Humanity are sheep who haven’t heard that phrase? And we pay lip service to it.

Most of us? Still remember the history of the Middle Ages where women and the odd man were burned at the stake and mutilated, they were accused of being witches. People were indoctrinated and filled with the ‘fear of God and eternal damnation.’ The priests did rather well out of it, they gained gold and power / political influence. All they had to do was to keep people in a state of mindless fear.

The years moved on, but hardly anything changed, for people have always been suggestible.  It seems we are predisposed to care what the group thinks of us so that we may not be isolated.

Has anything really changed? Look at this video.  Mass fear (pun intended)

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These are supposed to be people of God, whatever that means. Not what it means to me. To me, the ‘Maker of All’ has a number of attributes, such as non-judgement and impersonal love. Human beings are technically capable of such feelings, and the church claims to intercede on people’s behalf so that they may know the ‘Love of God’.   What I see there is some of the blind claiming superiority and power to lead the rest of the blind.

Another way to look at the above is to see reactive semi-conscious egos behaving as a lynch mob out of fear.

The unthinking zombies

In this next video, a social experiment shows that people’s need to belong can be easily exploited. If you wonder why half the world population is so easily swayed by beliefs that have no basis of proof, wonder no more.

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The shocking thing for me when I saw this video was that I realized that there is a part of me, and I will never know now, that might have got up with the rest of the mindless ego machines. I do know that whilst in my childhood, I was shunned by others because I was so emotionally damaged. I in turn avoided ‘belonging’ because of my fear that I ‘would disappear in the group mind’ and become another mindless zombie.

The Milgram experiment

We historically have been programmed into ‘we are the good guys’ the enemy is bad and they commit atrocities that we would never do.  Unfortunately, in this next Milgram experiment, it clearly shows how people’s need to be told what to do means that they suspend independent thought and feeling to the point that they may well commit serious atrocities.

We can see this happening right now in many parts of the world, where the ‘mindless servants’ of whoever gives them a pay cheque behave and act in atrocious manners.

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What can we learn from all this? Well for one thing don’t judge the mindless hordes, they are walking zombies, who suspend common sense and empathy, and are cut off from their hearts. They have been indoctrinated from childhood by our culture to obey, don’t question, and, ‘believe what we tell you’.

Here are two clues to gauge if you are a sheep or on your way towards being a free thinker ‘9/11’ did the towers burn down? And, is covid a vaccination? Whatever your answer, is it the result of research away from mainstream media? Or not.

Clearly, the other side of the coin is that if most humans are sheep, where and who are the wolves?

Ask yourself, am I FREE? Have I bought into the narrative that has been given to me since childhood? And If I have, how can I free myself? I will give you a clue.  What holds the sheeple together and turns them into a mob is not love, joy or kindness, rather it is the fear of being ostracized from the group mind. 

Start to free yourself by releasing fear from your psyche, go to the section on the chakras and work your way through the exercises, they are a good first step.


  1. 51 years ago we visited the Abbey in Iona. I felt very uncomfortable there especially when I saw a monk dressed in full habit. This gave me the heebie-jeebies and I was glad to get off the island never to return. Maybe the memory of what happened to the witches has percolated down through the generations as per the field of epigenetics.

  2. […] Our parents, their parents and their parents parents were conditioned to fit into our culture and in the process were emotionally traumatised and mentally subdued to conform. This means that from an early age we learned to suppress our emotions and control our spontaneity, we acquired all manner of mental rules to define and control our behaviour of what is or not allowed, to fit in with the herd, to belong to the group. […]


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