Part 2-True Humans Arrival and Departure pg. 2

In 2045, One year before the impending Cataclysm 12 of their ships will make their presence known, for they will park themselves in near-Earth orbit at specific locations around the planet.  One month before this event, those that are meant to ascend to the first ships will have been communicated telepathically, with instruction to make their way to specific locations.

So who are these people that will be at the front of the queue so to speak?  I suppose it is no surprise that these people will be the ones with the highest attained levels of consciousness on the planet at the time, their families assuming they do not ‘self-deselect’ will be included.  

Shuttles will descend immediately from these ‘Mother ships’ and the uplift will be in earnest, with not a moment to lose, for 462 million souls will have to be picked up and berthed within 45 days, before there is any serious attempt to hamper their movements. Locations will change as the days go by.

The Alien Beings once they have appeared on our skies will bypass governments to communicate directly via all available electronic media to reassure the masses of their well-meaning intentions. At no point will they proclaim there is an impending cataclysm.

All those due to leave will be contacted well in advance telepathically with instructions as to the pickup points.   Each Mother ship holds 640 shuttles carrying 25 people + 2 pilots each.  The actual journey time ground to mother ship will be 30 seconds, embarking and disembarking will take a bit longer.

This next bit of information I can’t make sense of at the moment, but the initial uplift will take only an average of 17 million per ship amounting to 204 million. If the capacity is for 462 million why only take less than half that number? 

It appears that the reason for this will be partly not hearing the call by a few, but the majority will choose to stay and sacrifice themselves, out of their love for the rest of mankind.???

This requires further explanation!   On this Earth as everywhere else there is light and there is darkness. The light is provided by those of higher consciousness who feel love for themselves as well as others, and which hopefully, as a result of my writings, as well as the intersection of the potentially other 2119 messengers, there will be an escalating domino effect, whereby, more and more of the evolved souls on this planet will find it easier to wake up from their automatically and traumatically induced ego slumber.

At this moment in time there are 14.6 million highly evolved souls (by our standards), on this planet, 10.1 million of which have incarnated here before, that leaves 4.5 million that have chosen to incarnate at this crucial time, from the seven humanoid planets with advanced civilizations in our little corner of the galaxy, with the mission of raising the overall vibration here on Earth.

Apparently there are another four planets approx.  120 years more technologically advanced than ours in this little corner where a proportion of the population were relocated from previous cataclysms on the Earth.

 At the other end of the spectrum we have 2.4 billion souls most of which have advanced from the animal, bird, and fish kingdom to make the most of the experience that we are presently going through on this Earth. They are the most susceptible to ego fear as well as manipulation. The other 5 + billion Souls are in a middle layer of varying degree of experience and development.

The overall number of souls, that as I write, have cleared the hurdles to reach a level of consciousness above 450 stands at a measly 65 million give or take, out of a present population of 7.9 billion.

Within 10 years the number of souls above 450 needs to escalate to about 1.5 billion out of a tad under 7.1 billion, this will amount to approx. 21% of the then world population.

To me, this increase within 10 years seems an insurmountable task.

I have just been reminded that there is a bulk of young people in their twenties, thirties, and some in their forties with spiritual aspirations pressing to wake up.

There are a lot of so called ‘spiritual people’ on this earth presently, unhappy within the realities they have created for themselves. They are looking for answers out there beyond themselves, trapped in their ego fears.

There is only one true answer at this time, and that is to look within, free ourselves of our traumas by forgiveness, letting go of our sense of victimhood, and in the process, connect with our hearts and create a domino cascade effect to alter our collective reality. Everything else is just BS.

The above figures are too incredible for me to process; look at the state of the world today. If this is going to happen those of us that have woken up need to change/ focus/ prioritise our service to others. We need to turn our lives around and focus; this may mean retraining, acquiring skills to help others to clear some of the mental, emotional, and physical hurdles that they still face.

Within 25 years The number of people above Lv. 450 needs to rise to at least 4 billion that they may escape to safety, even then, many advanced souls that came to this planet at this time to help in this endeavour will remain casualties of war, in the sense that they volunteered to incarnate, expressly to raise the consciousness of the planet at this critical juncture, but they got caught in the ego mire of their own little hell, and will never see a way out.

With each successive uplift and departure of a mother ship, more and more of the light will depart from this planet, the overall vibrational level will succumb lower and lower, the opportunity to raise one’s level will diminish month by month. Until finally, spiritual darkness will overtake the planet, and those left will be mainly low-level souls with no measurable self-cognisance, fear cruelty and violence will once more overtake the world. 

Those spiritually awake (relatively) high-level souls who chose to stay behind, will sacrifice themselves to maintain the light and love vibration, to provide an opportunity for those evolved but lost souls, to awaken in time to depart on the last ships.

I found the above so sad that I was compelled to get my wife to listen to the last couple of pages. Sometimes, In attempting to get my wife to listen to any part of this last chapter I feel like a ‘Wogon’   trying to shove some Wogon poetry into Arthur Dent in the ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’.

Her interest was, who is staying behind? Looking at me suspiciously, what happens to these enlightened souls? I had to own up I didn’t know. So I have had to ask and now I do, and the answer is not a Hollywood happy ending.

Each and every enlightened being that stays behind will do so for their love of humanity, as well as for the lost but evolved Souls who valiantly incarnated knowing the risks of devolution and karma, should they not succeed in waking up in time.

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