Overview of the Chakras 1-7

Introduction to the Chakras 1-7

The Chakras to the uninformed seem like something shrouded in mystery. Certainly, that is how it seemed to me.  

I would appreciate your giving me the opportunity to share with you how there is nothing convoluted or difficult to appreciate as to what the Chakras really are, and how you can use this information for tremendous personal benefit.

Some of the Chakra energy layers

 At the simplest level, the human body has a physical, an emotional, and a mental dimension each of these is represented by, and aligned with, one chakra

You could think of the chakras system as / or the colours of the rainbow or a musical scale.

As they move upwards from the root  (physical body) they increase their rate of vibration. 

Because the human body is an electrochemical machine then all human activity requires electricity, whether experiencing emotions or thinking, they both will generate electric impulses and in turn, this will be reflected in a biological electromagnetic field surrounding the body.

Those first 3 chakras are all to do with ego, personal survival and fear as a motivating agent.

Of course, we know that there is more to human beings than just being an automatic machine, and yet when we are in fear-ego mode THAT is ALL that we are.  And in truth, we are capable of so much more

You might be surprised to read that when we have childhood or even older trauma experiences, part of the energy field related to one of those 3 lower chakras could get stuck as the flow of electricity gets blocked by the painful and unexpressed experience. This in turn could have unexpected health consequences. as the years go by.

So to rise above ego and personal needs we need to look at and experience the world and people from their perspective, this act requires us to move beyond self-serving ego fear, and this is experienced in the 4th Chakra – the Heart.

One step higher from the Heart chakra we have in the throat the 5th Chakra that reflects our ability to communicate effectively. Easier said than done for the average person.

Move one more step up to the 6th Chakra inside our forehead, and we are in the third eye, that just about everyone has heard about, and in essence is very simple, for here we are talking about the realm of the imagination, the bridge between the conscious mind and our subconscious.

The 7th Chakra takes us to awareness beyond self, and beyond the mundane, a higher state of consciousness where we have no earthly boundaries.

So come with me, explore the chakras individually, do the exercises I will provide in the following pages and soar with me beyond the constrictions of our ego.

There are some pre-basic exercises and information before doing the chakra meditation. May I suggest that a good place to start is always at the beginning?  In this instance it will be with:

1. Self-help – the physical body – Root Chakra