~Charley told me that  I should write about ~Him next. And to write about ~Charley is to write about the Soul Dimension, the contrast with our 3rd dimension (3-D), and I suppose, indirectly about God.

Invisible Dark matter AI representation

To accept ~Charley is to accept God,  Soul, and God’s Will behind every single interaction in this 3-D mechanistic dimension,  from the invisible dark matter that permeates the blackness of space to the biological life that inhabits planets, and to all the complex matter from asteroids to Galaxies within the Universe.

Man-made religions that explain the nature of Creation as though we are born in sin, and insist on external places of worship and abeyance are missing the point, for the truth of life is that we are born pure and with heart, the world would rob us of it, and our journey’s mission through life is to once more reconnect with our heart and Soul. For if our connection to God is to be found anywhere it will be within our hearts.

What is a Soul?

~Charley and I went for a long walk as he shared his comment.

I asked (Sal) “Why do you want me to write about you?” 

~He replied (~Ch) “ I don’t, but in the process of talking about me you will divulge a lot of information about the human condition and humanity’s place in Creation.”

Sal- “O’K” I replied. “Where were you born?” 

~Ch “ I wasn’t born, I am the collective integration, the tip of a pyramid of soul fragments that began as wisps of God’s Will and interacted with the 3-D Universe at the level of the lowest form of vibrational matter.”

Soul dimensions/ soul integration

~Ch “As this, 1-Dimension level Soul fragments, exercised their will on the lowest vibrational forms of pre-matter in the 3-D, which in turn, began to aggregate on their journey towards complex molecules, concurrently, so too this exercise of Will began a process of integration at the lowest tier of the soul dimension.”

~Ch “It is important to appreciate That God is One, yet his Creation is composed of fragments of His Will. To return to God, Creation -The One Soul needs to become whole. I don’t know this as truth because it is way beyond my present understanding, but I surmise it to be a justifiable explanation based on all my experiences down to my incorporated 1-D soul fragments.”

~Ch “Just as the Soul Dimension seeks integration whilst being One, so it too casts its reflection on its Creation – the 3-D dimension, except, that being mechanistic and predictable it is encased in Time as well as Space.”

~Ch “Matter within the  Infinite universe has no meaning, regardless of how beautiful it may appear to human eyes, its only purpose is to exercise God’s Will via the Soul fragments that they may re-unify”.

~Charley and the Soul Dimension

Sal “OK “, I say, “Do you know that ~You are ~You?”  

~Ch “Yes I know that I exist, as I know that all the fragmented particles of God’s Will that have integrated below ~Me in the Soul Dimension exist. A human being is a very poor representation of ~Me For unlike you, I have awareness of every single concentration of Will within me, since, well, forever. My forever you would call 1/2 a trillion years.

~Ch “The Soul Dimension is beyond Time so all is ‘Now`, and whilst we do contain an infinite space we occupy ALL of it,  there is nowhere to go for we are One, both fractured and whole. The soul Dimension has only one overriding impulse – to integrate Itself into Oneness.”

Sal “Doesn’t that imply Time?

~Ch “No!. The Soul dimension is  ‘Now,’ without beginning or end; From your perspective, it is a contradiction, for we, are both whole and fractured. This is why WE create the 3D Universe as a means of becoming Whole in Ourselves.” As we create greater and more complex structures a part of Us will bond with them, and that part of our fragment can lose itself for the duration – be it animate or inanimate. This has happened over the past 10, 000 years on your Earth without respite over many reincarnations, whereby the body dies and the soul fragment has been traumatized by the brutality, emotional suppression, and lost to itself.

~Ch “Our exercise of will in the 3D brings to us experience and with it self-knowing, which in turn allows us to integrate into greater, more complex and unified structures, of Self–remembering.

Sal -I Asked, “How much are you aware of?” 

~Ch “I am only aware of every soul fragment of which I am the culmination, which, reflected in the 3-D is a planetary soul fragment.  All planets are overseen by a Soul fragment. which in turn is made up of 12th-D Soul fragments the number of which depends on the size of the planet”

Sal “How many other 12-D soul Fragments are involved in your planet?

