Once more ~Charley caught me off guard, as I pondered, on what I would next offer on social media. A practical meditation exercise on how to love ourselves? Once more  ~Charley is adamant on what we need to do and I am mostly happy to follow his lead. I say mostly because impending cataclysm is one of the Initial revelations he shared with me  4 years back and doesn’t go down well with most people.

For those of you new to my writings ~Charley is the irreverent name I have for something much, much higher than “my higher self” ~He is pure awareness residing in the Soul dimension. For ease of reference, he describes ~Himself as a 12th-dimensional Soul fragment of the One soul. see my last article Humanity’s Heart and the Soul Dimension.

*[I haven’t shared this before with anyone, Not even I had thought about it consciously before. Why the name ~Charley?, I think it is because I am as great a skeptic as anyone on this Earth. And, whilst I consider no one beneath me I also do not accept anyone above me. ~”Charley” was my ego’s irreverence of refusing to place anyone or anything on a pedestal.

~Charley doesn’t mind or care what I call ~Him, In a way ~He created me to be this suspicious, as a tool to escape the labyrinth that we all enter from birth.]

Why do I hesitate? Well, People have been crying wolf once too many times already in my lifetime and I would hate to be another false prophet, I am a 70-year-old man, semi-retired, with nothing to gain by such exposure to ridicule. Also, there is way too much-manipulated fear in the world as it is. And yet, every stick has two ends, one is fear and utter panic, but its opposite is liberation.

This next article has many assumptions of familiarity with my writings. If you are new I would recommend you start with this Cataclysm Knocking at our door which I wrote a few years back.

Foreboding on the coming changes

Sal – “Ok  ~Charley (~Ch), I am ready,  shall I start with a question or would you rather make a statement?”

~Ch “I will begin. My friends, the fact that you can read my words means you do not need to fear what is to come, at a cosmic level the event will occur in just over 2 weeks.  In human terms, it will occur in March between the 9/10th of 2046 or approx.. 22 years from now, with a mathematical certainty of  99%.”

~Ch “Time is relative, and it flows faster between humans than with planets and stars, hence the assertion of 99% certainty, of what,  in terms of potential deviation from the predictable path of all the relevant cosmic bodies, amounts to no more than a couple of weeks of human perspective.

Sal – “You can appreciate my hesitation at revisiting this subject? I rather hoped we focused on helping humanity where they are at now.”

~Ch “ I need you to continue to lay the groundwork for what is to come, there is a lot of information that needs to be made available this year. When people start to open their eyes, the work that we produce needs to be there, available,  a signpost to Truth.  

~Ch “There will be a huge competition with regards to disinformation as well as, well-meaning yet confused information. There are plenty of deluded and predatory charlatans now, but this is nothing compared to those that will open their eyes, and what they will see is a huge market for their half-baked ideas.”

The last Chapter-Revelations

Sal –“Yes but we are not at the last chapter of the book yet.  Why not just focus on where we are?

 ~Ch “Because we are already surrounded by those that foretell a coming apocalypse. Some with the physical separation of the Earth from 3-D to 5-D, or the religious sects that claim a one world religion will come after a world war,  and that the Messiah will reside on this Earth. Then there are those who claim after a world war/cataclysm there will be direct ascension to Heaven by those that believed.”

~Ch “What is missing from all those groups is the appreciation that true ascension is related to the release of emotional suppressions from your bodies and has nothing to do with belief or other made-up stories. Believing in aliens or angels whilst it may be considered quaint will of itself change nothing in the individual.”

Sal – “OK, so what do you want to share right now?”

~Ch “The world has never been how you have imagined it, or being taught that it is, history has been manipulated for religious and political reasons, and because you have cities with skyscrapers it doesn’t mean that your Earth is fixed and immutable. Change is the one constant.

~Ch “Cataclysms on this Earth have been occurring with distressing regularity, the last major one just under 13,000 years back.  Followed by a huge weather change approx. 10.500 years ago, when the unstable Earth’s tilt was affected by the gravitational pull of Jupiter that in turn led to the melting of your 1-mile-deep glaciers, which stretched halfway down from the pole to North America. This is the story Of Noah and the rain of 40 days and forty nights whilst the sea waters worldwide rose about 400 feet .”

~Ch “This last event in your Earth’s past coincided with a change in the cosmic vibrations, that dumbed people down, and took them on a road of brutality, human and animal sacrifice, as well as slavery that has lasted till the present.”

