On-Line, Remote Kinesiology Healing

We are now in the realm of the semi-mystical or so it might be described by the more Wester-critical mindset, and yet, I work with people who are thousands of miles away in America, Canada, and Europe. We connect via Zoom or Google Meet and in the session, I will instruct the client on how to proceed.

A typical session might include :

Diet information:

This can include information about allergic reactions to food, weaning away from intense high glycaemic foods, keto diets and carnivore diets. Also, the danger of so-called health foods containing oxalates, lectins, and seed oils, and to gently minimize their effect on the human body.

Lectins and Oxalates in nuts

Nutritional information with regard to vitamins and mineral supplements to be added or taken away.

Tissue salts for deficiencies,

Bach flower remedies for emotional balancing,

Homoeopathic remedies for organ balancing.

Structural balancing, and adjustments within muscular, skeletal, and craniosacral.

Chakra balancing, to release blockages if and when required.

Acupressure points to balance the auric field, which in turn will help with emotional balancing.

Emotional therapeutic release and growth.

Most of Humanity’s present problems are the result of eating the wrong foods, and the emotional unresolved trauma

~Charley, a 12th-dimensional soul, works through me to identify your present needs and how best to help you. If you prefer, you could describe me as a psychic with a lot of skills. Although I prefer the former.

You could describe my approach to helping you as a “generalist” – (someone who has trained with lots of different tools) with which to address a problem. Rather than a “specialist” (whose only skill is a hammer) – hence everything looks like a nail!

Here are a few videos of ~Charley and me working with Clients using different tools to help

This first one is A psychotherapeutic session or shadow work. This is completely different from what you might encounter out there due to the fact that ~Charley guides our steps to bring the hidden and out-of-awareness emotions rooted in the past to be processed.

Subscribe to my YouTube Channel
Subscribe to my YouTube Channel

What to expect?

I am not here to fix symptoms, although symptoms will recede as part of the process.

My job is to help you grow, connect with your heart, and become a healthy human being, Physically, emotionally and mentally.

Each session can last from 20 min to one hour. My charges are per session, tailored to the individual, from $0 to $100. Those who can pay subsidize those who can’t. I am 70 years old and by necessity have to be selective as to whom I will work with. I require a commitment to personal growth.


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