We live in a world filled with sick people, by the time they reach their 50s high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, migraines, back pain, etc., abounds, many are already suffering by the time they are in their 20s. The so-called ‘Health’ Business is booming.  Western medicine has cornered the market with its drugs, vaccinations, procedures and testing.  One would never guess, that the human body has survived on this earth for millions of years without a local pharmacy round the corner waiting to dispense their medications, and the way they foster an ever-increasing number of vaccinations on the extremely young, we would be forgiven for assuming that our immune systems are incapable of keeping us safe.

We accept the prevailing perception that our illnesses need to be managed and, that our journey through life needs to be carefully monitored by the medical establishment as we gradually descend with our never ending and increasing quantities of pill popping towards an undignified death.

Here is a little 18 seconds video snippet by Dr Anthony Chaffee MD as to the present state of play in regard to medication.

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I wish to share with you that our illnesses are the result of our own creation and, I will explain how this set of unfortunate events comes about and what we may do to change this. Let me make a statement. “We all create our own reality”, is a phrase bandied about far and wide but poorly understood.

From birth, the cards are stacked up against us, and very, very few, if any, grow up unscathed on this Earth.

Our parents, their parents and their parents parents were conditioned to fit into our culture and in the process were emotionally traumatized and mentally subdued to conform. This means that from an early age we learned to suppress our emotions and control our spontaneity, we acquired all manner of mental rules to define and control our behaviour of what is, or, is not allowed, to fit in with the herd, to belong to the group.

Fear of one’s shadow

Fear is the most commonly experienced emotion worldwide, love the least, is it any surprise that cardiovascular i.e. heart problems are endemic across all populations?

Cardiovascular disease in the poorest billion

Growing Epidemic of Coronary Heart Disease in Low- and Middle-Income Countries

Humanity is interlinked and co-creates reality

Human auric field

All human beings are composed of complex mechanisms beyond the present understanding of ‘Science’. One such is the bioelectrical capabilities of our bodies.   Have you ever looked intently at another person a little distance away, for them to turn and look at you? Have you ever thought/ felt intently about a lover, friend, or member of your family for them to get in touch with you soon after? Have you ever looked lovingly at your partner as they were falling into a deep sleep for them to open their eyes suddenly aware of your gaze?

Our emotions are generated hormonally and create electrical flow in our nervous system, where there is electricity there are electromagnetic fields that extend beyond our bodies, and other people will pick up on them. How we feel about ourselves is conveyed to others around us. How we see ourselves affects our bodies, if we dislike or hate ourselves, if we experience ourselves as victims or hard done by, all these emotions and perceptions distort and mangle our physical structure. We project our inner disharmonies outwards and this is picked up by others who treat us accordingly.

How we psychically affect / are affected by those around us

Since most of us are in the same boat, this means that not only am I projecting my internal inharmonious state, but so are most other people. We are like raindrops on a pond, projecting expanding circles of our inner self-perception, only there are billions of expanding rings of psychic influence, competing for a narrative that defines our collective perception, hence, the collective reality is continuously updated and, -manipulated. Why do you think certain people want to own as much of the TV and newspaper businesses, even at a financial loss?? Why do you think we are bombarded by adverts?

Our Damaged Egos

If I dislike myself or consider myself guilty – say I had an abortion, or had sexually unacceptable fantasies, or stole from a friend, or expressed myself unwisely in the company of others who subsequently shunned me, perhaps didn’t show enough affection or gratitude to a close loved one who then dies.  There are a million possible permutations of possible regret as to our actions and behaviour due to our damaged egos.


Our religions and culture attempt to indoctrinate us from early birth to conform, to be civilized, and not to act on our emotions (most people struggle with this one)  for there is a difference between suppressing our emotions and ‘exploding’ our emotions outwardly. What is missing in that polarity is allowing the internal experience of the emotion as well as allowing it to flow through us without exploding outwardly.