~Ch “What humans will do for the next 22 years is hard to predict accurately at the moment, but you do collectively have more than 60% chance of rising above your present mundane existence of fear.”  With the coming cosmic change in January 2025  that will be active for almost 15 years, humanity has the wind of change in its favor.”

~Ch “Whilst I can only speak for myself, there are many here from the Soul dimension committed to your collective ascension and freedom from this planet. And that is why you, like many others, are here.”

True Human Aliens – we are not alone in this galaxy

~Ch “I can tell you that ‘You’ (collective humanity) are not alone in this galaxy, that you have a very special fragment of DNA that you acquired 500 million years back from the True Human Aliens. These beings have been in this galaxy for the past 55 billion years. Admittedly, it was only 1.5 % of their DNA but blended with yours, it has its own unique promise for the future.”

~Ch “This may seem too incredible to yourselves, but these True Humans (T.Humans), who are possessed of technology approx. 15,000+ years beyond your wildest dreams are here now, on mass, from several planets. They have mostly come from another quadrant of the Galaxy and it took them many, many years to arrive. Altogether a collection of 167 ships have gathered and are out of sight in Venus, Jupiter,  Saturn, and various moons waiting for the future moment”.

Description of our True  Human Aliens

~Ch “The bulk of the T.Human aliens are Approximately 5’8” tall with a similar overall bone structure to Homo sapiens. Their limbs are in proportion to their overall bodies, they have 2 arms and two legs and walk upright, strong and wiry, completely hairless, with short necks and narrow shoulders, 3 fingers and a thumb, on a smooth hand with a vestige of the nail protruding from each.. They balance on the balls of their feet like animals on this earth. Their skin is soft and semi-translucent with a hint of blue and pink. Their craniums are quite bulbous compared to humans. “

~Ch “Their Large blue eyes protrude forwards, unprotected by the cranium ridge. They lack a nose, there are instead narrow apertures that open and close with breathing below the eyes where their noses might have been. Their cheeks and jaw are very small and narrow in relation to their craniums. They have a vestige of molars in the lower mandible with a toothless upper mandible, and no chin to speak of, they have a vestige of a tongue. Their ears also lack lobes or external cartilage they simply have a smooth hole of approx. ½” in diameter on either side of their heads”

semi simile  of a True Human alien

Sal- I thought I would have a bit of fun with Bing’s AI. (free), to generate an appropriate image to display here. The ones on the left with green garments are female and male. The one on the right male? Anyway, I couldn’t get AI to do it right, the answer is somewhere between the two. If anyone reading this has access to a better A.I. rendition I would be pleased to hear from you. 🙂

~Ch “Their psychic abilities are beyond our comprehension, whilst they can make sounds, their communication is telepathic and has been since their ancestor came to this galaxy, if not before. They see and hear beyond what we would call our five senses.” Sal- see my last article on children with the sight video and you will get a small taste of what I am talking about

~Ch “They have come in ships beyond our imagination I mile deep by 7 miles wide, and in their mind’s eye, they can see into every corner and crevice of that ship. Many of them can effortlessly and accurately see into the immediate future”

Aliens and their sentient robots

~Ch “The T.Humans are partnered with sentient robots for the running of their civilization. These robots are self-aware, protective, and moral of their charge, whilst not imbued with feelings or a soul fragment  they do have a very comprehensive programming  that allows them to experience satisfaction and appreciation.”

~Ch “These robots That have been in service way before they came to this galaxy live for hundreds of thousands of years way longer than the true humans in a symbiotic relationship, and their loyalty and dedication as partners to the T.Humans are 100%”.

~Ch “The sentient robots are self-replicating, self-improving,  and bonded with the T.Humans. Their level of intelligence and memory is beyond our understanding, they rely on large databases on their ships and on their home planets, all interconnected  to compute, prognosticate, and make informed choices..these robots come in all shapes and sizes  to deal with all the physical necessities of life.”

 ~Ch “The communication between T.Humans and Sentient robots is telepathic. And all the robots like all the T.Humans work as one as in having shared experiences. Nothing is hidden nothing needs to be hidden, there are no internal personal conflicts, and everything is known between all human and sentient helpers. They are in harmony with themselves and their world.”

