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Menkaure’s Pyramid

19,400 years back Atlantis was in full swing. Their understanding of geometrical mathematics is highly advanced. They could use very large magnifying lenses to turn granite back to lava, and they knew how to create limestone blocks that were poured like concrete.

There was one village with a number of elders (28) of high intelligence, aptitude, and long memories, who collectively decided on the importance of leaving some sort of monument that would survive future catastrophes in which they could leave their accumulated knowledge and skills. They infused all the adults of the village with their vision and they agreed that once the plan was put into motion that some of them would focus on the planting, harvesting, milling of their rye flour and hunting, whilst the rest would work together to create the monument that we today call Menkaure’s Pyramid

Please note that the 3 Pyramids of Giza according to ~Charley were built from small to large which is the opposite of what is presently believed. No mummies were ever found in any of them and in the smallest one Menkaure’s Pyramid only bones from two cadavers, one of which has been concluded to be less than 2,000 yrs. old. It is also worth mentioning all 3 pyramids were created for their entrances to be left open. The smallest one was blocked by those that left the human remains in its bowels.

The rising sea levels less than 100 yrs back, over such a relatively short period of time had been a wakeup call; word-of-mouth stories had been handed down and in time inscribed on clay tablets over a thousand years previously, and some Atlantean elders realized that chaotic disruptions would occur with a certain regularity. They needed to both measure the passing and ascertain the survival of their informative monument.

Pyramid of Menkaure

This 1st Pyramid was constructed to survive whatever natural disasters occurred. The project begun with 151 Atlanteans and, by the time they stopped 32 years later, the workforce had grown to 169 with many of the grown-up children joining their parents in this amazing construction which had become the talk of the whole culture. Although they never fully completed it, for they had run out of a necessary material to create the limestone and, once they went back to their ‘ordinary lives’ the spell that had kept them enthralled to its construction evaporated like morning mist under the glare of the full Sun. It nevertheless became a repository of their knowledge and lore.  The entrance was NOT closed off until the last couple of thousand years, when it was hidden by those that turned it into a crypt.

Khafre’s Pyramid

Approx 150 yrs. passed when once more the Atlantean Elders envisaged the project of a new and grander pyramid that would become a centre of learning for their culture, which today we call Khafre’s Pyramid. This presently misnamed Khafre’s Pyramid took 54 yrs. to build

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Why did they build it? Just because they could? No, it had a purpose. The reputation of the builders of the 1st Pyramid had spread far and wide, and Atlanteans pilgrimaged from far away to view the marvel, for it was like nothing ever seen before. The sharpest minds of the period, seeking understanding, began to cluster, the depository of accumulated knowledge attracting them.

The highest thoughts of mankind invariably turn to Who are we? Why are we here? Is there a divine beyond the mundane? They correctly surmised that ‘To truly know what is beyond us, we need to drink deep from what is inside us’. They decided to replicate the previous Pyramid. With a chamber at the heart and depth of it, to reflect the inner journey of going to the depths of oneself. For here, in the stillness of the womb of Mother Earth they might be free of all external influences. This inner chamber became a meditation space for the initiates. And remained in constant use for over 400 years. The Egyptian priests would, much, much later also make use of it.

Khafre’s Pyramid

You will note that there is an upper entrance and a lower one. The lower entrance is the original the upper entrance was created many thousands of years later when the Egyptian Dynasty reigned Egypt. The lower entrance had been blocked by natural causes, approx. 5,280 yrs. back and they took the opportunity to create a closer and more direct route. At this time, the intention still remained to use the pyramid for deep contemplation, exclusively for the priest cast.

Balzony’s sketch 1818

You will note that there was an original sarcophagus on the floor of the (second burial chamber). The ground stones were mostly taken away to be re-purposed much later, leaving the sarcophagus exposed. It has been well known for millions of years by those that carry the flame of the highest aspiration of humanity that ‘to truly live we have to die.’ Transcendence is encouraged by the contemplation of our death, as well as the demise of those close to us.

In Balzoni’s sketch you will see that in the main chamber, there were, are, 2 air vents high up that lead towards the outside of the pyramid, these were incorporated as part of the original build, to create an air current, for those seeking inner truth, would stay in complete darkness in the sarcophagus, for just over two days on average. Of course, not everyone had the fortitude to stay in the total darkness and complete absence of sound for the two days that might have seemed like a week, with only their ‘relentless’ thoughts and emotions for company.

18,750 yrs. ago The Great Pyramid of Giza

After the 2nd Pyramid, The Atlanteans had a bit of a renaissance. The village/town in question had become a centre of learning for all their sciences.  Their mathematics, astrology, and metallurgy, amongst others had increased exponentially. They also had enhanced their written language, which is the precursor of the Hebrew alphabet.