Part of indoctrination, both religious and cultural, is that the guilty must be punished. This concept is toxic, for it is impossible in the modern world not to be ‘guilty’ of something or other.  In fact, our politicians justify their wages by adding new laws year after year, and religions Christianity, at any rate, assumes that we are born in sin and need to keep asking for forgiveness to avoid the Final Judgement that could send us to an ‘Eternal Barbecue’.

So generally we believe in guilt, our whole society works on the principle regurgitated in films, and novels that the guilty have to be punished, and we have internalized this concept. Forgiveness without condemnation is an alien concept. Who hasn’t experienced hurting oneself in an accident? Chances are that if you look back over the preceding few days there would have been some sort of emotional or mental conflict.

Collectively we are emotionally and psychologically ‘rigid’,’ inflexible’. In life rigidity equals death, and flexibility equals life.

So it is no surprise that the majority of people are filled with pains -either mental, emotional and or ultimately physical.

How we keep ourselves sick

Are these really necessary?

To maintain this state of dis-ease we rely on Western medical pharmacy, un-foods and un-quenching drinks created, processed in factories, and wrapped up in pretty cartons with lots of colours and sold to us as quick meals for the busy working individual and, we habitually poison ourselves with alcohol, nicotine caffeine, fructose and so-called recreational drugs.

We are being taught that vegetarianism; veganism is good for us, that meat is bad for us, and that vegetables and seeds (from which oils are extracted) are more affordable as well as being great for our health.

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When we have physical/emotional/mental pains or distress we go to (one trick pony) therapists who rarely can truly help us because most of our problems are the result of poisoning our bodies that create internal blockages, inflammations and, unhealthy reactivity in our immune system. The rest is a complex web of mental and emotional suppressions that over time will eventually create physical rigidities that require us to heal ourselves by doing the one thing we are unable/ unwilling to do, namely  “to let go” of those negative emotions or mental limiting beliefs.

-All illnesses begin with the interplay between the mind and emotions, these are responsible for our internal and external perceptions and hence, our individual as well as collective reality. To be internally healthy is to choose external good nutrition, truly supportive friends and environment, and there I say? ‘Real Healers’ of which there are precious few in the World, for in our present collective reality there is not much demand for ‘true healing’.

How to help ourselves to be healthy and

keep collective psychosis at bay

Learn to be flexible! :

Mental – question your beliefs and where you acquired them from. No more self-sabotaging with self-criticism.  No more censoring of your internal imagination (the images may not be pretty or acceptable, nevertheless, they are your internal world being reflected). From now on make a pact with yourself to be ruthlessly honest with yourself and mostly honest with others.

Emotional health is a Flowing Brook

Emotional – your emotions need to be like a flowing brook not like a stagnant pond,  give yourself permission to experience painful emotions that you may let go. Listen to classical music with your emotions and your feelings, and stay open to the responses within you, when you are overwhelmed allow the emotion to flow through you, ask yourself, what does this emotion remind me of? When have I felt like this before? Is there tension somewhere in my body? (Usually along the chakras’ midline),  stay there, flow with the exquisite music and pain, and cry it out until you are spent, and the tension has gone.

Physical – stretch! No excuses, yoga, Tai Qi, whatever creates stretch and occasional breathlessness from exertion, learn to breathe properly and stop poisoning yourself!

Feelingscultivate loving someone on a regular basis, feel gratitude for your life, for those around you, for your environment, for the animals including those that die that you may be healthy and live to experience this life.

Finally, If you take nothing else from any of the above take this: When I like, love, accept, forgive and nurture the weaknesses of my damaged ego, not only will I be much, much more magnanimous in my relations with others, but they will respond in kind and, as a side bonus, the universe will take us on our journey back to health (assuming that you have had enough of being sick that is).

I finished writing and uploading this article only to recognize I have so much more to write on this subject :

Next: ‘Have you had enough of being sick? Time to connect with your body! part 2’.

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