Myths abound as to whether Atlantis, let alone any other civilization, has previously existed.  Mainstream archaeology contends that the Great Pyramids of Giza are no older than 4,600 years old. The recent discovery and partial unearthing of Göbekli Tepe brought to prominence in part by Graham Hancock is believed to have been created around 11,000 yrs. back, and the Sphinx, because of an alleged similarity in countenance to Pharaoh Khafre has also been dated to around 4,500 approx.

What all of the above apart from Göbekli Tepe have in common is the assumption that there was no preceding civilization. That we, present Homo sapiens are ‘it’ and we are the pinnacle of human evolution to date!

Cards on the table I know absolutely nothing about history. For that matter, it seems to me that many archaeological historians are not that much more clued in either, for they have drunk of the Christian ‘kool-Aid’  and are filled with mental dissonance. On the one hand, they are ‘scientifically’ almost certain the Earth is approx. 4.5 billion yrs. old,  (~Charley says 5.1 billion yrs. old). On the other hand, their blinkered indoctrination does not allow for previous civilizations.

At this point you are justified in questioning, why does someone who owns to be totally ignorant of Earth’s history, and who has hardly ever given it a significant thought, blogging about it? If, like many, you have never heard of me before, let me share that for the past 3 years I have been ‘channelling ‘ dialoguing might be more accurate with a 12-Dimensional Soul I call ~Charley – purely for ease of communication on my behalf. To accept the possibility of ~Charley is to allow for the probability of other dimensions, that exists beyond Time. You could also think of ~Charley as a small Archangel (no wings), either way  (for those of you fearful of negative entities)~Charley is a minuscule fragment of God – just as we are -without going religious.

Because ~Charley is beyond time, the past, present, and future are all NOW to Him. I have been tasked with disseminating information as to the coming Earth Cataclysm, and to appreciate the likelihood of such an event it is salutary to look to our past. But we can’t rely on mainstream historians, because they appear to be as clueless as the rest of us and, when they encounter data and evidence contrary to rigidly held beliefs, they suppress the offered proof and cancel those who dare question,  hence the rise of forbidden archaeology, or, as they like to label these days – historical conspiracy theorists.

engraved baby on levis stone over 1 million years old
Engraved foetus on Lewis stone over 1 mill years old

Lewis stone is over 1 million years old, the engraved babies are on opposite sides of a single piece of stone. When this information was shared with archaeological historians, their response was? “It must have been the action of the sea that created the perceived images. Impossible for human beings to have done so, they did not exist!” I am paraphrasing what my friend Steven was told. As it happens ~Charley places that object millions of years before, and we did a podcast on it.

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Over the years I have been aware of people going off on special tours to Egypt, to look, explore, meditate and hope for some form of spiritual enlightenment or revelation within the pyramids. They are certainly impressive as physical structures, just as much as their mathematical dimensions in relationship to the Earth. But to me, they were an anomaly I wasn’t ready to explore. Recently I came across a film   The Movie Great Pyramid K 2019 by Director Fehmi Krasniqi

The Movie Great Pyramid K 2019 by Director Fehmi Krasniqi
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Where he makes the case that as a result of observations in the great pyramid, such as for example, a beam encrusted in concrete as though the two were one. He reasoned that the concrete solidified around the wood. He later proceeded to experiment and discovered that the blocks from which the pyramids were formed had to have been created in situ. In the film, he shows that by mixing neutrons and lime via chemicals and heat, a reaction takes place to create limestone concrete. With the granite which was moulded into shapes, he also contemplated that the heat to turn them into ‘lava’ could only have come from the Sun via huge magnifying lenses. I had no difficulty accepting his arguments and proof.

This brings me to the present. I reasoned that there is a huge thirst for information and guidance on this subject and I decided to ask ~Charley for as much information as I could conceive of, not because the Great Pyramids of Giza are of any Spiritual significance, though they are certainly magnificent by any measure but, because of their importance within the context of past cataclysms.

Before I go into the details of the Timeline that is the birth and death of Atlantis. From its inception, after their survival from a previous cataclysm 28,500 yrs back, when a Big Freeze engulfed the Earth with its tentacles reaching most of the way towards the Equator, and in the process, decimating a previous population of 23.5 million human beings down to 11.5 million almost immediately. With survivors ground down by the punishing freeze that killed most of the life on Earth.  Apart from a narrow belt on the equator where the short ‘summer’ barely reached above mid-twenties centigrade. It lasted for 15yrs. before the intense cold began to recede and the 1 million humans still standing,  thrown back to the stone age.

The Atlantean civilization had a number of stops and starts, but they kept going and maintained some sort of cohesion. They fully flowered as a civilization 19,500 yrs. back, and once more after the last Earth Cataclysm 12,800 yrs. ago for another 1500 yrs. or so up to the time of the Deluge that is spoken of in the Bible.  I will come back to the timeline and their magnificent creations a bit later; For now let me share something of their culture across a time span of more than 20+ thousand years.

Crab apples 500 yrs. back

There are so many flavours of Humanity today that perhaps we may struggle with the idea that not that long ago there was just one race inhabiting this planet -the Atlanteans,  and there is still only one race! 500 years back the apples we buy today did not exist, they have been created by selective pollination, today there is a profusion of different varieties of apples! Even more so than humans.

