Applied Kinesiology Acupuncture and eczema

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My daughter has suffered with Eczema since she was around 13 yrs old.  As an acupuncturist I tried for years to help her to no avail. As time went on she got worse with it, spreading all over her body and in desperation used to smother her body in strong steroids in attempts to keep it at bay. Further complications arose such as asthma and hives.

eczema on neck and face

We were desperate to help her and sent her for allergy testing, to a hypnotherapist, a herbalist, a homeopath and even to a person (little joke) who was a Kinesiologist and actually gave her something that she reacted quite strongly to. We scoured around frantically trying to help her.

eczema under armpit

All to no avail, she got worse and worse. Vicky would wake up every hour scratching. Short of sleep she struggled, but nevertheless did well at university in spite of leaving the university for one semester because her eczema was so bad, and was / is amazingly well thought of in her job.

I did not know how to help her and watched with dismay her personal descent into hell. She went vegan for a couple of years, and I was at my wits end for that just made her even worse and she couldn’t see it.

I learn Kinesiology and muscle testing

By this time I had learnt kinesiology, bridged the gap with my Higher Self and was reliant on its help for diagnostic purposes. Via the use of muscle testing I am these days able to discover information about a person’s illness that can be a bit short of ‘spooky’.

Vicky had lost faith in my help long before and, in spite of my assurances that I was finally in a position to be helpful, she was dismissive.  However, she was hearing reports of increasing numbers of people who had been helped by me in so many ways that she finally decided to take the plunge.

eczema on face

The very first session was poignant.  She was full of demands and need to be in control.  When someone comes to me for help I have no idea how I will be able to help them.  I am totally reliant on my Higher Self to guide me, for I am just an instrument for a Higher Power.  Sounds a bit corny perhaps, yet true.

From the word go I was led to encourage her towards self-love and acceptance of her condition.

One problem with eczema for a beautiful woman is the loss of self-esteem when she sees her face and body in a mirror, and the months and years of loss of sleep do not help.

My Treatments with Acupuncture and Kinesiology

It was an uphill struggle, but gradually Vicky began to trust and my treatments increased in frequency, and variety. I did a lot of acupuncture, cranial, sacral, body structural and clearing of past emotional trauma.

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There is no point my sharing that I worked with any specific meridian or acupuncture points, although I did work with a number of them. There is no script that will work with everyone. My way of working is very specific and tailored to the individual client.

Vicky’s sense of self worth had been on the up for a while, as a result of working on her past emotional traumas her level of consciousness had risen above 500  as she rose above her inner demons, and I was told that Vicky had been lead poisoned when a lot younger, and that this was the real initial cause of her eczema.

I asked if there was a cure and told that there was one herb that would be useful in her case that came from India. Knowing nothing about herbs I asked Vicky to collate a list for me, which she did. Over the phone I asked her to number them and there and then, with help from above, I selected a number indicating which herb would help her.

Finally, after 4 months

So here we are 4 months after she finally accepted my help. Vicky is an amazing woman. She has suffered like no other. However her creativity is now in full swing. Her world is bright once more with her level of consciousness over 800.  She is now sleeping through the night for the first time in months and the eczema disappearing as dark clouds do after the storm.

Eczema clearing from face

Vicky is not yet out of the woods as presently she would describe herself as having come down from a rating of 10/10 to 4/10 in terms of her skin itching and ability to have a good sleep. It will take a while to fully heal.

The acupuncture, Kinesiology, structural, herbs and change to a more balanced diet to include meat and animal fat all were / are very important, and I doubt that success to the present would have been achieved otherwise.  However, what became really obvious is that once the eczema has been part of the landscape for any length of time it affects our sense of self worth as we descend into negativity. To truly heal it is imperative that we alter our self-perception from self-dislike to self-appreciation and love.

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