Apart from the science of Healing, above all else, the Atlanteans valued mathematics and its logic. Approx.570 yrs. had gone by since the first pyramid was constructed. They knew the world was round by observation and mathematics, even though, they had never been beyond Africa in any significant way.

  Why did they build this third and last Pyramid? This has been the hardest info to obtain, for although ~Charley and I communicate in a variety of ways, ultimately, it comes down to my asking the right question to get a physical yes /no answer. It had nothing to do with astrology or astronomy, Magic, spirits or other dimensions, Aliens, Energy accumulation or other esoteric purposes.

They definitely wanted to pass on their knowledge of History, Mathematics, philosophy and psychological understanding of what it is to be human to future generations. They were aware of how easily the light of civilisation can be snuffed out by all-encompassing Earth disasters. To this end they used Geometry and writing, lots of writing, on the walls of the Grand Gallery, using symbols that they hoped would be understood at some future date. Unfortunately, it was all removed around 1500 yrs. back. A distillation of information in clay tablets were also left in the Queen’s chamber.

So why build it they way they did? Was it meant to be a monument to be admired from afar? Did it have a practical purpose? The Atlanteans tried to conceive the future needs of their community, for after the first 2 pyramids they were definitely at the centre of the world. And, whilst the town never reached a population beyond 960 adults, many were still coming from afar for the experience of a lifetime, as well as seeking personal growth in what we might today call a university.

The Elders and skilled architects quantified 3 aims:

1) A time capsule for their future descendants,

2) To make use of the internal space for rites of ‘spiritual passage’ -as with the 2nd Pyramid

3) Ego -(took me a while to get this one!) pride in their abilities to excel, as well as a certain ‘OCD‘ for symmetry. As the saying goes ‘in for a penny in for a pound!’ The Atlanteans were just human like the rest of us. There were no secret mystical purposes, Ley line alignments, energy accumulators, or E.T. call home to Sirius or anywhere else. Sorry to burst the bubble.

 Once the plans were made, their vision to build a much grander Pyramid was put forth to the adults of the town. This time around word had spread, and people came from other towns to help, more than 1500 gathered for the great project. Whilst the sandstone and granite blocks were ‘poured’ in situ, they still needed sand, small granite rocks, animal bones, oyster shells, and water in large quantities, to be collected and processed, then lifted to the required levels. It took them 64 years to complete the greatest wonder of the world.

You need to appreciate that it was a collective of willing participants. There were no Dictators or powerful people to force their will on others. They were not slaves, after the first 20 yrs. some people began to desert the project, and many died, the next generation replaced them, but the numbers continued coming down. Food was still being hunted on their behalf, and rye was harvested to make their bread.   Towards the end, about twenty people were still actively working. These were third generation on from those that had started the project,  their impetus to finish and complete the pyramid meaningless, exhausted-they decided to stop.

The capstone of the Great Pyramid

Great controversy, where is the capstone? This answer may seem like a cop-out. According to ~Charley, none of these 3 initial Great Pyramids of Giza was constructed with the idea of placing a capstone on top, and none were created.

The controversy over Khufu’s cartouche

Campbell’s Chamber above King’s Chamber inscribed graffiti

This gets even more interesting for me. As I have shared, this Pyramid is, according to ~Charley approx. 18,700 yrs. old.  Whilst watching the Pyramid film at 1 :54:50 I come across new information,  for inside Campbell’s chamber many, if not all initial explorers, added their names  BUT, there is one initial graffiti hooligan who inscribed the name of KHUFU in a red hieroglyphic pigment. Hence the reason why it is now called Pharaoh’s Khufu Great Pyramid. The WHOLE verifiable proof of the date of its construction rests on this graffiti.

Khufu cartouche from inside Campbell’s chamber

Once more I ask ~Charley to re-verify his information to me, after all, no one likes to look foolish or be judged a moron! ~Charley is adamant as to the age of the Pyramid. I look online for information as to the passageway that climbs up towards Campbell’s chamber and I come across this web site

Here Richards makes the case with lots of photos, that the original graffiti was misspelt, and they are attempting to hide the true glyph which would give an entirely different name. The photo of the cartouche contains an ‘O’ that has 3 lines within it, Richard makes the case that the original had only a dot within the circle, and someone added the 3 lines to alter its meaning and hide the centre dot, he also makes the case that the same dye was still available in 1837.

I should point out that large parts of the pyramid are out of bounds. Here is an article where they explain how they had managed to scrape a sample of the red dye of the cartouche, taken to a lab in Germany and analysed, the result? The cartouche is a fake -only a couple of centuries old!

