In this talk I touch on the building blocks of Reality and Soul. This is a very very important subject on which I still don’t have the complete picture but I am getting there. I recommend watching the video a few times.

Please appreciate that for me to ask a specific question from ~Charley it implies I already have some understanding / experience that the answer to my question will make sense. As a ‘Messenger in training’ I am constantly being stretched to further my understanding. so I share with yourselves as I gain experience and perspective.

Reality is made up of ‘The Maker of All’ within which creation exists, Soul fragments of the ‘Maker of All’ inhabit all the different dimensions beyond Time, and depending of the Soul’s level of complexity, these in turn interact within the 3D world of matter, from the sub atomic all the way up to planets galaxies and universes.

Fragment of Soul looking out.

When we are born, a fragment of soul that had begun to blend with our physical bodies whist in the womb at 4 months, comes awake and, becomes conscious with our first breath. Babies are blended with a conscious ‘soul fragment’ that engages in the world via our hearts.

All children are different in the way that they experience those first few years of life. By and large we mostly agree that young children up to the age of 2-6 are beautiful loving children with tremendous power of imagination, and then the world somehow corrupts that young innocence and the fragment of soul recedes into unconsciousness, and in that process so does the heart shut down too.

We are then no more than walking biological machines, filled with fear and self censoring, and that beautiful spontaneous creativity and imagination from our early years recedes to a vague memory, whilst we develop all manner of physical, emotional and or mental ailments.

For our Journey in life to have meaning it requires that we awaken our hearts up once more, by separating and realizing, that we are NOT our egos, that our fragment of soul can only consciously experience life via our hearts- When we do so, we will find the freedom we lost growing up.

This process of awakening, requires, that we raise our level of consciousness by self love, acceptance of our damaged egos, and forgiveness for our experienced pain at the hands of other semi sleep fragments of soul with damaged egos, such as our parents, siblings, teachers, and others.

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