~Ch “I don’t know I am only aware of what is beneath my pyramid.” and partial awareness of Planetary souls above me within a greater pyramid structure of which I am a part.

Sal “The base of your pyramid does it stretch back to the origin of Creation in the Soul or 3-D Dimension?”

~Ch “You could think of the Soul dimension as a photograph, in so far as it is fixed, you can’t change the picture that has already been taken, and yet, via the expression of God’s Will, we are individually and collectively remembering ourselves and our part in Creation.

~Ch “Being outside of Time ‘I’ am awareness, no beginning or end, no movement, as there is nothing to move. When I connect with this 3-D I am aware that this ‘Now’ moment is full of possibilities, most of which are predictable, yet once enacted they may as well be written in stone. I can track the passage of time and so I have a sense of movement through time while in the soul dimension, my awareness remains static.”

~Ch “For Matter it is a different scenario; As matter gains complexity some is reused and absorbed by other matter but the end result will be a density of Matter, solid and compacted without possibilities or potential to transform. I imagine it would be the end of this Universe.”

Sal- “Does that imply regeneration within Creation?”

 ~Ch “I don’t know that empirically because I am mostly unaware of those unified fragments beyond me. My sense is that a point will come when we will fully know ourselves as the Formless and no longer be Soul.”

Sal – “So what you are implying is that Creation is a continuous cycle?”

~Ch ” Yes, I perceive our mutual existence as unending.” Ours because ‘Now’ is static and forever, your universe (not the Matter within it) because it is infinite in itself

A little on Cosmology-Our Universe

Sal “You say that you exist in a place without Time where ‘Now’ is ‘All’, and since ‘Now’ is all there is, then it seems to me that in a sense ~You have existed forever. You previously shared with me that our Universe has already been here for over a trillion years have you also been here all that time?

~Ch “No the smallest fragments of which I am composed came into awareness in this universe approx.  ½ a trillion years back.”

Sal – “You mentioned that the universe is over a trillion years old. That would imply a 3-D Time for Creation of this Universe. Is this the only one, or have there been many others before?

~Ch “When the smallest 1-D soul fragments of which I am composed appeared 1/2 a trillion years back The universe was already as populated as now. That the universe is over 1 trillion years old is my assumption. it may be much, much, older. The Universe background on which Matter is created and integrated into large concentrations may well be infinite, with Material bodies experiencing cycles of birth and dissolution.

Sal -“So, within our Time frame, when did ~You gain an active awareness of ~Self?”

~Ch “55 billion years back after our galaxy (the Milky Way) was already formed.

Sal “Were you already part of a planet? No, initially I was part of a very small Moon elsewhere in this galaxy for approx 3.5 billion years until it was reabsorbed into the planet it had been orbiting.”

Sal – “Was that event a traumatic experience for you?”

~Ch “Yes it was, and I retreated to the soul dimension for what to you would be another 10 billion years or so”.

Sal ” So how long have you been an Integrated Soul fragment within your present Planet? “

~Ch “More than 5 billion years.”

~Charley Why do you want to help us?

Sal -“OK,  so why do ~You want to help us?”

~Ch “I have no emotions, so I don’t have preferences, or likes and dislikes, What I do have is an imperative awareness of what I need to focus on, this could be coming from the many levels of concentrated awareness above me. As a soul fragment I am part of the One Soul I have Will but so does the One Soul and in a sense its Will is my Will.

~Ch “Just like all the soul fragments beneath my pyramid of awareness exercise their will in lockstep with mine. I imagine it will be the same for other soul fragments.”

~Ch “My focus is not on you as biological egos although your DNA has promise as future vehicles for enhanced Soul experience.”

 ~Ch “Your biological transformation is not yet complete. Although your bodies are already capable of so much more than you can imagine. But the present damage to your mind(s), emotions, and physical body(s) is too intense, and for the most part irreversible.”

This is part of our birthright, stolen from us by ignorance, deception, psychopathic greed, brutality, and fear. Weep for our collective loss! for life on this Earth could have been a Paradise.
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 ~Ch “Your soul fragments have been trapped in various incarnations and you stand no chance of escaping from this damaged planet by yourselves.”