[Sal- Please note there is a small inconsistency between my first article some years back and this one with regards to family, my updates are the more accurate ones as my connection and ability to ascertain when I am connected improves.]

 ~Ch “The T.Humans have no special bonding with the opposite sex. They are not subject to sexual urges or the need for that special someone who understands and will not judge them. Their intimacy needs are fulfilled constantly within the group. They all have a small personal Sentient robot companion”

 ~Ch “Since they are long-lived they don’t have many children, just enough to maintain genetic diversity and replacement. These are grown from genetically chosen adults in robot containers. From 4 months in the womb, they are gradually acclimatized to the psychic connection, this task is the responsibility of the womb-sentient robot. Their birth and childhoods are relatively stress-free and grow up well-adjusted with love, friendship, acceptance, and inner freedom.

You might wonder how with such an idelic life they don’t tire of life quickly. They do have external challenges, but their thirst for understanding keeps them fresh and interested in life. Being in ‘the moment’ and exploring their creative endeavors is satisfying in its own right.

The True Humans are not the Borg from Star Trek

~Ch “The above is a scary concept to all those humans who live in fear and suspicion.  It is not the Borg concept of Star Trek where all are extensions of a central intelligence. They ARE the collective intelligence.”

~Ch “One day their genetic strain will run its course. Presently, You are one of two separate races destined to carry on after they are gone. The other is what you call the Fast Walkers.   You are not the only humans that have been relocated from this planet. This has happened before during previous catastrophes. Your genetic line is presently spread over 5 planets with different levels of technological advancement.”

~Ch “Where will you go? The two-thirds of humanity that will be uplifted will be divided in the spaceships by their level of emotional maturity i.e. ego soul integration. This alone will be the barometer that defines which planet/ society you will be welcomed into.”

~Ch “There is a saying it is always darkest before the dawn, collectively you presently have a struggle in your hands. Both individually within yourselves and collectively, what will move you forward is understanding the difference between fear/rage and anger.  Collectively you have been dispossessed of your anger and turned into mindless sheeple with occasional reactive tantrums.”

~Ch “Anger is what defines your personal power and strength, individually and collectively. Own it! Understand it and change yourselves and the world.”

Back in the present

Sal – “Ok ~Charley, that was quite a speech thanks. So that is what we can expect from the future, what about the present? I have members in our group chat who are fearful they will miss the boat because they are aware of how damaged they presently are.

~Ch “No one who is actively working with you needs to be concerned. The mere fact that their soul fragment found you is a sufficient clue that their inner light is ready to shine, they just need the courage to trust themselves, let go, and plunge into their darkness. It is only by befriending the deepest monsters lurking in their subconscious that they will find the freedom they seek. Also, just as importantly, they are not alone, even though it might seem that way for now.”

Sal- “There are an awful lot of people out there, I have never chosen this path, I don’t have the skills, and I am concerned my voice won’t go very far.”

~Ch “ True,  It may seem you are alone and out of your depth now, But within a couple of years, others will stand with you, and our movement will spread.  Many more will hear the call, The World Meditation will gather momentum, and people will find it easier to wake up to the truth.”

  ~Ch “You are all unique vehicles for soul. You have been taught/ coerced to dislike and even hate yourselves.  The darkness in the world has sought to separate you from one another, to rob you via fear of your collective power and, they have nearly succeeded. “

~Ch “You will collectively laugh at the absurdity and dispel the myth that others could hope to have power over you. For what will bind you is your unity of heart, and there is no power on this Earth greater than that bond.”

~Ch “Your part is to keep writing, and making podcasts, next year start working with groups,  soon after you will get help and be able to have premises to act as a central focus from which to reach even more people at once. I am certain others around the world will be doing likewise.”

The proof is in the pudding!

Sal -“So how come I am the only so-called healer in your group ~Charley?

~Ch “You came early to the party. To wake up to yourself you needed to be a rebel who believed nothing of consequence that anyone taught you, and suspicious of anyone that might have power over you. You had to be ostracised from the Cultural, religious, so-called health and political groups, you had to fear disappearing into the group mind. You had to go into the desert and stumble in the dark as you grappled with your inner demons.”

The Earth is a Borg Prison planet

Sal -“If I can just interrupt, I just had an insight! ~You made a comment earlier about the Borg Mind and how the T.Humans are nothing like that, and I just realized, that the Borg Mind has been here for a long time!

