A few years back, aware of the pain and confusion in the world and that we needed to move in a new direction since the clock was ticking, I asked ~Charley for information on what could I do? This led to the awareness that there are people in this world, with more to come whose major purpose in this lifetime is to function as conduits to focus our collectively expressed love energy.

At the time I identified 28 people worldwide and placed their location on maps.

I diligently practiced the meditation but after a couple of years was doing it half-heartedly as other projects took my focus.

In hindsight, I realized that the timing wasn’t right.

Today Humanity on this Earth is moving through a cosmic transition. A new window is opening to facilitate an expansion of human consciousness which will be fully active by the 5th of January 2025. And like a new dawn rising over the horizon, the first cosmic emanations to evaporate the mist that clouds our minds will reach us around July 2024.

I had one insistent friend who continued to express her interest in the meditation and was eager for the update I had promised a few years back. Well, I finally took the plunge and created the update with a new version of the meditation which you will find below.

When I first worked out who were the empaths I made a mistake with the gender of one of the empaths. I had assumed that the one in Scotland was a male. I was mistaken so the initial map will show a male in the Fife area.

I have updated the map here it is on the left and it shows a female, apart from that nothing else has changed except one new empath has come online in Madagascar.

Empaths in Europe, Africa, Russia, Turkey .pdf

Empaths in North and South America, Asia.pdf

Empaths UK, Wold, Madagascar.pdf

This podcast has the meditation at the end at 19:40minutes I show the whole podcast because in my opinion there is interesting extra information included, but lower down you will see the meditation on its own which is not very long. and once you get the hang of it you can do it anywhere in a few minutes if you have to.

I will update the information on this world map as new empaths come online the next one will take approx. 1 1/2 years. Whichever country you are from you will be able to add to your World Meditation and the UK, any empaths who are near your locality if you so choose.

Right now the NWO and all the other puppets are attempting to bring the whole world under its yokel. What they don’t realize is that the world WILL join together, but NOT under the dark umbrella of inner slavery.

You have no idea as yet of the collective power we have to alter the world around us. Add your love to ours, a few minutes a day and our light will begin the transformation of our collective societies as we free ourselves of the darkness inside each of us.

UPDATE: In the podcast, I mention the cosmic window that will open in January 2025 to facilitate waking up to ourselves what I didn’t mention and have just found out on 19/3/2024 is that this window will close once more in just under 15 years time. That is how long we have to raise our collective love energy vibration to make it self-sustaining in spite of external forces, to continue to aid those who have the potential to integrate with their hearts beyond the 15-year deadline.

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Short meditation of the above one

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