Well, I wouldn’t put it past them to make reality fit their blinkered assumptions. What is missing is, that just as explorers vandalized the walls for a number of years since its official discovery in 1837 they could just as easily have done so over 4.000 years back, except they didn’t.  ‘Personal’ Graffiti appears to be vandalism of the egocentric modern age.

17,800  -The Sphinx

G.I Gurdjieff -later years

Built and created- why? To survive future catastrophes. G.I. Gurdgieff (adventurer and explorer at the turn of the 19th century as well as Esoteric Teacher) was of the opinion, based on extensive reflection and observations that the Sphinx was built to represent a concept and qualities of a universal nature regarding humanity, a means of transmitting information directly from the past to the three centres (physical, emotional and mental) of those who contemplate it .  And ~Charley concurs.

The Sphinx

 An afterthought to the pyramids – historians believe the Sphinx was built 4,500 yrs. back for the Pharaoh Khafren of whom nothing is known, apart from some writing 2000 yrs. later by Manetho who may have been an Egyptian priest or a Greek. The Sphinx is near the 2nd pyramid (Khafren’s Pyramid), so assumed it was built then because some modern historians fancy there was a likeness on the Sphinx’s face to a statue they believe to be Khafren’s visage. ( They both share a similar cloth over their heads, that’s about it!)

Carbon Dating.

I have checked and rechecked with ~Charley ‘ad nausea to verify that the dates He’s given me I have understood correctly, that I have not made a mistake in my understanding. ~Charley is clear that his information and my understanding of it are accurate.

So, I have a dilemma (not really!) as to whom to believe.  With carbon dating they claim to have tested the mortar in various places in the 1980’s, to place them all at around 4,500 or so.  However, the Sphinx tells a different story as again there is controversy, namely that weather-water erosion at the base of the sphinx suggests that there was a different climate from the present desert conditions. And it has been suggested, that it may be as old as 9,000 yrs. or so.  What is missing here is the concept that there could possibly have been any other civilization prior to ours. ie. predating the Egyptian culture, never mind all the submerged cities and Forbidden archaeology  artefacts

I Was Wrong! The Sphinx Erosion DOES Pre-Date the Pyramids – NEW EVIDENCE
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If the dating for the Sphinx is wrong, then their assumption for the date of the 2nd pyramid is also wrong. The problem is more to do with the lack of imagination of academics. Many small pyramids were constructed in the last 4 thousand years or so for the wealthy to use as tombs, and they did find one cadaver in the first tomb and allegedly a sarcophagus. On the basis of this and since ‘God’ had created mankind 7000 years back well… case closed.

The Sphinx Water Erosion Debate – Joe Rogan and Graham Hancock
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Please also bear in mind that carbon dating is based on the action of the Sun on the atmosphere, however the Sun is inconstant at the best of times, we have had one major  recent cataclysm 12,850 yrs back  as well as one hell of a deluge,  as it says in the bible (am paraphrasing )’ the rains fell for forty days and nights’.

One last thought, When the Pharaohs took over the pyramids for their own aggrandisement, might they not have improved the look of the pyramids for their own benefit?  What if they replaced the mortar on which the carbon dating is based? After all the pyramids had survived for well over 10,000 yrs. previously, through all manner of disruptions. What if they decided to give them a facelift, to make it a fitting receptacle for the Pharaoh(s) ?  Well, this is confusing  ~Charley disagrees!   He says “They did not spruce up the Pyramids for they were in a good enough state, and the carbon dating was accurate as far as it goes. But, the readings do not reflect the true state of the changing atmosphere due to the inconsistencies of the Sun’s output”.

The three pyramids have their entrances facing north it has been suggested it was to do with pointing to the north star. ~Charley disagrees with this,  yes, it has an important purpose, which according to ~Charley was purely to do with the wind direction. ie. North is the more secluded direction.

Lastly, What happened to Atlantis and its people in the ensuing 5,000 yrs. prior to the Cataclysm? Not much ! Their population very gradually rose towards the 50 million+ and they expanded across north Africa as far as Syria, The pyramids and the Sphinx were still the hub from which the spokes of their civilization stretched across the Northern part of the African continent and Eastwards as far as Syria.

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Atlantis, The Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, Göbekli Tepe and Earth Cataclysm Part 3


  1. We are always searching for sacred meaning. I’ve always enjoyed Hancock’s postulate about the pyramids arrangement being about following the star procession. Yet a more practical solution would be as suggested, to avoid getting sand blown about

    • Yes I kept asking ~Charley hoping for some Esoteric or fantastical purpose for the position of the entrances, for the alignments of the air shafts and for the upper mystifying granite upper ceiling sections of the King’s chambers but none but the mundane was forthcoming. of course there is always the possibility that I have yet to ask the right question.


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