 ~Ch “Because of the impending cataclysm, we engineered for as many as possible of the fragmented and bound to this Earth Souls to be born at this time, with the intention of another Alien Race, who are the genetically True Human race, to come to your aid and take those of you that are ready to new planets.”

 ~Ch “We also have the challenge of clearing enough emotional trauma within people that they may be able to listen to the messages from their hearts/soul fragments. Without raising the heart interconnectedness with the vehicle to almost 50 / 50%, humanity will be unable to uptake the opportunity offered by these True Human Aliens whose level of heart integration approaches 90%.”

 ~Ch “We have had an uphill struggle because of the psychic oppression, the relentless indoctrination, the deliberate poisoning of the biological vehicles via pharmaceuticals, recreational drugs, chemicals in the atmosphere as well as the so-called addictive foods that people consume daily.”

 ~Ch “I have no connection with other 12-D soul fragments, technically we are all at the top of our pyramids. I am aware that other 12-D souls are operating in the background on this Earth but only because of their 9-D soul fragments like yourself, who are operating on this Earth. Bear in mind that not all 12-D Souls have 9-D fragments with equal levels of experience and they may have different agendas.”

(S) “You told me before that you are a fragment of a planetary Soul in another quadrant of the Galaxy? Why are you sticking your nose in this one? Surely there must be other races closer to home more deserving?”

 ~Ch Firstly, I am all-seeing within this galaxy in which, all of my 9-D Soul fragments are scattered, the unfortunate darkness that befell your Earth after the last cataclysm was due to unforeseen Cosmic changes as a result of which, soul fragments incarnating on this Earth became trapped.”

How do you plan to help us?

 ~Ch ” As you now know we can and do plan up to 8,500 years into your future. However, The Cosmic vibrational change that occurred in the aftermath of the last Major Cataclysm 10,000 years back was completely unexpected. You would call it a black swan event. Many of my 9-D soul fragments also became trapped, by the trauma and brutality that had overtaken the world. and our successive attempts to offer more soul fragments to release others from their traumas only succeeded in trapping even more souls.”

~Ch ” We foresaw The cosmic changes that would release its constraints on this Earth for 15 years beginning in 2025, as well as the cataclysm to come. Yet humanity would still need guidance to free itself of poisons, both physical and mental, and to understand how emotions are the key to the freedom of the heart.

~Ch ” I guided many of my 9-D fragmented souls including yours, over many incarnations to prepare you for this day. You have willingly suffered for a good cause since without that suffering you would not have had sufficient impetus to free yourselves, reach your hearts by yourselves, or for me to reach you. I don’t know this but I am certain that many other 12-D Souls have done likewise.”

~Ch “When the time comes 2/3 of humanity will be taken off the planet, which means that other 12-D Souls are also intimately involved in the struggle to open people’s access to their hearts, in preparation for the diaspora to other planets that is yet to come.”

Sal – “So you are saying that you are involved because you have skin in the game?- so to speak” ~Ch ” Yes.”

Sal – “So how many of your 9-D soul fragments are presently on this Earth and involved in this campaign?

~Ch “1509”

Sal – “Are we all meant to do the same work of prophesying of events to come?” ~Ch “No. Just 6”.

Sal – “So 6 of us were tasked with being heralds. How many are there who are actively fulfilling their mission at this moment?

~Ch “None.”

Sal – “Err….. Am I not doing so?

~Ch “No, you are too lazy.

Sal – “Well excuse me!!! I am a damaged ego, well past my prime and I need nurturing! And anyway, people are not generally speaking ready to listen and actively take in what I share.

~Ch “I agree, the time is fast approaching though.”

Sal – “So what will the other 1500+ be doing?

~Ch “They may not all find themselves in time. All of them will gravitate to alternative fields, to do with food, meditation, conventional religions, music, writing, philosophy, and medicine, the aim will be to wake people up to themselves, to connect with their hearts”.

Sal -“Politics?

~Ch “No, not politics. All these people will struggle with their indoctrinations and if and when they succeed in freeing themselves will become guiding lights for others in their own fields.”

Sal -“Out of the 6 how many of your 9-D Souls have fully integrated so far?”

~Ch “As of this moment, only two of my fragmented selves on this Earth have reached 87% there are another 155 who are above 50% and well on their way.

