disadvantaged, for whilst your souls slumber as your egos are in charge your ‘will’ has been high jacked by low level unconscious fragments.

I respond “So what you are saying is that  every human being is a walking soul either dormant or awake , that every, animal, insect  rock and bacteria  contains fragments of soul?” .

~Charley  “Yes, Only the Radiance of the ‘Maker of ALL’ is real,  all else is illusion. It is imperative that individually and collectively you awaken from your slumber, and see/ experience yourselves from this perspective”.


Last words on the duality of ego and soul fragment

So to recap. Yes, we all have a fragment of a soul,  other fragments are scatter across history in different incarnations. However, each fragment within a lifetime is dormant and choice less as long as the ego is in charge.

We know that the ego is in charge because we are identified with negative and reactive emotions, such as fear, sadness, rage etc.,  for we are the only one that matters.

We shall know when our soul has taken its rightful place because we experience the world from our hearts, as we quietly are filled with joy in the world we are a part of.

Awakening to our power and divinity to create and experience life consciously is our aim, in the process we endeavour to release and experience the pain in our present life and subsequently from our previous lifetimes to release ourselves from Karma.

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