Meditation – Walking, Grounding Ourselves

Meditation -The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step

On this page I offer a Meditation on walking, to ground ourselves, to be in our bodies, rather than our heads, to experience Nature, and the world around us, to connect with our breathing for:

To go out of your mind, you need a new location!

Remember, where your focus is – your energy follows!

Until we make space in our hearts, what better place than our bodies?

I realize that for many, the body is an uncomfortable place full of aches, tensions, and pain, hence why so many people live in and are trapped by their minds, rather than grounded in their bodies.

There are quite a few others who make their emotional centre home, but that can be like being on a boat on the high seas with no land in sight, and the weather can get rough there, as our emotions pull us in every direction.

The good thing about being in our bodies is that it is relaxing, grounding, and places us in the present, for the body, unlike emotions or mind, is always in the present.

We started this journey by focusing on our breath; we followed this by learning to genuinely smile at ourselves. We now need to inhabit our bodies, from the ground up ‘so to speak’ by focusing on our feet, and we will link this with the other previous practices, as we walk.

Be as a child when walking in the forest

1. Go to a park or forest somewhere with few people and many trees, give yourself 20 minutes, and walk very slowly sensing the heel come down and moving towards your toes.

Sense your toes grabbing the ground through your footwear, the propelling of your forward momentum leads to the heel of your other foot on the ground in front, and you’re grabbing the ground with your toes… you are on a roll keep going.

2. As you slowly walk forward, sense the various pressures in your foot that arise from the way you hold your body structure. As you progress, you can add the following:

3. Add the breathing abdominal exercises.

4.  Make this easy work. Feel yourself smiling inwardly as well as outwardly to all the aspects of Nature that you encounter in your walk.Be as a child.

What is it like to experience your surroundings as though it were the first time? What is it like for your mind to stop talking? (clue – focus – sense your feet, sense your body posture) BE in your body.

5. With practice, as you inhabit your body, your mind goes quiet, and you experience the world with your other senses. If you can, add the sense of the bubble of energy field  (aura) surrounding you. (this is a mixture of direct sensing and imagination).

6. Extend your senses to the energy bubbles from the trees around you as you walk.

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