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The New Galaxy

The True Humans had reached this galaxy approx. 55 billion years back to find it was seeded with very low-level alien microbial life.  As time went on, many True Humans splintered into various groups, to explore and colonize different parts of this galaxy.

About 850 million years back, one group of True Human Aliens found our solar system and settled on the then lush world of Mars.  Where the asteroid belt is today, there was then, another planet that has been named Phaethon, inhabited by an intelligent and to us alien life form.

Many True Humans were not comfortable with the ensuing vibrations emanating from this alien, and relatively, nearby race, and decided to explore a bit further for more suitably peaceful planets.

For a long time the True humans kept to themselves, the Aliens from Phaethon had a stagnant culture, based on serfs and owners, creativity was not encouraged doing one’s duty to one’s Lord was and fear was the staple diet.  Their technology remained low.

Over time, a strange phenomenon occurred that led to the degradation of the True Human Martians.   Their population had remained fairly static as to numbers. However, on death, many of their Souls were ready to ascend and move on.

This left an opportunistic gap for extremely young, with a lot of karmic experiences still to be had, souls from the nearby planet to be born amongst the True Humans.

Imperceptibly, as more and more of the evolved souls departed, degradation had begun to take place until eventually, many Martian True Humans had mostly lost their ability to connect via telepathy.  Their culture had degraded to one ruled by tribal leaders, and it had split into two separate tribes, the North, and the South.

[The above paragraph is partly true something else also happened but as, yet I have been unable to ask the right question for confirmation]

Half a billion years ago the degraded True Humans, decided to explore the Earth, which in those days had an orbit a bit closer to the Sun. With their Spiritual degradation, so had their loss of technological prowess also taken many steps back. They still had enough technology to jump across to our planet which, for them, now was a journey of a couple of months.


So about 495 million years back, a group of True Human Martians landed on planet earth with a mission.  2 years previously they had explored parts of the Earth, and they were certain that there were substantial amounts of gold to be mined, they were also hopeful that they would find stable isotopes of magnesium.

This time they had an idea for how to procure the gold. They had previously noted that there were groups of semi-bipeds, gorilla-like that stayed together in groups of 60 or so.  They would splice some of their True Human DNA and help them evolve to the point where they would take orders and work as servants.

These bipeds were herbivores, and they lived in a semi paradise of abundant foliage. Their foraging ground was somewhere between the Balearic Islands off the coast of Spain in the Mediterranean and Egypt.

The Martians, around 22 of them, managed to corral one of the tribes and settled for the long haul as they worked with succeeding generations of these bipeds, to slowly but surely alter their genetic makeup. After about 130 years and three to four generations, they had the beginning of a workforce that could take basic orders. A few more generations and they had the beginning of a workforce that would surface mine for gold on behalf of the Martians.

For the next 120,000, these primal bipedal earthlings toiled on behalf of their gods and masters. Well, not all of them, For the True Human DNA was developing their ability for some independent thought. And over the years many had deserted, escaped, to be free elsewhere.

They were also multiplying, and in the process competing for foliage with the Martian slaves. And so a time came when the Martians considered decimating the growing population of bipedal earthlings by destroying their village-like communities. They succeed in destroying about 70% of these rogue earthlings with the blessing of their Martian people back home.  And so began a Karmic descent of what had been a relatively stable Martian society.

The Martians remained and colonized all the existing continents for another 220 million years.  Time passed. Humans continued to evolve and grow in intelligence. Whilst on Mars, gradual degradation of Spirit ensued. 

Finally, 3.5 million years back, the beings from Phaethon released a weapon that destabilized the magnetic fields on Mars. This was quickly felt as draining away of the atmosphere and increased radiation. As a measure of survival, The Martians responded with weapons that literally tore the planet apart into what today is the asteroid belt.

Mars was also now a dead inhospitable environment. The few survivors on Earth demoralized made it their home, their reason for mining had long gone.  They gradually turned their focus from service to Mars to themselves.  The scarring of their psyche left them emotionally dead and increasingly cruel.

It took another 700 years for the Earthlings to rise up and completely destroy them.

Societies came and went, and civilizations came and went.  Somewhere along this timeline, the True humans that had initially come to this Galaxy and settled within a few thousand light years from the earth became aware of our existence and recognized that we were close second cousins. For the true Human spliced DNA had asserted itself in our biological development.

For a long time, They came and went guiding, nudging our development.

Soon it became obvious that the Earth had a problem. For there were irregular cataclysms that were wiping out large portions of life on Earth.

The seven races of The True Humans in our corner of space consulted with each other and agreed that they would all build large enough spaceships to deal with future cataclysmic emergencies for whichever planets needed their future help.

And so it came about that they collectively built what today has turned out to be a fleet of 167 motherships, each of which is 7 miles wide by just under one mile deep and capable of holding up to 51 million beings; with 640 shuttles each capable of holding 25 beings in total.

These mother crafts contain a sentient non-biological mind that ‘IS’ the ship, feels as well as senses, and can communicate with sentient beings telepathically up to 800 at the same time.

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