Structure of Souls in Creation

The Evolution of Souls

After a conversation with a client and some more conversations with ‘Charley’ (my Higher Self), I have been offered this rendition of the Structure of souls in relation to known and unknown reality enjoy.

What I couldn’t add to the picture as it is already quite crowded is that – Our Soul -does not have just one fragment ‘soul’ in the present time, but rather that there are clusters of around 2120 as the magic number. Clearly, some ‘bodies’ die, or are not born for a whole variety of reasons.

I hate to burst your bubbles’ guys’. What you think of as ‘You’ is just one of many puppets on a string, concurrently experiencing and interacting with ‘life’ across many timelines.

With one major goal,- to integrate your 3 centres or brains, to the point that once more you ‘experience the greater bond of connection with your ‘soul’ (within your 4th chakra Heart).

The Universe, so long ago that it is a meaningless concept, began, not with a ‘bang’ but with a ‘whisper’.

For ‘The Maker of ALL’ created and seeded an unknown Universe on whose shoulders we stand, 15 levels below ours with ‘Souls’ from a timeless dimension, who in turn sent out little fragments of themselves to coalesce from the barest particles of which physical matter will eventually be created, in what we today call the 3-dimensional universe of Time and Space.

And so, the barest of conscious manipulation from beyond this physical reality began to influence and create vehicles that would in time, allow a fragment of ‘soul’ to partake of, and grow, in the experience that the duality of the physical dimensions affords.

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Hubble telescope stars and galaxies

The Physical dimension is not filled with life so much as with consciousness.

We have heard the phrase ‘the wonder of life’. Look around you, look at the night sky, it’s not life as we know it that is ‘the wonder’, it is the “beingness and will” that permeates into our 3rd. Dimension of time and space from beyond, to permeate ‘ALL’ Matter that is the true miracle.

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