Sal -“People don’t think for themselves, and the propaganda that spews out constantly, (and lately being reinforced legally) from all the social and conventional media about politics, religion, history, social sciences, health, etc., How to think, how to speak, what to believe, who to believe, it all originates from a small central cohort of people, it is incorporated and regurgitated down the pyramid line, and ultimately, absorbed unquestionably by the majority of the world population”.

~Ch “ Indeed!. “There was no other way for you to be free of the insidious clutches of cultural indoctrination that has poisoned all the trees and branches of human learning. The downside is, that when you were ready and found me you did not trust me and were suspicious of anything I shared, and some of what I share is momentous and hard to accept for the average human, let alone you.  I had to win your trust, to show you I am here to help, and that what I share with you is verifiably true.

Sal-” It is true. If it were not for your constant help when I work with clients from hundreds of miles away. knowing what is wrong in their bodies, or where they are stuck in their past emotionally. I would have a hard time believing anything you share with me, even now, after all you have done for my wife and me.”

~Ch “I am aware of your skepticism. It is a healthy attitude as you flippantly named this section “The proof is always in the pudding!” And yes, it was an important part of your mission that I helped you to repair all the damage you have experienced in your journey of a lifetime of experimentation whilst disregarding others’s book knowledge.”

Sal – “Do I stop working with individuals? I mean I am getting a bit old now, I should be out to pasture with our cows :)”

~Ch “ No, It is your destiny to continue working with others until you die, and I will be by your side until the end. You will always work with a few individuals but, your major contributions will be with groups.”

What is it going to be – glass half full or half empty?

Sal – “Is there anything else to be said for now?”

~Ch “Yes. I have gone to some lengths to share about the T.Humans and what is to come.  There are two ways to look at this, one is to fear the future and your collective demise as you remain part of the Borg Collective, which you so aptly described.”

~Ch “ The other is to be excited for your collective future.  For the present, You have a shared opportunity to alter life on this Earth away from the political parasites that would control and continue your political enslavement to some far-flung ideology toward which you are being manipulated.  And in the process, create a more loving and truly fulfilling environment.”

~Ch “Also, 22 years from now is not death and destruction but rather new vistas new planets, new people, new appreciation and wonder at the universe that you live in, access to true health, and longer life spans.. you will still be expected to work and contribute to your new societies. But you will be free of debt, the need for income, housing, or any of the prerequisites for life as you have experienced them on this Earth.”

~Ch “Can you imagine living in a world free of psychopaths, sociopaths, wars, energy poverty, debt enslavement, Advertising, and power-hungry damaged beings?…..Why wait? Begin the process of re-owning your power now- it starts with self–love, and appreciation that yes, you are damaged, in your thoughts and beliefs, in your emotional immaturity, and possibly even physically, as a result of your mostly unwitting and ignorant -self-poisoning with wrong foods, recreational drugs, and others.”


~Ch “As individuals you stand very little chance of inner advancement without recognizing where you are now, this minute. Are you aware of how internally damaged you are? How you struggle with either/or intimacy, mental freedom, imaginative freedom, physical freedom, and the capacity to experience ALL emotions however distressing they might be? Are you constantly criticizing yourself? Others? Are you vindictive, resentful, or a victim,? I could go on but hopefully, you get my drift.”

~Ch “All of the above limitations get in the way of being in your heart This is what I mean by ego-soul integration. and somehow you MUST free yourself of those chains. To begin with, you need to be honest with yourself, because you ARE encased in chains of your own making. Some will be mental, others emotional, and some physical addictions.”

~Ch “Who am I? is an important question the answer to which can only be experienced via self-observation, But to even get to that place you will have to make peace with yourself and accept you are a damaged ego. That involves the suspension of ALL self-criticism, all self-damaging behavior, and all self-directed negative emotions. It is a tall order but neither psychedelics, magic, or walking over hot coal rituals, will do it, however exhilarating the experiences might be.”

~Ch “So to end for the present. I have shared a future that could be bright or disastrous. If you have stayed with us until now I encourage you to heed my words and learn to love and accept yourself as you presently are, for this is the pre-requisite journey before you can even contemplate traveling to the stars.”

Sal -“Thanks ~Charley, since we have come down this path of the future, I have a lot more questions as I am sure so would others as to what is out there.”

~Ch “Perhaps another time we can continue with this conversation. this article is overlong as it is.”


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