4th. Chakra – The Heart

4th. Chakra -The Heart -Feelings

4th Chakra – Incoming Spiritual Energy

The 4th. Chakra is based in the heart area the Mantra is “I feel”  and the colour associated with it is Green.

One main purpose of working through the previous three chakras -the body, emotions and lower mind – was to unify them.

When we engage with the world through 2 Brains, we have contrast, but we have no depth, or we have knowledge but lack understanding.

With all three working together we can experience ourselves, and make more sense of the physical world, but we are still alone, isolated trapped and fear-driven in our egos.

The Heart chakra holds a very special place within a human being, it is a fulcrum or gateway between the personal and the impersonal. It is the place where we truly come alive.

Here we separate from our egos, and feel empathy for its pain and confusion, we understand that our egos are part of being alive on this earth, however, here we learn to place the ego in its proper context – as a servant, not the Master.

Love is – Love

When our centre of gravity rests In our Heart, we feel how others are still trapped in their pain, and we stretch out with empathy and appreciation that we all make choices.

In our 4th chakra, there is no judgement. Here we share our abundance of love and are renewed by the abundant love that flows through and from beyond the 3-dimensional universe, in consequence, we no longer feel alone, for now, we belong.

Yea, yea, I know, all very wordy. How do we get to rise to this veritable Shangri-La?

Well, there is only one way for “the camel to go through the eye of the needle”. You have to lose those humps!

Suppressed emotions such as humiliation, blame, despair, regret, anxiety, envy, hate, and scorn, can be hidden, out of awareness, hold us enthralled to our egos, and make us ill.

So the following meditations,  in addition to all the previous ones, are there to help us explore our suppressed emotions, come to terms with who we are, and learn to accept ourselves warts and all.

Two concepts to imprint in our psyches :

What we resist persists.

Energy flows to where our focus is.

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