Our world is speeding up, the forces of darkness have been in the driving seat for thousands of years.  Billions of Souls have and, are incarnating right now,  for they have chose this time to make the most of the coming opportunity, for one last try, to be free of the psychic yoke, that keeps incarnating fragments of Soul(s)  trapped in a ‘groundhog day scenario’, incarnation after incarnation. For many, freedom will come in the year 2045 prior to the coming cataclysm in March of 2046 .

trapped in the darkness of one's ego mind
trapped in the darkness of one’s ego mind

However, right now those souls are struggling in the darkness, aware they are trapped but without a direction pointing to the way out.

Collectively humanity right now is emanating fear and we are all very susceptible to the group emotion. There are those that would control and, exacerbate such an emotion for their own reasons.

A Tuning fork vibration affecting other tuning forks
A Tuning fork vibration affecting other tuning forks

You might think that you have free will but you would be sorely mistaken. I will speak on this another time but for now appreciate that the only antidote to the fear porn is love, and one human being feeling love has as much effect on his/her environment as 10,000 people exuding negative emanations.

Every single person on this earth has a damaged and needy ego -no exceptions! which is part of the reason why we are in such dire straits.

There is a way out of this predicament and it will take effort and dedication from each of you that hear this message. Quite simply we stop criticising ourselves, accept that we are damaged, nurture our wounded egos and love ourselves, warts and all. Love self -that we may love the world.

Presently, spread across the globe, there are small pools of light, piercing the darkness  but they are woefully few and, powerful though their brightness is they are, nevertheless insignificant, compared to the stygian darkness that enfolds this Earth.

Light centers in europe ,africa, turkey and Russia

I wish I could say that these incandescent lights, piercing the psychic dimension of mankind’s  unconscious, are as numerous as the stars in the night sky, but we are not there yet . With ~Charley’s* direction I have gazed at all the countries of Earth  and as of this moment March ’22 This is the breakdown by country.

*~Charley is the name I have given, for ease of conversation, to the Higher Soul of which my fragment of Soul is like a grandson, and with whom after a lifetime of searching I am finally in daily communication. ~Charley has, over a period of time helped me, my family, and clients to heal and lift our collective levels of consciousness. I, as many others, have been chosen and prepared over many incarnations to be a herald for what is to come -I just happen to have woken up a bit early for the party.

Bearers of ‘Light of love and consciousness’ worldwide -March ’22

Algeria -1, Brazil -1, Chile -1, China -2, India -2, Italy -2,  Netherlands -1, Russia -2, Spain -1, USA -4, Thailand -1, Turkey -2, UK -9.

Clearly  there are many more people on this Globe than the above with a  loving heart,  but those on the map are focal people, all of a very high level of consciousness, fated to be a psychic conduit and rallying cry,  to pool and grow the light of love to spread and link across the globe.

I am including a .pdf with a map for each of the above countries to include the location of each of the individuals, some of whom are men and some women.  It is unnecessary to know them personally so I am providing a location down to the nearest town or village.

Light in North, South America, Asia .pdf

Light in Europe, Africa, Russia, Turkey .pdf

I will update the information as more of the ‘Light of love and consciousness‘ light bearers awaken to their purpose.

You read this and hopefully may wonder How can I help? You will note that the UK in spite of its small population  of 67million? has at present the greatest number of rallying points for the ‘Light of love and consciousness‘ than any other country on this Earth. This is what I suggest.

Morning meditation

Every morning at 7 am sit comfortably  and  focus on your upper abdomen (3rd chakra and seat of our mind), lower abdomen (2nd chakra and seat of our emotions)  perineum (1st chakra set of our physical body) All three together represent the damaged ego /child within us. Separate your focus to your heart  (4th chakra)   gateway for our fragment of Soul  to experience and express its love through us.

natural smile

Connect with the love in your heart, allow the corners of your lips and eyes to bring a smile to your face  and focus your loving acceptance  on your damaged ego. Let your love flow through your mind, your emotions and your physical body. Accept yourself fully and completely ‘warts and all’.

If you are unable to go beyond this stage for now, that’s’ ok, stay here, for however many days, months, or years it takes for you to feel kindness, compassion and non-judgement  for your damaged self. Work your way through the exercises here? We will await you with open arms .

how to care for our damaged egos

Feeling your love of self and non-judgemental compassion for your damaged ego, extend that feeling to your surroundings. Have a sense of all the fearful, lost people around you in blocks of flats, village etc., For we are collectively in pain -physical, emotional and mental, we are lost – with a very weak connection to love of Self and hence to the love from the Soul Dimensions.

Once you are comfortable with that exercise look at the map (.pdfs above), and using your imagination and feelings choose and connect with one of the individuals on it. See yourself adding your ‘Light of love and consciousness’, your feelings of joy for self and others to this man/woman on the map.

As you become more familiar and adept  at communion with your feelings and imagination add the other locations, until your morning meditation becomes a feeling of oneness, merging with all the locations on the(UK?) map like pearls on a necklace.

Eventually we want to have a sense of connecting the whole world with our love. We want to have a sense of the billions of people presently suffering ,trapped in their damaged egos desperately seeking external love, for their own inner fountain is blocked and barely releases a tickle.

One last thing. You will note I keep referring to ‘feelings’ there is a lot of confusion in the world today, emotions are the responses for our safety to our environment by our hormonal system they are all to do with ‘me ‘.-self-centered. Feelings are totally different, they describe expressions from our heart, it is a qualitatively superior energy that accepts self and others. With feelings we connect to the world within as well as beyond us you can read more here

You might well ask . “how long should I do this for?” For as long as you are comfortable to be in communion for. It could be 1 minute, 5 , 10 – no rules! let your Heart guide your steps.

There are countries , where those necessary for this task have not as yet awakened to their power. You have a number of choices with your morning meditation. Support the light in another country,  be the light in your country and or connect with the light in another country and create a conduit (like water flowing down the hill) to bring it to yours. There are no rules! Spontaneity (inner freedom), imagination and feelings are the basic ingredients.

Oh yes! Time is flexible at the level of imagination. In your country you may be  some hours ahead or behind  7 a.m. GMT in the UK. Practice regularity, aim for 7 a.m. at your location time  but with your mind and intention go forward or backward in time to 7am GMT  in the Uk and connect with us.

For the time being 7am GMT in the Uk will be the rallying cry to muster the forces of ‘Light of love and consciousness’ as there appears to be a greater concentration of it here, this may possibly change in the future.

This meditation is a work in progress as I continue to refine it. Here is the latest update

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