What is wrong with the world?

Something clearly is amiss, as human beings,  if we are fortunate there may be moments in our lives when we  may have first hand experience of acts of kindness, compassion, love (not sexual). Such feelings /qualities are inbuilt or have the possibility of being made manifest within us.

And yet, what are the overriding emotions in the world? Fear, distrust, Rage, ruthless disdain, self entitlement, avarice, all these negative emotions and more hang like a dark cloud over mankind. Is this all that we are?

We have had had close to two thousand years of religions East and West, all spouting the finer feelings of our nature, to move us beyond barbarism, and yet, here we are, no closer to our goal. Why not?

David Icke  talks of the Arkons, , demons, and ‘wutiko’? I haven’t been able to find a reference to this yet, I think my spelling is wrong. He speaks of a supernatural force behind human interactions based on historical writings of various religious / spiritualistic  groups down the ages.

Closer at hand we have the writings of Ron Hubbard who founded the Scientology cult. We have one Sci-Fi book by Colin Wilson – the Mind Parasites. All of these have a theme that human interaction is being manipulated, that our consciousness is crippled by a supernatural force.

full moon over a hill

In my conversations with ~Charley (my Higher Self) I was told of something that I named the ‘critters’ for lack of a better word at the time. A parasitical low level soul, that never was around for long enough to ‘grow’ and coalesce the fragments into an oversoul, and whose focus on this 3 dimensional Earth comes via the Moon.

For more detailed information read my blog are we being manipulated by alien entities?

Are we machines, do we have a soul?

I share all the above because I wish to share more details on the ‘mechanics’ of being a human being. Listen to western science and we are no more than a machine. I wish to share a different perspective,  for the future of the human race hangs in this balance.

soul leaving body

In a previous article I asked “Do we have a soul?”  

 My point was that we paid lip service to life after death and reincarnation,  and yet the existential question was “Who are You?” for if you accept you have a soul then Where is it now? Who is looking at me through those eyes? who/ what is living your life?

We get so lost in the pettiness of this 3 dimensional world that rarely do we get to experience that we are surrounded by other dimensions, more than that, this other dimensions have gateways into our so called ‘reality’.

chakras and energy densities

I am now referring to the Chakras of the human body. The ‘arrogance of western reductionist theoretical frameworks as to the nature of reality’ does us a great disservice, for we are so much more than the average person can conceive in their wildest dreams.

Our chakras as well as expressions of energy flow and transformation have 3 specific gateways to this 3rd dimension.

We need to appreciate that what we think of as our soul is actually a fragment of a soul, the other fragments are spread across time in other incarnations.

Our soul fragment in this time frame links via the 2nd chakra, to all other fragments strewn across time .

fragments of soul

Our soul proper (ie. the oversee of all the fragments) links via the 6th chakra, and this overseer is in turn a fragment of a higher soul  ( I call him ~Charley) which in turn gains access to this dimension via the 7th chakra. – I will talk more on this subject another time.

a little on

A little on Earths History and the critters.

Due to the unfortunate events of 3.5 million yrs back when we acquired the Moon, and the ‘critters’ that came with it, mankind has been under siege. Historically it has been a struggle of spirituality versus barbarism with the periodical resetting of the Earth clock via global cataclysm.. Sometimes over the eons we have done better than others.

Right now we are not doing so well, and the clock is ticking. For another cataclysm is not far into the future.

The dilemma for mankind is that these ‘parasitical critters’ have high jacked the 2nd chakra and they feed on fear and all the derivative negative emotions.

This is very problematic, for unbeknown to the majority of mankind we are divine creatures, with the power of generating collective reality, and we may generate a reality with the power of our emotions (fear and our internal poverty – taking) or with the power of our feelings (love and internal abundance- giving).

With over 7 billion people at the behest of fear our collective reality is one of vamparism, paranoia, arrogance, mistrust and poverty ( of energy, resources, love ). This suits the critters just fine!

Right now we have people ‘Waking up’ all over the world to the manipulations of big media. That is an important first step  but there is much more, for thus far we are still enslaved to our egos. We need to truly ‘WAKE UP! from our semi-somnambulistic fear driven slumber.

 Our fragmented souls need to wake up from the fear driven narrative that creates separation in human beings. Our fears  belong to our damaged egos, they will never go away , they are deeply ingrained and stoked by the critters, especially on the week coming up to new and full Moon.

How to loosen the bonds of our self-enslavement

There is a way out of this dilemma, first we need to be aware how much we are slaves to our immature emotions, how we engage with the world primarily from our lower abdomen (second chakra). We then start to cultivate  self acceptance, warts and all.

We gradually soften our self-perception, as we we engage more and more with our hearts as the centre of our conscious awareness. We become kinder and more loving of that damaged part of our ego which has been given the name by others of the small child within.

 Only via true self love  can we hope to escape the clutches of the trap into which we have all been snared from childhood.

Of course the picture is more complex for our lower mind has also been high jacked. Our lower mind is really a set of fear reinforced scripts designed to keep us in check  “do as you are told, who do you think you are?”  “I don’t like myself for behaving like this“.  

The hall mark of the lower mind is judgemental self-criticism about our thoughts, our emotions, our looks,  not just about ourselves, but pretty much any one that crosses our path.

Our minds are the jailers stopping us from rising in consciousness to our hearts, this is largely achieved via a stream of words in our heads that label (disassociate us) from every experience we are having.

Yes I know words are easy  How do we move into our hearts? if you look into my website under the chakras there are lots of exercises.

They all have one aim, to get you to be able to gaze at yourself with all your inconsistencies, broken – mental and emotional parts,  clearly, and non judgementally. To allow your suppressed emotions free flow, to generate a feeling of love and appreciation for yourself.

All the above you can achieve, refuse to be a victim to your childhood experiences, to your partner, your children, your education, your work or lack of it. Our power is in our hearts  in forgiveness, and acceptance that all are as damaged as we are.

Do not mistake forgiveness for condoning other people’s behaviour,  we forgive, as we appreciate and understand their shortcomings  we may decide to give them a wide berth if their emotional and mental damage is irreparable and likely to interfere with our peace.

Can people be possessed by the critters?

whispering demon
whispering demon

Few people escape the manipulations of the critters and many have been possessed by them.  Their childhood indoctrinations and brutalising  to conform, follow orders, not to question has built strong walls, all it then takes is some serious alcohol/opioids/and other potentially addictive drug bingeing to assuage  their weakening morality, and they are lost to humanity.

Invariably these are the people with a hunger to control/ rule over others. And their counterparts, the mindlessly ruthless who are comfortable been told what to do. How many times has this been said after wars? ” I was just following orders”.

Why am I sharing this?

We have unconsciously stumbled, lifetime after lifetime, our fragment(s) of soul are meant to live life consciously this is the meaning of Karma.

When the cataclysm comes ,unless we have woken up and released our past traumas and in the process forgiven others  our fragmented souls will not be in a position to move on,  and we will be trapped in another 13,000 yr. cycle.  For once more we will have slid to the bottom of the mountain and it takes a long time to climb it!

Why do you think there are suddenly so many souls incarnated here on this earth at this moment in time? We are at a crucial juncture, we have 10 yrs. for 1 billion souls to awaken and facilitate the awakening of another 3 billion in the following 15 years.  We need the Love vibration to make this happen.  ( will rant more on this another time. 🙂


  1. David Icke speaks about the Archons and the Wetiko. I have also read the works of Chris Thomas the Welsh Healer who stated that he had direct connection to the Akashic and he has written many books about the ‘critters’ but he calls them by different names.


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