It is difficult to describe the physical changes to the Atlantean race when covering a period of almost 20,000 years, for their people were culled by Earth-spanning disasters on numerous occasions and, at times, their diet was challenging. Overall we can say, they were on average around 5’10” and the closest we could compare them to modern races would be Mongolic in appearance. By necessity, they settled from the area of Western Sahara to as far East as Palestine.

North Africa

The Atlanteans were hunter-gatherers for long periods during their existence, however, in settled periods they built stone houses. And towards the end of their existence grew a form of rye to supplement their diet, the deserts of today were not there in North Africa19,000 years ago.


Their relatively small groups were widely spread out over densely populated savannahs and their diet contained as their main source of protein a precursor to the impala gazelle and, towards the end of their civilization, some fish, and rye. We are talking of thousands of years, and yet in a way their culture was quite static, they developed mathematics, astrology, masonry, carpentry, metallurgy, crystal making, pottery, herbs, the fashioning of leather and some weaving.  Electricity and mechanics were never part of their development. The knowledge of Acupuncture meridians had survived from a previous epoch prior to the cataclysm of 28,500 years back.

There were never enough Atlanteans to merit or justify going to war for resources, unfortunately, just like us they were under the influence of the Moon, so subject to self-centredness and fear. On the plus side, they did not have kings/queens/dictators or psychopaths to control the small groups which seldom reached more than 960 adults (even whilst building the great Pyramids)  and revolved around loyalty to their family units. Their political culture had similarities to American Indians, they revered their wise elders, and it was during a period spanning 500 yrs. that they excelled in their Sciences and during which time, a small group proposed that they needed something substantial to help them mark the passage of time in relation to catastrophic events, with hope of warning and preparedness for their descendants. The creation of the Pyramids of Giza was a collective, valiant and all-consuming effort.

I should point out that when the Great Pyramids of Giza were constructed the countryside was not a desert, although there was a lot of sand, it was lush and fertile, more like a savannah.

Near the start, I mentioned the Movie Great Pyramid K 2019 by Director Fehmi Krasniqi and lenses for harnessing the Sun’s heat. According to ~Charley by the time of the Pyramids, they had developed the skill of creating magnifying lenses to concentrate the Sun’s rays, the largest of which was approx. 14″radial distance.

Timeline of Atlantis and recent past cataclysmic events

The following is a timeline of major events during the last 28,500 yrs. If you take nothing else away from this article, take note of how many and how regular Earth Cataclysmic Disturbances have occurred and their relationship to the Sun’s activity, and perhaps ask yourself this question? How special are we that it can’t possibly happen to us?

28,500 yrs. back – a big freeze in part to the Sun as well as orbit realignment

            Temperatures plummeted Worldwide, there was a small belt around the equator where temp. would go up to the mid 20’s Cent. . It lasted 15 yrs. before the cold began to recede somewhat. World pop. had plummeted from 23.5 Mil -to  11.5mil almost overnight. After the 15yrs of extreme cold they were down to 1 million. Civilization? Back to the Stone Age

For the following  3,200 years, the Atlantean race having resettled in Africa, closer to the Equator learned to survive in what became a moderate climate and eventually thrived until…..

25,300   Major Catastrophe – Due to Sun’s electromagnetic dynamics which in turn had been disrupted by the Galaxy’s electromagnetic dynamics.

Sun, Coronal discharge

 Unfortunately, The Sun once more had a ‘wobbly’. This time, earthquakes and tsunamis destroyed much of the Earth and out of a civilization that had grown to 28 mill only 15.4 Mil survived.  After this Cataclysm, the Glaciers receded somewhat and the band of tolerable conditions steadily improved, although the Atlanteans remained firmly rooted in Africa.

22,300 – Big freeze once more

As a result of orbital re-positioning due to the ‘effect’ of Jupiter and Saturn The Atlanteans once more moved closer to the equator with minimal losses. Their numbers had risen to 20.7 mill. and only about 600,000 were lost. It was during these 2,800 years that Atlantis began to flourish; Writing and reading, language, mathematics, metallurgy, astrology, and Acupuncture, all exploded. Knowledge was freely interchanged.

19,500melting of the glaciers from orbital realignment and Sun activity

melting glaciers

A deluge of slow but biblical proportions!  Over the span of 2 years, some of the glaciers slowly reduced and receded as a result of Sun Activity and orbit realignment. In the 2,800 intervening years, the Atlantean population had risen to 46 million and there were negligible losses. They were now spreading from West Africa – Mauritanian all the way across Palestine to Iraq on the East

19,400 The idea to leave a legacy for the future by making a pyramid was born

For the next 400 yrs.  The Great Pyramids of Giza were constructed. If you read popular history they will tell you that they were built a mere 4,500 or so years back as mausoleums. They have absolutely no hard proof of this, it’s all belief and assumptions, with any data that contradicts the narrative ‘swept under the rug’, of course, neither have I! But I will trust ~Charley’s telling much more, if for no other reason than it is a much more interesting tale! 

They were NOT built for entombing Pharaohs, It is true that many smaller pyramids were copied and built in the last 6,000 years worldwide for the express purpose of entombing those who considered themselves more worthy than the general population. Apparently, no mummies have ever been found in any of the 3 Great Pyramids of Giza, although Menkaure’s Pyramid had some human remains which are less than 2,000 yrs. old, as well as a sarcophagus that sank in the sea on its way to Great Britain.

This is a long tale and I will split the article into manageable chunks please continue with me as I explore with ~Charley’s guidance the timeline of the last 19,500 years of our collective history…


Atlantis, The Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, Göbekli Tepe and Earth Cataclysm Part 2



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