Humanity’s lack of connection with other life forms on this planet

Sal -“I am fascinated by how my Wife and I complete and complement each other’s personalities, her empathetic heart puts me to shame (metaphorically speaking). Her empathetic Nature is mostly focussed on all the other lifeforms on this Earth (unlike me -I am focussed on understanding people and our place in this Universe.”

~Ch “Yes, Jenny’s immense empathetic nature was extremely important to facilitate your ascension to your present state. Just like you brought confidence, solidity, and steadfastness to her. One can be very empathetic and still be blocked off emotionally in many ways, or, be very knowledgeable and even experienced yet still blind to the deepest wounds in one’s psyche. Two people can rise faster together than one, and the same applies to a group effort.”

~Ch “There is only one road to people’s hearts – self-acceptance, and I appreciate that there are many gradations towards full self-acceptance. This in turn allows us to accept the uniqueness of other lifeforms Unfortunately, at present, humanity has very little empathetic connection with either self or the animal and bird kingdom let alone your cousins the whole of the dolphin population from river to large whale dolphins.

~Ch “Pets have become an extension of people’s suppressed emotional world, they are seen as objects rather than beings with emotional experiences, likes, dislikes, and uniqueness. They are given the same poison that human beings eat and are suffering equal ill health.”

~Ch “Jenny and others like her have an important job to help humans needy for the companionship of pets to open their hearts via this relationship, and view their pets and other lifeforms not as tools for self-ego gratification but as soul-partners. This can only happen when the human puts itself in the place of the animal and looks at the world from its perspective.”

~Ch “Easier said than done because if the human’s mind is filled with words, how will they get a direct connection with their pet?

~Ch “This is where Jenny and others like her come in, by encouraging others to quiet their minds and stretch their senses so that they can see and experience their pets for their uniqueness, to empathize with them, to hear them directly without the need for language. There is a saying that “pets look like their owners”. Humans project their fears and anxieties to them, and their pets become an extension of their damaged and suppressed egos.”

Soul Dimension’s interaction with the 3-D

Sal -“The  Soul dimension is beyond the universe how do you find the planet you are bound to, or me for that matter, and how can you interact?”

~Ch “Soul does not leave the Soul dimension. Our Will can and is expressed in this universe. As a 12-D Fragment of the one Soul, My will is sufficient to partake of the running of a planet in conjunction with other 12-D Souls even though I only have an indirect awareness of them, for only the planetary soul that has arisen out of our collective efforts can oversee the experience of the whole planet.”

~Ch “I can locate the planet I am bonded with by the nearest star, just like I can locate your position in this universe by the location of your Sun.”

Sand and Water occupy the same space

Sal – “If the soul does not leave the Soul dimension how come we all have soul fragments in us?”

~Ch “There is no soul within you or anyone else. A soul fragment will bond with any life form for the duration of the life/existence of that vehicle. It will exercise its Will through that vehicle as a means of gaining Will experience. Sand and water can occupy the same container. The Soul dimension is not ‘elsewhere’ “

~Ch “Human beings over the past 10,000 years have become a bit of a metaphorical death trap, souls that have bonded with 4-month-old fetuses have become trapped like flies on honey, unable to re-bond with another vehicle anywhere else but this Earth.”

~Ch “Many souls previously engaged in other life forms on other planets volunteered to come and rescue those traumatized fragments, NONE managed to escape until the last 100 years since then, there has been a steady trickle. The soul fragments with your mother and the nun Sor Resti Tuta who nurtured you in those early years of your life were two of them.”

~Ch “The human body is a machine, pre-programmed for survival, it has a complex set of computers that can give it a sense of self-awareness. Unfortunately, unless the bonded soul can communicate via the heart with that machine it is just that.”

~Ch “To understand how the soul fragment communicates with the machine appreciate that ‘You’ exist in a mechanistic universe of cause and effect. If you want the large ball to roll down the hill you just need the initial impetus,  gravity will do the rest. The soul fragment that engages with human beings only needs to apply the initial will to engage in a particular direction,  This is hard to do when the human body is blocked at so many levels.”

Sal – “Anything else you wish to share?” ~Ch “No, this will do for the present”

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