Time to alter our collective perception of Reality!

Are you not fed up with being at the mercy of the fearful mob mechanics that collectively are forcing such a fearful and dystopian perception of reality on the rest of us? You are mistaken if you believe that you can change our collective perception of the world by going out there knocking door to door like a pair of Jehovah’s witnesses, or political canvassers.

The time has come for a collective effort to create a new perceived reality based on love appreciation, understanding and acceptance. The energy required is beyond the perception of the average ‘ego’.

People hanker after abundant and unlimited energy in the outer world, it will never happen, unless and until, we reconnect with the one source that is truly profuse and unlimited – our hearts.!

How to, prelude

Sensing bioelectrical fields with palms of hands

If you place the palms of your hands facing each other in front of you  approx. 18 inches apart and then bring them together  to perhaps 6 inches  apart  then wave them away and towards each other a number of times very gently   you will start to notice a subtle pressure between your hands.

That sensation is your bioelectrical field, we all have one. It is the result of the electric current running along our nervous system. This field, in a healthy person surrounds the body equally in all directions.  In an unhealthy person, as a result of  blocked emotional flow (by the mind), the field can be lop sided to righ / left, front/back , top  or  areas around the body will be missing the field charge.

Exercise 1 Connect with your energy field

You have already done the palm exercise (above) to get a taste of the field. We now, sitting or reclined (mornings are best- less chance of falling sleep?), arms and legs uncrossed and by the sides. We imagine one leg and sense its position attached to the body surround it with the sense and feeling of the bioelectrical field,  spend around 5 to 10 seconds for each section. We repeat for the other limbs head and torso.

Auric fields

When complete sense, feel the bioelectrical field for the whole body. Ask yourself is the field a bubble that surrounds me equally? Does it seem more condensed in any particular direction? Is there an absence of field anywhere around the body?

Some of you will find the exercise easy, many of you will struggle. What matters is the experience.

If you do find a gap in the field respond to this article and I will give instructions to repair.

Value of connecting with one’s Bio-electric or Auric field

I have shared often in other articles and videos that we are fractured human beings lost in our egos. That to achieve ego separation/detachment it is required for us to have all three brains alert and engaged . Why do we want detachment? That we may open up our hearts to the world of feelings, and that we may facilitate the flow of emotions within us.

You will notice that with practice the more you connect with your Bio-electrical field the quieter you mind becomes and the more connected you are to your surroundings. With practice  you will engage with others by  sensing their Auric field. This is very useful if you are a practising alternative practitioner.

Caveat if part (s) of your Bioelectrical field is fractured / missing /lopsided it simply means suppressed emotions are interfering with the electrical flow , regardless, If you are diligent in your practice you will facilitate the release of some of those emotions with the resultant intensity of such an experience.

Why am I really sharing this with you?

Our world is collectively co-created  by the most powerful vibrational energy emanating from human beings. At this moment this vibration is fear and the world is in chaos,  out of this bubbling spring greed, envy, victimisation, bullying control and subservience of our human as well as material energy resources enslave us. If we keep doing what we have always done in the past then the future will be more of the same.

The time has come for us to do something different, resisting fear leads to more of the same.

love brightness versus fear

Love (not mushy love) is a vibrational energy whereby the average congruent individual has the equivalent power of 800 or so fearful egos to crystallise their perception of reality. In other words it doesn’t need as many of us to alter collective perception of reality, which in turn will affect those we collectively choose to lead us to represent the highest aspirations of mankind, rather than what we are lumbered with at present.

Finally ..The meditational exercise

Seat or recline comfortably, hands by sides, legs uncrossed.

 Do a quick sweep, limb by limb, sensing and feeling the Bio electric (auric) field surrounding each limb, then add the torso, neck and head.

 Now connect with the Auric field around the whole of you for 5 to 10 seconds  and connect with your heart by adding a little smile around the corners of your lips and eyes.

Bring to mind the map of UK and the nine locations with the six women and three men. (these 9 people are lodestones that will magnify the field vibration. You don’t need to know them personally, with your imagination see them in the locations on the map) Kinaesthetically extend your ethereal hands (imaginary hands imbued with the sensation of your auric field) and clasp hands with two of them, extend your awareness to their bioelectrical field.

They in turn will, in your imagination, hold hands with the other seven creating a circle to energetically encompass the whole of the UK.

The UK is both land and people on it, let your perception of our collective Auric field encompass both, smile 

Reconnect with your own bioelectrical field,   smile, feel your warmth like a ray of sunshine, expanding ever outwards from your heart. Imagine this sunlight also expanding from the other nine in the group.

Be aware that there are many, many other people like you, also making this direct connection. See a thousand incandescent heart lights emanating from others linking us all and permeating the very ground under our feet and bringing a smile to the population at large.

If you are doing this exercise at any other time than 7 am. make an imaginary link to seven am. GMT (time is irrelevant at the level of the Imagination and feelings.)

The exercise is simple in nature

  • connect with your own bioelectrical field this will bring your 3 brains to work together.
  • connect with the 9 people on the map
  • maintain your awareness of self as well as the group
  • be aware that there are other people also making connections with the group and adding their love energy.
  • let you kinaesthetic sense of Auric field and smiling love energy spread from yourself to the group to the whole of the UK both land and people on it.
  • imagine if it is not 7 am that somehow you are linking to the group at 7 am.

Once you have done this a few times you will begin to spontaneously evoke the event memory at times during the day encourage the connection and feeling however fleeting it may be.

Here is a .pdf of the uk and other places in the world where other people acting as lodestones live.

Light in North, South America, Asia .pdf

Light in Europe, Africa, Russia, Turkey .pdf

Here is another page I previously wrote on the subject: The light of love to dispel the darkness


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